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Solving Philadelphia’s Sports Talk Radio Problem

Coggin Toboggan - August 31, 2017

If you’re under the age of 50 and above the age of 15, it’s obvious that Philadelphia has a sports talk radio problem. This city is big enough for two separate stations to fill nearly 24-hours of original content every single day, so why do listeners have to restrain themselves from putting a boot through their radio after listening for an average of two minutes?

The answer isn’t an easy one, but I’d like to propose a potential four-step solution that I think will help improve sports talk radio in Philadelphia.

Step 1: Fill a room sky high in both the 97.5 Fanatic and 94 WIP studios with wheels of mozzarella, arms of salami, slabs of mortadella, Rocky Blu-rays, back issues of Playboy from 1984 and knock-off Chinese made Eagles jerseys.

Hang a sign from the door marked “Free.”

Step 2: Wait until room is filled. When at capacity, crack open door and throw in smoke bomb.

Step 3: Amidst confusion, send in army of interns with large burlap sacks. Stuff hosts into said sacks with notices of termination. Tag each host with tracking device to collect valuable data on the mating habits of the morbidly obese. Hire a forklift if interns alone cannot successfully remove hosts from their respective stations. Be prepared to widen doorways throughout each building. Unceremoniously dump fired, confused hosts in alleyway. Congratulate self on job well done.

Step 4: Hire new hosts.

Sure, it may seem harsh, but the unoriginality of the medium is so deeply entrenched in both stations that they need to be completely uprooted. They have such an incestuous relationship that it’s not a matter of “if” a fired host will find another job at the rival station, but only a matter of “when.” Rob Ellis. Anthony Gargano. Jon Marks. Tony Bruno. Mike Missanelli. All failed or otherwise flamed out at their respective stations…all found homes at the rival station. Continue Reading

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Angelo Cataldi: Won’t Sam Hinkie Think of the Children?

Jim Adair - February 24, 2015



One time just wasn’t enough. So Angelo Cataldi once again dedicated his Philly Voice column to decrying Sam Hinkie and his “plan” or “process” or whatever you want to call it. This time, he took the same point of view that weirdos do when they try to ban curse words in music and boobs on TV: Won’t anyone think of the children?

The little boy with a Michael Carter-Williams jersey will never understand why his favorite player is not a Sixer anymore. How are we supposed to explain to a child what “optionality” is?

Hand him a fucking dictionary. Or, trust that your kid is smart enough to understand this: Michael Carter-Williams was good, but he wasn’t great, and the Sixers are trying to build something great. They saw an opportunity to turn MCW — and his inflated value — into something great. They took it.

But Cataldi continues, misunderstanding even more. “Analytics is theoretical,” he says. “Real life is not.” If anything (and I am honestly so tired of defending analytics against people who just don’t get it and won’t even try), analytics are real life. They are the analysis of statistics for things that actually happened. They do not predict the future or attempt to do so. They analyze what has already happened. These “real life” things like grit and work ethic and potential are, in reality, much more theoretical. Cataldi is basically saying pay not attention to the stats behind the curtain, instead let gut instinct or emotion rule how you run a sports team.

Cataldi complains that Hinkie doesn’t know who he’ll draft this year because he “doesn’t know where he will pick in the lottery this year.” Congratulations, Angelo, you understand what a draft lottery is. Welcome to the NBA. But it all comes back to the children, right?

The father of the little boy with a Michael Carter-Williams jersey called my WIP radio show last Friday. He doesn’t understand at all what Sam Hinkie is trying to do.

“What do I tell my son?” he asked me. “What am I supposed to do now?”

What are you supposed to do now? Tell your son MCW was traded and that shit happens.

RADIOWEATHERWARS: John Bolaris Goes OFF on Angelo Cataldi for Not Putting Him On-Air

Jim Adair - January 27, 2015

Voila_Capture 2015-01-27_10-48-12_AM
Voila_Capture 2015-01-27_10-48-29_AM

Weatherman kills the radio star.

John Bolaris, as Kyle said this morning, actually offered up one of the more reasonable forecasts. Last night, he trimmed his prediction down to the now-accurate 1-3 inches, and mentioned all along that he didn’t have much confidence in the storm. Still, he predicted EXTREME BOMBOGENESIS CYCLONIC ACTIVITY or something and was wrong. As he said in his column today, “The last of the snow will be ending by noon, with just some leftover flurries — and some egg on the face of us meteorologists.”

So J-Bo took to 97.5 last night to talk about the storm and his downgrade. Angelo Cataldi of course didn’t listen, and this morning he mentioned Bolaris as he screamed for heads and dropped a “Storm of the Century” zinger. Bolaris attempted to call in to “respond and admit it was a bad forecast,” but Cataldi’s producer, presumably Joe Wechter, told Bolaris that Angelo didn’t want him on the air because of something negative he tweeted two and a half years ago. Though considering Philly still hasn’t forgiven Bolaris for the Storm of the Century thing, two-and-a-half years for a Tweet doesn’t seem too unreasonable. Either way, Bolaris is having one hell of a week.

Voila_Capture 2015-01-27_10-49-03_AM

We’ll be sure to tune in………

Angelo Cataldi is Simple, Proud and Wrong

Jim Adair - January 13, 2015

Voila_Capture 2015-01-13_10-38-47_AM

The Philly Voice looks good so far. It’s got an attractive layout, an impressive list of contributors, and a comprehensive focus. Oh, and also a column from Angelo Cataldi that is complete garbage.

Though no one has ever asked for an all-over-the-place, hyperbole-driven, talk-radio-in-text (and other hyphenates) column from anybody, Cataldi has delivered it. His whole schtick can be summed up in one of his lines here: “Philadelphia sports fans want the truth about their teams, delivered in plain language, preferably in a raised voice.” Or, broken down: I will yell dumb things at you.

Cataldi’s column begins with a brag about his “two degrees in journalism,” to remind you that what follows has no excuse for being such garbage. It’s about the “clowns and has-beens and frauds” that run the pro sports teams in this town. Cataldi takes the controversial opinion that, hey, maybe Ruben Amaro is bad at his job (and maybe Jeff Lurie is a bit clueless). Shocking. But the biggest problem with this whole thing comes in a couple of opinions with no background — Cataldi’s style — about Sam Hinkie:

In this space every week, you will read the truth as I see it, taking no prisoners and suffering no fools. For example, the clown I refer to in the opening paragraph is, indeed, Ruben Amaro Jr. of the Phillies, the worst general manager in sports. The has-been is Flyers chairman Ed Snider, who hasn’t won a Stanley Cup in 40 years. And the fraud is Sixers GM Sam Hinkie, whose bogus rebuilding plan is impressive only to idiots.

The alarmingly large army of knuckleheads embracing GM Sam Hinkie’s master plan need to ask themselves one question: Are Michael-Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel actually building blocks for a Sixer championship? If your answer is yes, congratulations. You win a lifetime supply of Hinkie Kool-Aid.

Cataldi never offers an alternative — just like Howard “I’m so upset that Hinkie won’t talk to me that I’m actually getting alarmingly obsessed” Eskin* — just the buzzwords and armchair analysis that the Sixers (and analytics-driven sports) don’t lend themselves well to. People coming from the same viewpoint as Cataldi will often say, against tanking, that the Sixers made the Eastern Conference Semifinals  just a few years ago, without acknowledging that the team fell ass backwards into them in a lockout shortened season and that it was their undeniable peak.

People like Cataldi, who make their money by shouting, don’t understand what the Sixers are doing. I’m not on board not because Hinkie is a genius or because the Sixers are guaranteed to be great in two years, because neither of those things can be said with certainty. Fans drinking the “Hinkie Kool-Aid” are just hoping. That’s it. I acknowledge that the Sixers’ plan may not work. I know that it might. But rather than floating around the middle, bouncing back between a 10th seed and a 7th seed and just chilling there for years (a real alternative), Hinkie and the Sixers want to actually try to win something here. If it works, great. If not, we’ll all move on… like we’ve been doing for 30 years. At least an effort is being made to build something good – great, even – instead of pretending everything is alright and knowing you’ll float around the middle for decades.

But people like Cataldi and Eskin work only in absolutes. Good vs. bad. Right vs. wrong. “Fraud” vs. someone who will give the media a quote or two here and there. On that side, Hinkie is a fraud, a nerd, and a non-basketball person doing backroom deals and burning bridges. He’s a businessperson, not a players’ GM. Except that he might be:

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 9.18.48 AM

No one is sure if the Sixers’ plan will work. But what about blowing it up and starting over to really gun for something big instead of being mediocre is against the Philly-fan ways? Cataldi is right that Philly fans are passionate. But he seems to think they’re a lot dumber than they are, and he’s fit into that role pretty well himself.

*This is really just as much about Eskin as it is Cataldi, but Eskin didn’t write dumb lines in a column.


Kyle Scott - January 28, 2014


Here’s one you weren’t expecting: Spike Eskin saved Angelo Cataldi’s life yesterday.

Per the conversation on the WIP Morning Show today, Eskin performed the Heimlich on Cataldi during a video shoot for a spoof of a Super Bowl commercial yesterday. As part of the skit, Angelo had to eat a cheesesteak while performing a dance move, but swallowed too much meat (…). He began choking, and that’s when Spike stepped in.

Peter Mucha of the Inquirer has the transcription from the show:

Eskin at first wondered if Cataldi, known for overdramatizing and kidding, was kidding.

When he realized it was serious, it was “here we go,” Eskin said.

“I think I must have done it five or six times before it came out,” Eskin said.

Cataldi hadn’t been able to breathe for about a minute, he said.

Why were your clothes on the floor next to you? cohost Keith Jones mockingly asked.

“We’re married in seven countries,” Eskin joked back.

And in 16 states.

Here’s Cataldi reacting to the headline.

The comments on this one should be fun.

Eagles’ New Splash Cartoon Features Angelo Cataldi and Rhea Hughes Delivering Pies

Kyle Scott - November 27, 2013

If you haven’t listened to the WIP Morning Show lately, then you won’t quite get this video. A few weeks ago, Angelo Cataldi and Rhea Hughes brought a pecan pie to the NovaCare Complex as sort of a gag. The Eagles won that week and Chip Kelly jokingly said it was because of the pie… so Angelo brought another the following week. And the Eagles won again. And then again. You get it. 

My, how times have changed. A year ago, Angelo (and just about the rest of Philadelphia) was considering a call to Uncle Jack to deal with Andy Reid. Now? Pies. 

Converting Angelo might be the most unconventional thing Chip Kelly has done here.

[I’m sure fake Angelo and Rhea will have field day with this one in the comments.]

Re-enacting the 1999 Draft

Kyle - September 30, 2010

Remember this fine moment in Philadelphia sports history:

Well, resident carnival barker Angelo Cataldi of 610-WIP is still apparently not embarrassed about being so wrong about Donovan McNabb vs Ricky Williams and is staying classy by organizing one final booing of McNabb during the pre-game festivities on Sunday afternoon. And it's become national news

Sure enough, there's a warm Philly welcome in the works. Angelo Cataldi, a talk-show personality and the leader of the so-called "Dirty 30" — the 30 hardcore Eagles fans who led the boos at Madison Square Garden when the Eagles drafted the Syracuse star over Texas running back Ricky Williams — has organized a "Boo McNabb" parade featuring sign-carrying boo birds, a juggler, some strippers, and a guy on stilts. It remains to be seen if any of them will actually make it to Lincoln Financial Field for the game.

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