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Sixers Get in on Billboard Action, Too

Kyle Scott - August 10, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-08-10 at 2.47.08 PM
pic via Sixers PR man Mike Preston

The Sixers are getting in on this shit, too. I can’t tell if this is a lousy picture of a billboard or a new sponsorship on the underside of the Space Shuttle at the National Air and Space Museum. Either way, looks sweet.

By the way, has anyone told Bynum about the trade? I mean, is he awake yet? YO! Why my name on a billboard in Philly?! 

Shane Victorino and His Foundation Thank Fans with Billboard

Kyle Scott - August 10, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-08-10 at 12.59.39 PM
Pic via Shane Victorino Foundation

Following up his full-page ads in the Inquirer and Daily News, Shane Victorino (more likely, his foundation) purchased some billboard space to thank fans. Not sure where it is.


If you remember, last year, David Akers did something similar.

I Want to Know Whose “Fire Andy Reid” Mobile Billboard This Is

Kyle Scott - January 5, 2012

Photo via (@pjgcsaa)

So I can give them a hug.

H/T to (@BenHowarth817)

Let’s Go Eat: The Billboard

Kyle Scott - September 4, 2011


As always, tremendous work by the folks from Visit Philly (GPTMC). The billboard is on 95 South between Girard and 676.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us off about this and reader Colleen for the picture

Here’s the Billboard Ad David Akers Put Up on 95

Kyle Scott - August 5, 2011


David Akers just Tweeted out a picture (proof) of the billboard ad he put up along 95.

Thanks, David.

Flyers Open NASDAQ, Take Over Times Square

Kyle Scott - April 13, 2011


Photos courtesy of NASDAQ

I suppose this is what it looks like to figuratively give New York the middle finger?

The Flyers opened the NASDAQ this morning as part of a ceremony to usher in the start of the NHL playoffs. Somewhere, the New York Rangers probably aren't too thrilled. I suppose when you're owned by Comcast, a company traded on the NASDAQ, you can open the market whenever you damn well please.


There's liiiiiiitle Mariano Rivera in the upper left

This six-story high video billboard was up in Times Square for an hour.

Here's video of the incredibly awkward shenanigans. The highlight was the master of ceremonies, who claimed to be a Flyers fan, getting flummoxed by Ian Laperriere's name and calling him "Ian."