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Perhaps Not Surprisingly, Joe Biden’s Jimmy Rollins Bobblehead Story Was Complete Bullshit

Kyle Scott - June 21, 2012

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Photo: AP

Just when you thought you could believe a politician…

Not more than a few minutes after posting our last, um, post – Jimmy Rollins Speaks at White House, Joe Biden Talks About Wife’s Bobblebead (in which the Vice President quipped that the last thing he sees before he falls asleep is Jill's J-Roll™ bobblehead) – one dedicated reader alerted us to an article written a year and a half ago.

It seems Biden has used that line before.

Yahoo! Sports, January, 2011:

[Danny] Briere won’t stump for an All-Star bid, but he has one fan who might have the political clout to make it happen.

“You’re the guy!,” Vice President Joe Biden told Briere when they met in the locker room.

Biden’s wife, Jill, is a diehard Flyers fan and keeps a Briere bobblehead doll on her nightstand. The last face Jill Biden sees at night belongs to a pint-sized, bobbling Briere.

Briere laughed as he said Joe Biden gave him good-natured ribbing for stealing his wife’s attention each day.


And then there was this one from the Wilmington News Journal, just five days later, on January 13, 2011. In Afghanistan:

Biden held court for about 15 minutes with the Delaware troops, "regaling them with stories about his wife's obsession with the Philadelphia Flyers, including her favorite player, Danny Briere," Lee wrote in the pool report. "He said she owns a Briere bobblehead, resting his hands on the troops' shoulders and patting their backs for emphasis as he told various stories."


And here’s what Biden said today, after Rollins introduced the Veep at the launch of a PSA against dating violence:

“I was telling David, he’s a hell of a ballplayer, but I’m getting tired of Jimmy Rollins. My wife is an absolute fanatical Phillies fan, and every night, when I go to bed – true story – if Jill’s awake, I lean over and kiss her good night, and as I turn my head, I look right into a bobblehead of Jimmy Rollins - laughter – sitting on the end table. That’s more than a man should have to take." – more laughter


Either the Second Lady has the most curious, sports blogger desk-esque nightstand in history… or, Biden is full of it. We’ll go with the latter.

13:00 mark of video after the jump

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Jimmy Rollins Helps Launch PSA at White House, Joe Biden Talks About J-Roll’s™ Bobblehead

Kyle Scott - June 21, 2012

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Along with Rays pitcher David Price and Mr. Veep, Jimmy Rollins was at the White House this morning to help launch a PSA against dating violence. 

Fast forward to the 10:51 mark of the second video (after the jump) to listen to Jimmy’s introduction of Joe Biden, who started off his speech by talking about how much his wife loves the Phillies and her Jimmy Rollins bobblehead… which sleeps on the Veep’s nightstand. 

Here's the PSA:

J-Roll introducing Biden after the jump.

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J-Roll™ to Film PSA with Joe Biden

Kyle Scott - June 20, 2012

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Thursday morning, Jimmy Rollins and Joe Biden will film a public service announcement against dating violence, per a report on

Rollins and Biden will be joined by White House advisors in filming the PSA which will air later this summer to promote the message that dating violence is unacceptable. Which it is. Unless you're Maria Menounos. And like to be choked during sex. In which case it's encouraged.

That’s it, really. Not much more to it.

Joe Biden Successfully Sells Out His Phillies Fandom

Kyle Scott - March 23, 2011

Hey, hey, Mariano!

Joe Biden, who is very public about his Phillies fandom, was at Yankees camp today. Somewhere, Mike Richards is proud.

Yeah, yeah… political figure neutrality. I get it. Obama at least wears his White Sox stuff everywhere… even when he's throwing out the first pitch at a Nationals game. Respect.

via Hardball Talk

Jill Biden is Awesome

Kyle Scott - June 21, 2010


Now, here's a woman with her priorities in order.  Check out these quotes from Joe Biden giving a speech today in Chicago about his Philly sports fan of a wife, Jill.  [Chicago Tribune] []

"This looks like a jury box right here," he told a crowd of about 200
Seals supporters at the Union League Club.  "I have to tell you I am
guilty as charged. I am a Philadelphia Flyers fan and I make no bones
about it. I was a Flyers fan before, but then I married a Philly girl
(Dr. Jill Biden).

"Philadelphia fans are the most, uh, most persistent fans in the world.
My wife is counted among them….it's a simple proposition. I root
fervently for the Flyers or I sleep alone. It's not a hard call. It's
not a hard call at all. That was one hell of a series, though."

Rays, Obama Give Stanley Cup Jabs

Kyle Scott - June 2, 2010


As we reported last week, the Tampa Bay Rays traveled to Toronto with hockey jerseys.  Most of them wore a Blackhawks sweater, not out of their support of Chicago, but out of their mutual dislike for Philadelphia.

The ones who didn't wear Blackhawks jerseys?  Penguins, Rangers, Bruins, and Lightening jerseys.

Rays are just the worst.

Speaking of Blackhawks and Penguins… Obama was in Pittsburgh to give a speech today.  He mentioned the Blackhawks' lead in the series:

Seeing how the Blackhawks are headed to Philly tonight with a 2-0
lead in the Stanley Cup Finals, I'm just glad that we're on this side of
the state.

I noticed a couple of people said they were rooting for the Blackhawks,
which tells me something about the rivalry between Pittsburgh and

Where is Joe Biden when you need him?


Insult: FAIL Chicagoan Attempts to Trash Philly Architecture, also Biden Gets a Flyers Jersey

Kyle Scott - May 26, 2010


Let the battle of the cities begin in anticipating for Saturday's Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Chicago threw the first blow, sort of.  Architecture writer (they have those?) Blair Kamin, who writes a feature called "Cityscapes" (how quaint), attempts to knock Philadelphia by taking shots at our skyline. What we are left with is a 500 word bloviation that winds up complimenting and boring the bejesus out of us. Apparently Chicagoans designed most of Philly's buildings (who knew!  also, who cares?!), so his entire attempt at criticizing Philly turned into a disturbing circle jerk for Chicago's architects.  Here's the link if you want to read it, but we're warning you, it's boring as all hell.

Since Chicago is so hung up on things aesthetic, they decided to show their support for the Blackhawks by placing hockey helmets on their Art Institute Lions.  Creepy.

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