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The Flyers Partied at Caesars in Atlantic City Last Night

Kyle Scott - March 20, 2013

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Usually the Flyers wait until after their early exit from the playoffs to party in AC. But hey, that might be kind of difficult this season… so they hit up Caesars and its nightclub, Dusk, last night, according to several on the Twitters. 

View the Tweets and (incredibly strange) bathroom selfies… after the jump.

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The Stanley Cup is Coming to the Jersey Shore

Kyle Scott - August 1, 2012

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The Stanley Cup is coming to the Jersey Shore! No, Jeff Carter isn’t bringing it to Sea Isle so it can do its best Stanley Tucci from Sex And The Other Man and watch Carts and his girlfriend go at it.

Screen Shot 2012-08-01 at 2.15.59 PM

No. No, that’s not happening at all. Actually, Justin Williams, Todd Fucking Fedoruk (???) and John Stevens will be hanging out with the Cup at Caesers in Atlantic City tomorrow: [Courier Post]

“In this day and age, viewing the Stanley Cup is a unique opportunity for NHL fans and Caesars customers,” said Don Marrandino, Eastern division president for Caesars Entertainment Atlantic City.  “We are grateful that Justin has chosen to spend his time at Caesars Atlantic City for his day with the cup.”


Besides the curious choice to bring the Cup to Caesars, where one might imagine it will have its spirit broken by the pissed away dreams of society’s forgotten members, I wonder if Stevens will take a spin westward, with the Cup sitting in the back of an open convertible, and scream indistinguishable obscenities as he drives past the Flyers Skate Zone.

Probably not.

“If You Can Show Me A Horse That Chooses To Jump Off A 40-Foot Diving Board On Its Own, Maybe I’ll Change My Mind”

Kyle Scott - February 9, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-02-09 at 3.27.44 PM

– Jen Utley via (the quote… she's not the horse)

You’re probably asking yourself– the fuck?

You see, way back, when Nucky Thompson ran shit and people spoke in an odd staccato, horses used to jump off 40-foot-high platforms at Steel Pier in Atlantic City for the amusement of us humans (yeah, prohibition sucked). Now NBC New York is reporting that there is a plan to bring back horse diving to the Jersey Shore…and no, that’s not a clever way of saying that we’ll get to watch juiceheads ride Snooki off an elevated plane (darn).

Naturally, with this news, Philly Mag writer Victor Fiorillo reached out to Philly’s resident animal activist, Jen Utley, to get her thoughts on the plan. As you can see above, she doesn’t like it. 

I’m still torn on the idea, to be honest. My fucked-up side thinks watching a confused steed plummet 40 feet to what it probably thinks is its death would be exhilarating. But, my sane side tells me that it’s a horrible idea, and would be torturous to the poor animals. 

Perhaps just reliving this craziness on YouTube is the way to go. Hop it for the video.

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