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Videos: Fans Boo Bob Davidson, John Mayberry Jr. Walks It Off

Kyle Scott - June 5, 2013

I love you, Philadelphia.

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A Friendly Reminder That J.D. Drew is Still Kind of a Douche

Kyle Scott - July 1, 2011

Screen shot 2011-07-01 at 8.29.59 AM
Hilarious, sir. Did you come up with that all on your own?

Consider this a PSA: Your boos can make a difference.

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Charlie Manuel Would Like You to Boo Jayson Werth, Please

Kyle Scott - May 3, 2011

He also said Chase Utley is close to a rehab stint and Jimmy Rollins will bat leadoff tonight.

Game time: 7:05. Keep the batteries at home.

Here's some video of Werth pre-game, courtesy of Ryan Lawrence and the Delco Times.

To Boo or Not To Boo

Kyle - April 6, 2011

Hamels – the one Ace with a ring (Reuters)

So perhaps you had a rough day at work yesterday, which was only tolerable because of the Phillies game you looked forward to going to last night. You paid good money for tickets, parking, and concessions on a rather miserable April night. And then just as you were getting into the game, your day was topped off with one of Cole Hamels' worst starts of his career, going 2.2 innings, allowing six runs, while surrendering two hits to pitcher Chris Young in the same inning.

I can understand how some fans, especially those who might only go to two or three games a season, would be frustrated or even angry.  You missed the three fun wins over the weekend and now were stuck with tickets to this clunker. Oh, and you probably had some douchebag Mets fans near you who was getting on your nerves all night, and taunting every Phillies fan in your section.

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National Media Takes Aim at Eagles Fans for Yesterday’s Boos

Kyle Scott - November 8, 2010


You had to know this was coming.

Immediately after Austin Collie was hit by Kurt Coleman and a penalty was called on the Eagles in the second quarter of yesterday's game, fans loudly booed the officials for the call.  The penalty was just one example of an NFL mandate gone too far.  Perhaps the play should have even been ruled a fumble, which would have given the Eagles the ball.  Instead, the Colts were awarded a first down, and scored a touchdown just a few plays later.

Chris Chase of Yahoo's football blog, Shutdown Corner, didn't like the boos.  Not at all.

Philadelphia Eagles fans are always complaining that their reputation as the most boorish fans in football is unjust and that a few unfortunate incidents over the past few decades have been blown out of proportion by the media. We're passionate, they claim, not impertinent.

But then a small faction of these same fans go out and cascade boos upon a field as a knocked-out opponent lies motionless on it, unintentionally reinforcing the stereotype they claim to be false. 

That's not the issue though. The issue is that some Eagles fans, given time to calm down from the initial displeasure with the call, continued to boo even as Collie lay still on the ground. He was out cold. He wasn't moving. And many idiots continued their complaints about the call, as if an automatic first down forPeyton Manning(notes) was infinitely more important than the immediate health of a man on the field.

Oh boy.

Without knowing the timing of the replays and how clear it was to those in attendance that Collie may have very well been paralyzed, it is hard to pass judgement on the boos, but CBS cameras showed Collie lying motionless on the turf, with arms at a 90 degree angle and crimped fingers.  I, for one, thought he might never move again and was rather shocked by the immediate reaction I was hearing on TV and seeing on Twitter.  Was it a bad call?  Absolutely.  Terrible, in fact (and we'll have more on that later). However, my first reaction as an Eagles fan and human being was, "oh my God, that guy just broke his neck."  I thought it was a little insensitive to bitch about a penalty, as horrible as it was.  

But that wasn't even the biggest issue.

The reaction of some of the Eagles players, specifically Asante Samuel, was uncalled for.  Watch Samuel at the 1:20 mark of this video, a full :70 seconds after the initial contact and flag.  It had to be clear to those on the field that Collie was in serious trouble.  However, upon seeing the replay, Samuel almost jumps into one of the trainers tending to Collie.  That is not cool.

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Re-enacting the 1999 Draft

Kyle - September 30, 2010

Remember this fine moment in Philadelphia sports history:

Well, resident carnival barker Angelo Cataldi of 610-WIP is still apparently not embarrassed about being so wrong about Donovan McNabb vs Ricky Williams and is staying classy by organizing one final booing of McNabb during the pre-game festivities on Sunday afternoon. And it's become national news

Sure enough, there's a warm Philly welcome in the works. Angelo Cataldi, a talk-show personality and the leader of the so-called "Dirty 30" — the 30 hardcore Eagles fans who led the boos at Madison Square Garden when the Eagles drafted the Syracuse star over Texas running back Ricky Williams — has organized a "Boo McNabb" parade featuring sign-carrying boo birds, a juggler, some strippers, and a guy on stilts. It remains to be seen if any of them will actually make it to Lincoln Financial Field for the game.

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Shane Victorino: Don’t Yell at Me

Kyle - July 8, 2010



Shane Victorino had this to say about the fans after the game last night:

"Quick to forget what happened the last two years, you know? That's the thing that frustrates me more than anything,
listening to that kind of stuff. They're quick to forget what we've done
the last two years. When I hear things like that, it eats me. OK. I
see. Jimmy [Rollins] used that word. I'm not going to use it, but you
know what I'm talking about."

The word he is talking about is "frontrunners."

No one is quick to forget about two years ago, Shane, in fact, it's quite the opposite.  Everyone remembers how great you guys were and how much fight you had.  Injuries don't cause Jayson Werth to swing through fastballs, injuries don't cause you to bat .250.  The team is playing well below their capabilities.

"It's tough right now. We've got to find a way to figure
this out. There's no reason to panic or throw in the towel. We can't
panic. If we panic, we're just going to add pressure to ourselves."

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