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Brett Brown Never Thought Nerlens Would Play Power Forward Because He Thought He’d Have Wiggins

Jim Adair - October 29, 2014

Photo Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The only draw of the 76ers opening night (both on the road and at home) is the debut of delayed-rookie Nerlens Noel. When Noel was drafted last year, he looked like the 76ers’ center of the future. But after this year’s draft and the selection of also-delayed Joel Embiid, Nerlens is going to be playing at the power forward spot, or at least trying to. According to Brett Brown, he never saw this coming:

“I said from Day 1 I never intended on playing Nerlens at a 4. I anticipated probably getting Andrew Wiggins as our (2014 top draft) pick and he’s back at a 5. All of a sudden, you get Joel. I feel like this is a great opportunity for us to try something and see how they can co-exist.”

When there was a chance we could get the #1 pick in the lottery, people wanted Wiggins. When there were rumblings he could fall to #3 (behind Embiid and Parker), people wanted Wiggins. When Embiid got hurt and shifted around the top picks, people wanted to trade up to #1 to get Wiggins. It makes sense that Brett Brown wanted (or at least thought he’d be getting) Wiggins, but once Embiid got hurt, Hinkie’s plans presumably changed, and it became Brown’s job from that day to make sure Embiid and Noel could play together. Tonight, we’ll begin to see if Nerlens can play alone.


Kyle Scott - July 15, 2014

Voila_Capture 2014-07-15_10-04-52_AM

The Sixers played another game in the seemingly never-ending NBA Summer League last night. They played the Cavs, that little team from Cleveland that just drafted Andrew Wiggins and signed LeBron James. Perhaps of them you’ve heard.

Anyway, Andrew Wiggins. OMFBG ANDREW WIGGINS:

That’s disgusting. There’s a courtside view – a Vine – after the jump. And this comes just a day after Wiggins pulled off a stupid 360 in warmups. I’m going to feel bad about the lottery for a long time. Continue Reading

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The Sixers Have Apparently Offered 3, 10, 32, Sum-41 and B-52 to the Cavs

Kyle Scott - June 26, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 5.22.23 PM

I refuse to believe this. Not that Dei reported it. But I refuse to believe that Sam Hinkie would trade his top three draft picks to move up two spots. That, or he’s so in love with Wiggins that he will do anything… for that love. But I wouldn’t do that, Sam. No, I wouldn’t do that.

Andrew Wiggins Looks Positively Delicious Tonight

Kyle Scott - June 26, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 5.08.14 PM
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 5.08.30 PM

Vamonos, Hinkie! Vamonos!

I have no idea what that even means or if it’s offensive, but it fit the picture. I think.

UPDATE: Ohhhhhhhh it has glasses, too. It has glasses. Continue Reading

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Sixers Reportedly Increase Their Offer for the Number One Pick Because They Want Andrew Wiggins

Jim Adair - June 26, 2014

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Now that the Magic’s Aaron Afflalo, previously rumored to be part of a deal for the number one pick in the draft, has been dealt to the Denver Nuggets, it seems like the Sixers are the only team left standing still willing and able to make a deal for said pick. According to multiple reports, the Sixers are upping their offer to Cleveland for the number one pick, where they would select Andrew Wiggins, which is why they did this whole thing in the first place. The previous offer was rumored to be picks three and ten, so any increased offer would presumably feature a player (most likely Thad Young):

It’s also worth mentioning that none of this would matter at all if those damn lottery balls just fell the way they were supposed to. Damn Cleveland.

Andrew Wiggins Belongs With the Sixers

Kyle Scott - June 25, 2014

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Local guy and ESPN contributor Tom Sunnergren writes about how the Sixers have been Waiting For Wiggins:

But Philadelphia’s interest in the forward — on the level of the organization as well as the fanbase — has proved resilient. Even before the Embiid injury, there were reports the Sixers were willing to trade up to No. 1 to take Wiggins — packaging their No. 3 pick with either Thaddeus Young or the the No. 10 selection to make the deal — and those have persisted. Wiggins was, and remains, their top target.

Everybody loves Wiggins, but nobody loves him quite like the Sixers do. There’s a logic to this attraction that’s at once both sentimental and rational. Wiggins is, in many ways, a perfect fit in Philly. A marriage of left- and right-brained thinking.

It goes without saying, but it bears repeating, that the NBA is a superstars’ league. Championships, more often than not, are determined by the rare handful of genetic mutants who can dominate the game on both ends of the floor. LeBron James. Tim Duncan. Shaquille O’Neal. For a franchise that defines success in binary terms — you either win the title or don’t — and is absent a star, the only way to build a roster is to select the prospects who have the best chance of developing into this kind of force. By most reckonings, there are two players in this draft class with that possibility. One is Andrew Wiggins. The other just suffered the same injury that derailed the careers of Bill Walton and Yao Ming.

Agreed. I don’t think you tank an entire season for a solid potential All-Star (Parker or Exum) or for a guy with serious injury concerns (Embiid). You tank an entire season for a potential superstar. Wiggins, at 19, is a potential superstar, whose supposed flaws are many of the same supposed flaws people saw in Kevin Durant, and that’s worked out pretty well.

Wiggins has been the Sixers’ target for a year and he belongs with them, with you, with us… with me.

Andrew Wiggins’ Pre-Draft Mixtape Will Make You Hard

Kyle Scott - June 25, 2014

Granted, he’s being defended by a six-foot white guy with a receding hairline… but still, mmm. It’s like watching one of those Playboy YouTube videos that contains no nudity but you know it’s there. Know it exists. Know it’s only a Google search or trade-up-on-draft-night away.

Meanwhile, the Sixers have been given access to Joel Embiid’s medical records, which I can only assume are written on elephant hide. So they’re probably going to draft another big man with an alarming injury history. But Wiggins needs to happen. Wiggins and LeBron and Melo this summer– then I’ll be happy.

And no, Wiggins isn’t a suspect in that stabbing.

Side note: Why is it only basketball players who have mixtapes? How cool would a hockey mixtape be with a frighteningly pale 17-year-old Eastern Bloc forward skating through pylons to Du hast? I want to see that.

H/T to reader Paul

Andrew Wiggins Was at a Nightclub and Someone Got Stabbed

Jim Adair - June 24, 2014

Image via TMZ

Image via TMZ

It’s worth pointing out that the title of the image above refers to him as “Andrew Higgins“: Poor Andrew Wiggins, who just looks terrified in that picture above, was reportedly questioned about a stabbing that happened outside Time nightclub in Toronto where Wiggins was partying with Juicy J from Three 6 Mafia. TMZ reports what Wiggins is not a suspect, the police just “interviewed several people in the hopes of getting a description of the suspect.” Wiggins does seem to be having much more fun in TMZ’s second picture though.