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Brent Celek is “Leaning Towards Retirement”

Kevin Kinkead - August 17, 2018

Gotta be honest – I thought Brent did retire after leaving the Eagles organization as a Super Bowl champion.

Apparently not, though he told Jason Martinez and Harry Mayes on 97.5 The Fanatic today that he’s had some offers but is closer to retirement than jumping in with another team:

My take:

Brent should retire. Go out on top as a Super Bowl champion. Finish your career as a one-team guy. Put a bow on a fantastic run and don’t junk it up with one or two years as a backup tight end with the 49ers or Browns or Ravens or whatever.

For what it’s worth, he did put the kibosh on signing with the Cowboys, who need a tight end. Celek said he wouldn’t sign in Dallas even if they offered him ten million dollars.

He was in-studio with the pair for an entire hour today and you can listen to that here:

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The Eagles Released Brent Celek

Kevin Kinkead - March 13, 2018

The email hit the inbox at 2:04 p.m.

Brent Celek is no longer an Eagle.

The Birds released Philadelphia’s longest-tenured athlete after 11 years at Lincoln Financial Field, a run that culminated with the franchise’s first Super Bowl win. The 33-year-old tight end joined the franchise in 2007 and played in 175 regular season games, plus 9 playoff matchups. He missed just one game EVER, finishing his Eagles career with the fourth most total appearances behind only David Akers (188), Brian Dawkins (183) and Harold Carmichael (180).

More from the press release:

During his Eagles career, Celek totaled 398 catches for 4,998 yards and 31 touchdowns, marking the eighth-most receiving yards and 11th-most receiving touchdowns (tied) in Eagles history. He also played in nine postseason contests and added 27 catches for 257 yards and three touchdowns. In 2009, Celek recorded career highs in receptions (76), receiving yards (971) and receiving touchdowns (eight). His 971 receiving yards that season are the second-most by a tight end in Eagles history, trailing only Pete Retzlaff’s 1,190 receiving yards in 1965.

Celek was due $5 million this year and this move, combined with Lane Johnson’s contract restructuring, gets the Birds underneath the salary cap without having to cut Vinny Curry or Jason Peters. After losing Trey Burton in free agency, the Eagles have one tight end, Zach Ertz, currently on the roster.

Claude Giroux now becomes Philly’s longest-serving athlete.

I think we’ll do a proper tribute to Celek later this week, but I can say that I personally was very happy to see him go out on top after a wonderful career in Philadelphia.

Thanks, Brent.

Photo Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly Flipped the Script and Used the Pass to Set up the Run on Sunday

Mark Saltveit - October 13, 2015

Run-to-pass is a very basic strategy, but it works, which is why teams keep using it. Despite his reputation for offensive trickery, Chip Kelly likes smashmouth, run-first football — if his team can pull it off. But his offensive line this year can’t (so far).

So against the Saints, Kelly’s game plan went the less common “pass-to-run” route. DeMarco Murray finally had a decent game, but he didn’t get his first good run until the the second drive after the Eagles had already completed six passes for 55 yards. (Three other throws were broken up but only by excellent coverage.)

Here are the Eagles’ first 12 plays– nine passes, three runs:

Voila_Capture 2015-10-13_10-50-40_AM
Voila_Capture 2015-10-13_10-51-14_AM

[Chip called two runs for Murray on the first drive, but they gained only three yards combined because Matt Tobin missed a block each time– failing to pick up Dannell Ellerbe on a run blitz the first play, and unable to sustain his block on Cameron Jordan on the second.]

The Saints have a big secondary — CB Brandon Browner is 6’4″, 221 — so Chip went to his bigger, more physical receivers (Celek, Ertz, Riley Cooper, Josh Huff, and Murray himself) for those first six receptions. The second drive opened with the two TEs left, Celek split wide and Ertz in the slot, both running short “in” routes. (Ertz gained six.)

On the next play, Celek and Huff ran a mesh (or “rub”) pattern crossing each other three yards down field (on second-and-four). Bradford threw a bullet to Celek, who was covered tightly, for a first down. It was a great throw, the kind Nick Foles never makes, and one of the reasons the Eagles traded for Bradford.

But Josh Huff was wide open going the other way. Given his explosiveness after the catch, that could have been a very big gain if Bradford had thrown to him instead.

What could have been....

What could have been….

So back to that first good run by the Murray– the nine-yard gain on the second drive: Huff was the only receiver on the left, and the defense followed the other receivers to the right side after giving up all that yardage early on. Just before the snap, Huff motioned in tight to the line and blocked his defender, who had followed him. Murray bounced outside left and gained nine yards.

The Eagles ended up with 186 yards rushing, and Murray averaged 4.2 yards a carry for total of 83. It was easily his best game as an Eagle. But it was all set up by passing on nine of the first 12 plays.

Eagles – Saints: 7 Blessings

Mark Saltveit - October 11, 2015

Even with their two best DBs — safety Jairus Byrd and cornerback Keenan Lewis — back from injury, New Orleans’ defense was the miracle cure for Philadelphia’s offensive woes today. Here are just seven of the many blessings that this game bestowed upon the Birds.

1. The Pass Rush

It helped that the Saints starting left tackle (Terron Armstead) and left guard (Jahri Evans) were out with injuries. But the Eagles took full advantage, with three sacks, four QB hits and 5 tackles for loss just in the first half. (They finished with five, seven and seven for the game.)

Fletcher Cox abused Andrus Peat, Armstead’s replacement at left tackle. He finished with three sacks — and forced fumbles on two of them. Cox recovered one of them himself. Rookie Jordan Hicks, of course, got the other one. He has three fumble recoveries in just his first four games, which has to be an NFL record.

Against a great QB like Drew Brees, this penetration and disruption was crucial for taking control of the game.

2. Caleb Sturgis was a great kicker (mostly).

The goat of last week’s game wasn’t exactly the GOAT this week, but that one guy who picked him sarcastically in fantasy had a very happy surprise. Sturgis drilled four field goals and was the team’s leading scorer.

Sure, he didn’t get a touchback until his fourth kickoff, and Chip Kelly went for it on fourth and seven twice at the beginning of the game just to avoid the pain of watching Sturgis try a FG. But at the end of the first half his 39-yarder was perfect, dead center and with plenty of distance to spare. In the second half, an emboldened Chip Kelly called Sturgis’ number again three more times and he delivered. One was as long as 41 yards!

Of course Sturgis missed an extra point in the second half just to be true to his self. On the flip side, he gets credit for the return of Big Balls Chip. Many don’t realize it, but Kelly’s aggressiveness at Oregon had a lot to do with having bad kickers there too.

3. Excellent pass defense

Yes, New Orleans had some big pass plays. Drew Brees is a lock for the Hall of Fame, and even with Jimmy Graham gone he has some great weapons, notably Brandin Cooks (who Chip Kelly tried to trade up for in the 2014 draft).

But the Birds’ secondary had a great game as a group, including Byron Maxwell (who has taken plenty of Continue Reading

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Brent Celek Would Like to Sell You This $1,400 Bag

Jim Adair - September 5, 2014

The Washburn Weekender by REVISIT

The Washburn Weekender by REVISIT

Much like Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP, Brent Celek’s “lifestyle brand” REVISIT features some items that are more affordable to someone in his own tax bracket. Take, for example, that very nice bag above, which costs $1,400 (at least it’s nice). What makes REVISIT different is that we don’t already hate Brent Celek and some of the stuff is more affordable and a portion of their proceeds goes into our National Parks. I mean, I’d buy a $1,400 bag if I had the disposablei income to buy a $1,400 bag, but this iPhone case looks very nice and is fairly affordable. Plus, the website makes me feel like a cool outdoorsman who just woke up to a misty lake after camping on a mountainside, rather than a dude with no shoes on in need of his first iced coffee of the day.

Brent Celek and Riley Cooper Low-Fived Each Other During Celek’s Touchdown

Kyle Scott - December 4, 2013


We’ve once again obtained end zone-area footage of Riley Cooper… this time doing something awesome. Watch as Cooper and Brent Celek low-five each other during a crossing route that led to a touchdown:


Jimmy Kempski was, of course, the reporter who asked Celek about it yesterday [UPDATE: Derrick Gunn actually asked the question]:

When asked why they high 5 as they pass each each, Celek explained that he’s just saying “Good luck on the other side, bro.”

Crossing route… “good luck on the other side.” This team is venturing into man crush territory.


H/T to The School Philly

Kobe Bryant Thinks The Eagles Need A Tight End, Recruits Gronk… Vick Hits The Links

Kyle - February 10, 2012

Kobe Bryant

It doesn't look like Kobe Bryant is a huge Brent Celek fan.

Sitting courtside at the Lakers vs. Celtics game, Gronk was eye candy for the Lower Merion grad, who did his best Howie Roseman impression after the game: [WEEI in Boston]

"I told him the Eagles need a tight end," joked Bryant, who grew up in Philadelphia and remains an Eagles fan. "I'm recruiting. He's a freak athlete. He shouted at me and I shouted back. It's fun to have those conversations with athletes you respect."


Poor Brent– first being involved in a DUI accident on his birthday and now a diss from the Black Mamba.

Meanwhile, QB 7 hit the links today, and we're not sure he understands golf terminology:

Screen Shot 2012-02-10 at 11.37.45 AM

I believe the word he was looking for was fore. Fore is the appropriate term to use there.

Five Reasons for Concern (Besides Kolb)

Kyle - September 13, 2010



The main focus this week will surely be on how poorly Kevin Kolb played and how much better the offense was with Michael Vick under center. That is legit when your starting QB goes 5 for 10 for 24 yards in a half and has three passes that probably should have been intercepted. And then the backup moves the ball and scores in the 2nd half. Just skimming box scores from 2000 to 2009 last night, I could only find about four halves in McNabb's career where he may have thrown for less than 25 yards and didn't leave injured or get pulled when they were way ahead. But there are other things to worry about as well:

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