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Skate Bites: The Flyers Murdered Ryan Miller Again Last Night

Kyle Scott - April 6, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-04-06 at 8.58.49 AM
Photo: Flyers

Ryan Miller sad. 

For the second year in a row, the Flyers sent Miller (and his nasally drone) to the golf course. The Sabres' loss, combined with the Captials' win, officially eliminated the hockey team from Buffalo.

Ryan Miller, post-game:

Q: Do you think anything from when you guys made the (inaudible)

“I can't really digest right now. It's just disappointing. It's embarrassing to miss the playoffs. We've got a lot of talented players, but we just couldn't get it going early enough. And then you run out of time and you run out of games, and it comes down to basically going to the bigger tear than any team in the league during the entire year just to make playoffs and that's not how you do it in this league. We got bit this year, and last year we got away with it.” 


Poor guy– what to do with all that spare time?

Meanwhile, the Flyers clinched the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference, making it official that they will play the Shittsburgh Penguins in the first round of the playoffs. It also means that Saturday’s much-ballyhooed game will most likely be a watered down affair, perhaps with very few stars in the lineup. 


– Claude Giroux is totally going to win the NHL 13 cover vote. He leads all vote getters right now, and his matchup with Scott Hartnell is the most voted on in the entire league. Flyers fans are just… different. Not only is Philadelphia a great sports town (this you know), but take it from me when I say that our online community is unlike anything, anywhere. Giroux is going to win in a landslide. 

– Here is Sergei Bobrovsky’s new mask, which presumably we’ll never see this season (…): [via here]


Screen Shot 2012-04-06 at 9.01.38 AM

– Reader Chris sends us this jersey from Tuesday night’s game. I hate to steal a line from the fine folks at Barstool Philly but does this jersey get this guy laid? 

Screen Shot 2012-04-06 at 9.04.12 AM

I says it might, but any chance he has quickly gets nullified by whatever is going on up top with that mullet fusion thing. 

Finally, the Flyers handed out their end-of-season awards last night. View the full list of winners and highlights from the game after the jump.

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Eagles Give it to Cowgirls

Kyle Scott - October 31, 2011

Source: Eagles website, photo gallery here

Sports. Porn.

Crushing the Cowboys, Romo reaching for wayward snaps, angry Rob Ryan, running the ball, winning challenges, Shady bumping Mudd. It was all sex, really. I'm surprised it didn't end with pool boy Juan Castillo walking into Jerry Jones' box, dressing him up with makeup and pigtails, and forcing the forlorn owner to call him padre.

Some stats, then we'll have a full running commentary coming your way shortly. Tricks and treats here:

Our man John Ellis hit the nail on the head last week– the Eagles threw the ball 28 times and ran 38 times (including seven Vick scrambles). They controlled the game, controlled the clock, and controlled the scoreboard.

Shady McCoy rushed 30 times for 185 yards. 185.

Vick was 21-for-28, 279 yards, 2 TD, and 129.9 QB rating. Romo? 18-for-35, 203 yard, 1 TD, 1 INT, 66.7 QB rating.

The Eagles had a total of 70 plays. The Cowboys? 49. Time of possession? 42 minutes to 17. That's what running the ball will do for you, folks.

The Birds had 31 first downs (Cowboys 12), 495 total yards (Cowboys 267), 4-for-6 in Red Zone (Cowboys 0-1), 7-for-12 third downs (Cowboys 3-for-10), 239 rushing yards (Cowboys 89). 

Final score: 34-7. 

Finally, this. Rob Ryan post-game: [quotes via here, here, and here]

"It all comes down to coaching. Andy Reid was reading my mail, and he kicked my ass … I gave our guys a lousy plan."

"If I gave them any extra motivation, hell I certainly never backed it up. The whole fucking thing was on me."

"I got my ass kicked, but I don't saying anything I don't believe. That was embarrassing and it's my fault."

"It comes down to preparation and I got beat by Andy Reid. It's ridiculous."


Sports. Porn.

Did Nikolay Zherdev Threaten to Kill His Wife?

Kyle Scott - May 19, 2011

From Russia with sans love

This comes via Broad Street Hockey, who brought to light alleged charges against Nikolay Zherdev. There is a report in a Russian newspaper, MKRU, that Zherdev allegedly got into an altercation with his wife outside of a Russian restaurant. His wife, presumably pictured above, hopped in the couple's car, a Bentley, while Z rained blows down upon its roof and windows. 

The article also alleges that Z threatened to kill his wife (nice). Here is the article, as translated by Google. As always, take all of this with a grain of salt… we know the dangers of using Google Translate to report fact:

Celebrity couple breakfast in the company of friends. Suddenly, between Nicholas and his wife Eugenia quarrel. Woman decided to leave the institution. She went to the restaurant parking lot, sat in his Bentley Continental, and left the roadway. True, a few meters from the cafe foreign car had to stop due to traffic jam. Then the door "Osteria" Nicholas jumped out, he caught up with his wife and tried to open the doors of cars, but they were locked. According to eyewitnesses, an athlete caught standing in the parking lot metal pole (he was not attached) and began to inflict blows on their expensive car, shouting to the wife abuse. Frightened woman rushed to escape, turning in the opposite direction from the tube. The same day, Eugene to the police.

As reported by "MK" in the police department Odintsov, a woman stated that her husband threatened her with violence, and, moreover, caused serious damage to her car. While broken Bentley examine experts – possibly soon after the damage assessment Zherdeva charged under Article of the Criminal Code "intentional damage to property of others." In addition, the complaint is verified and the citizen about the death threats. However, according to the custody order, the grounds for bringing hockey to account for this charge is not enough as an athlete is allegedly no reason for wanting the death of half.

By the way, now Zherdev was in favor of the NHL Philadelphia Flyers and, according to some, earns $ 2 million a year. In 2009, he was in the Russian national team became world champion.


Yeah, he won't be back next year.

UPDATE: Of course there are conflicting reports.

Flyers Finally Beat the Lightning, Lavs is a Genius

Kyle Scott - February 16, 2011


Stevie Why has a good post this morning about Lavs' plan to beat the Lightning's trap. The Lightning sit all five players in the neutral zone in an awkward and uncomfortable display of dental damn on ice- nothing gets through. They capitalize on the mistakes of eager opponents before transitioning to an odd-man rush. Lavs' plan, which was met with some boos in Tampa, was to hold the Flyers back and essentially wait for the Lightning to make the first move. At that point, it was up to the Flyers to not turn the puck over. It's boring as hell to watch, but it worked.

Another thing Lavs did, a play that almost worked on Sunday, was send a forward in motion along the far side of the ice. When the Flyers were trailing the Kings in the final seconds of Sunday's game, Lavs pulled the goalie and set Carts in motion during a blue line faceoff. The Flyers won the draw back to the defense and hit a streaking Carter, who had a full head of steam into the offensive zone. The play resulted in two scoring chances in about seven seconds… all from a faceoff that started outside of the Kings' zone.

Last night, they employed a similar technique, which was evident on the first play after the Flyers took a 1-0 lead. Mike Richards won the faceoff back to the defense, then slowly skate towards Brian Boucher. The Flyers passed the puck toward the near boards while Richards looped in the defensive zone. Matt Carle skated along the boards, then threw a no look pass backwards to a streaking Richards, who wound up slicing through the Lightning's zone and ended up behind their net.

Besides the power play, it is almost impossible to draw up a "set play" in hockey- there are just too many moving parts. Lavs does it on a nightly basis. Genius.

Hop it for full highlights and the video of Richards' play. Or read Stevie Why's full recap. The choice is normally yours- today, you do both.

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The Sixers Do Not Suck, The Sixers Do Not Suck

Kyle Scott - February 12, 2011


Ready for this? I'm going to go all newspaper columnist on you for a second:

Two weeks ago when Cliff Lee appeared at the Philly Auto Show, he was asked by a fan if the Yankees sucked. His response? "The Yankees do not suck, the Yankees do not suck." Perhaps he should have been talking about the Philadelphia 76ers, who beat the San Antonio Spurs, 77-71.

Shit. What just happened? 

Back to asshole blogger.

The Sixers have been getting it done on defense. They've only given up more than 100 points once since January 19th- 117 in the second game of a home and home with the Knicks.

Full highlights after the jump, including the red jerseys the Sixers wore to raise awareness for heart health. This is much better execution than the NFL creating a line a pink products for profit…

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Flyers Beat Devils 4-2

Kyle Scott - January 7, 2011


Somehow, Scott Hartnell failed to record a hat trick when he missed a WIDE open net in the final minutes, but it didn't matter, as the Flyers beat the Devils last night in New Jersey, 4-2.

After a slow start, the Flyers got it going by the middle of the second period and never looked back.

Read Stevie Why's recap at Philly Sports Daily or watch the full, extended highlights, after the jump.

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Sixers Beat the Suns, We Show Highlights

Kyle Scott - December 30, 2010

Because there is nothing else going on, here are Sixers highlights.

Flyers Beat Penguins, Awesome Lavs Bump

Kyle Scott - December 15, 2010


Annnd this is our first non-Cliff Lee post in over 24 hours.  The Leerection has subsided.  Slightly.

The Flyers snapped the Penguins’ 12-game winning streak last night, beating them 3-2.  Huge win for the Orange and Black that puts them in first place in the NHL.

Over the jump for full game highlights and a delightful equipment boy-Lavs bump .GIF, after Scott Hartnell’s winning goal.  Watch it, then read Stevie Why’s game recap at Philly Sports Daily.

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