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Man Crushing: These Guys Bumped Into Ryan Howard and Cliff Lee in Center City on Saturday Night

Kyle Scott - March 31, 2013


So just another Saturday night in Center City with friends when OH MY GOD HEY THAT’S RYAN HOWARD AND CLIFF LEE WALKING DOWN THE STREET IN EVERYMAN HOODIES. 


My buddy Steve and his friends were coming out of a bar at 15th and Sansom late last night when they bumped into Howard, Lee, and their wives, Krystle and Kristen, walking toward a parking garage. The unexpected encounter with $245 million worth of human produced some drunken bromantic excellence.  

Steve, not a small man by any stretch – north of 6’0” and 200 lbs every day of the week – had his hands dwarfed by Lee's in what is now my favorite picture ever. Behold Cliff Lee’s hands:


In the morning, Steve was still reeling from his Dooneese moment:


Howard and Lee, and their wives, were plenty friendly, posing for several pictures before heading home, which would have made for a good Saturday night for any Phils fan. But the hang 10 signs, saggy eyes and matching hoodies were all just bonuses from an encounter with two superstars on the eve of the 2013 season. Swooooon.

A couple more pictures after the jump. 

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Some Penn State Students Drank and Went to Taco Bell with Jerry Sandusky’s Lawyer Last Night, Just Hours Before Sandusky was Sentenced to 30-60 Years in Prison

Kyle Scott - October 9, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 4.46.37 PM
Pic via Kevin Horne, Onward State's managing editor

Earlier today I came across a Deadspin post which recapped the eventful and odd evening had by some Penn State students last night. It all started for them when Jerry Sandusky’s co-counsel, Karl Rominger, the oversharing sidekick of Joe Amendola, tweeted (and since deleted) an offer:

Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 4.50.51 PM
Screen dutifully grabbed by SB Nation

That was less than 12 hours before Rominger was scheduled to appear in court for Sandusky's sentencing.

A few Penn State students – including some from Onward State, an independent student website that has been covering the Sandusky saga, and The Daily Collegian, Penn State’s student newspaper – showed up. The Daily Collegian reporter, a coed, brought along a notebook in what turned out to be a fruitless attempt to interview Rominger. The folks from Onward State, Kevin Horne and Drew Balis (and friends), whose names I recognized from their coverage over the past year, were just there for the free drinks, ostensibly paid for by Sandusky. They tweeted updates, which Deadspin has aggregated quite nicely. But I decided to reach out to them to see what their night was like– drinking with a lawyer for one of the most notorious criminals of this new millenium just hours before sentencing.

Drew Balis: [edited, for readability]

We walked in there. Rominger was sitting there at the bar and we introduced ourselves one-by-one, joked with him that we were covering the trial and probably shouldn’t be here, but whatever. He went around and bought everybody a drink.

He was pretty relaxed and we asked him a couple of things about [sentencing], and he pretty much said his job was done and, “Tomorrow, I’ll just be praying.” And he mimicked the praying motion.


Rominger was pleased when a coed seemingly responded to his bat signal. Balis:

Karl was tweeting to get a girl to show up, so she (the Daily Collegian reporter) gets there and he’s trying to entice her to get a drink. She said she can’t do that, it’s against the rules [for the Daily Collegian]. She came in carrying a notebook, and he was going to offer to buy her a drink, like he did for everybody. He was trying to get her to loosen up a little bit. But she said she wasn’t allowed to drink in his presence. He asked the bartender to give her a glass of milk, something like that.

 He was like, “What do you mean you won’t drink anything? You should go to Messiah College.” Or something like that. Just more jokes like that.

I don’t think he was really trying to hit on her, I just think he was trying to have an informal thing. He was just trying to get her to take off her reporter hat, just relax a little bit.


Perhaps take off something else, too.

Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 4.58.40 PM

Rominger attempts to buy a student reporter a drink, pic via Horne's Twitter

During all this, Horne, the managing editor for Onward State, was tweeting updates. He wrote that Rominger was debating whether or not the Collegian reporter was hot. And, this:

Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 5.01.09 PM

Screen Shot 2012-10-09 at 5.01.09 PM

Asked why he was at Zeno’s just hours before a monumental moment in his career, Rominger offered Balis a simple response: “They got Belgian beer, man. What the fuck kind of question is that?” 

I asked Balis if anyone gave Rominger a hard time – since, you know, he’s defending the worst person on earth – but Balis said it was all cordial. The bartender at Zeno's knew Rominger, a frequent patron, and joked that he wouldn’t wish him luck at sentencing, but that it was “nice to see” him.

Everyone left the bar sometime around midnight. Balis walked home whilst some of his friends lingered outside the establishment.

Including Rominger. 

Balis, who buried the lede in our conversation, told me that Horne and others wound up living mas with Sandusky’s lawyer – now roughly nine hours away from sentencing – when the group crossed the border for some late-night munchies… at Taco Bell.

“Do you want to call Kevin?” Balis asked. “He was at Taco Bell with Rominger.”

Do I want to call Kevin and ask him what happened after midnight at Taco Bell with Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer just hours before the sentencing hearing? Is Big Bird in grave danger?! OF COURSE I WANT TO TALK TO KEVIN! 

I called Horne.

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Sports Betting Updates

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DC Bar Offering Free Shots For Every Time Jayson Werth Hits a Home Run

Kyle Scott - April 9, 2012

image from

Hey look! Washingtonians don’t hate Jayson Werth anymore.

You may recall that, last year, a DC bar was offering PBR pounders for the price of Werth’s batting average– $2.11 at the time it began. Well, this year, the bar is a bit more optimistic with their promotion: any time Werth hits a home run and you’re wearing your Nats gear, you get a free shot of Jameson.

Screen Shot 2012-04-09 at 10.12.42 AM

Of course, as Nats Enquirer - the fine Nats site ('tis true, they do good work) that brings us this bit of tid – points out, Werth is 0-10 with 5 strikeouts so far this season.  So it doesn’t look like anyone is getting drunk just yet.

I’ll See You At The Tiki Bar

Kyle Scott - March 15, 2012

image from

I’m heading to Clearwater through Monday. Not to work, but to get drunk and darken my pasty blogger skin. 

You’ll be in good hands. Drew and old faithful, Ryan Gillon, will be here to comfort you in my absence, which I’m sure will be very traumatic for you. And by traumatic, I mean you’re sanity will be restored with four days sans dick jokes.

I’ll see you at the Tiki Bar.

A Night Out With Faux Vince Young

Kyle Scott - September 24, 2011

Real Vince Young. We think.

Ever wonder what it would be like to chill with faux Vince Young? John, a marketing manager at Toni Roni’s, explained to Jon Marks and Sean Brace what it was like to hang with Stephan Pittman, the Maryland man who was arrested yesterday for impersonating the Eagles’ backup quarterback.

FVY told John – on Facebook – that he was looking for a place in Philly to hang out where “black guys could get young white girls.” That place, apparently, was the Bayou in Manayunk:

He says he was at Bayou. So we walk in and you could clearly see him in the back, it’s a six-foot-five, 250 pound black guy… in Manayunk. We see him in the back, he looks over, and I hear my friends behind me, “that’s not Vince Young.”

Right away they know, I was kind of still looking. He was by himself and we brought that up. We saw him on Facebook, tagging himself at St. Joes University and Sesame Place. He puts under it: “All these kids fighting over my autograph, no way this is the city of brotherly love.” All of this crazy stuff, asking me what to do in Langhorne, because a couple of his teammates live up there and stuff. 

He buys us all a round. I’m asking him a bunch of questions about Texas. I have an idea that it’s not Vince Young, but I want to believe, because he’s not stopping buying us drinks…


Red flag number one: Dream Team don't do Bayou.

Red flag number two: Sesame Place.

Red flag number three: No one wants Vince Young’s (real or fake) autograph.

Listen to John’s full story over on 97.5. Right here.

Charles Barkley Showed Up at the Bar Last Night

Kyle Scott - September 17, 2011


And it went exactly how you would expect a Charles Barkley trip to Roach and O’Brian’s in Haverford to go. Reader Jeff passes along the details via the Tweets: He says Sir Charles was great and bought everyone in the bar two rounds of shots. His method?

“Everyone at the bar shots. And if they don't want one, tell them to go fuck themselves.” – Sir Charles Barkley


Outstanding. Barkley and his wife showed up just before midnight. Chuck was the life of the party, according to Jeff. We would expect nothing less. 

A few more pics after the bump.

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Can You Spot Scott Hartnell in This Group of Asian Bargoers?

Kyle Scott - September 12, 2011


I found him!

That picture comes courtesy of reader Amy. It was taken Friday night at Mad River.

Cross Checking: Claude Giroux’s Saturday Night

Kyle Scott - July 19, 2011


That there is AHLer Marty St. Pierre giving it to Claude Giroux. But before you hop all over Two Eight for this photo, make sure you check out the clientele at the Great Canadian Cabin, where Giroux was making a promotional appearance for Gongshow, a hockey lifestyle apparel company.

You can see photos on Gongshow's Facebook Page (boobs included). Their promotional video – also with boobs – is after the jump. Both are SFW.

Screen shot 2011-07-19 at 9.19.00 AM

 I would buy that shirt.

H/T to (@JVSVIVA29)

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