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Woj Bomb Alert Issued for Philadelphia as Brett Brown Reportedly Agrees to 3-year Extension

Coggin Toboggan - May 29, 2018

Big news for all the Brett Brown lovers and haters in the city of Philadelphia, as Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported minutes ago that the 76ers head coach has agreed to a three-year contract extension:

The extension will keep him in Philadelphia through the 2021-2022 season:

Brown steered the 76ers to a 52-30 regular season record and the team’s first playoff series win since 2012.

Kevin Kinkead will have more on the extension and what it means for the franchise tomorrow.

What’s Eating at Richaun Holmes?

Coggin Toboggan - March 7, 2018

Josh Lloyd, the lead fantasy basketball analyst of Basketball Monster and Locked on Fantasy, tweeted out an interesting nugget that could possibly have some future implications for the 76ers after their 128 to 114 victory over the lowly Charlotte Hornets:

The alleged tweet came after Holmes only played three minutes (all in garbage time after the starters for both teams had been pulled) in the 76ers’ 35th victory of the season. If true, was Holmes finally displaying some displeasure with head coach Brett Brown’s decision to play Amir Johnson 13 minutes in relief of Joel Embiid?

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Sixers Notes: Markelle’s Shot, Backing Yourself, and Manipulating the Rules

Kevin Kinkead - October 2, 2017

Joel Embiid rode a stationary bike while his teammates did five-on-five scrimmaging Monday afternoon.

The Sixers center is still limited to half-court 5v5 drills, now 48 hours from the preseason opener against Memphis.

Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot is at the same point as Embiid right now, also limited to 5v5 half-court work.

But the big story on Action News is Markelle Fultz’s shot, and whether or not the rookie point guard is doing the right thing by experimenting with some different mechanics during preseason.

I asked Brett Brown if we’re reading too much into it.

“Yea,” Brown said bluntly. “Everybody’s looking into it. It’s shocking to me. He’s a young guy that’s coming into the league and trying to make improvements, and all the other stuff that he does, people just really find interest in this (topic). In some ways, I don’t completely not understand it, but I feel like all the guys have had issues with trying to grow their game. Developing Markelle, for me, is obviously huge and we will continue to work on his shot.”

Fair enough.

Brown pointed out last week that the tweaks were something Fultz himself started. Fultz said he was only experimenting.

CNN’s Van Jones might call this story a “nothingburger,” but we’ll see how Fultz shoots the ball on Wednesday and Friday.

As for Ben Simmons, he picked up where he left off following Sunday’s scrimmage: Continue Reading

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With a Body Like a Pogo Stick, Brett Brown Sees Interesting Qualities in Furkan Korkmaz

Kevin Kinkead - September 28, 2017

Furkan Korkmaz is a project, for sure.

After spending the 2016 season overseas, the 6’7″ Turkish swingman was somewhat of a surprise addition to this Sixers roster, considering the crowding in the back court.

He’s likely to start the season in Delaware, but the development begins in training camp, where Brett Brown has been focused on one weakness in particular.

“I mean, really just trying to get him defensively built, like an attitude and a mindset to try to grow him as a defender,” Brown told reporters Thursday. “He can score. He’s got a real sort of interesting body for a basketball player in his position. He’s long and he’s lanky. Years ago I coached Brent Barry (who had) sort of that bouncy, pogo stick, can shoot, can dunk (body type). I see, you know, that (Furkan) has got some real interesting qualities. The defensive side needs work. I’m always trying to help and grow him, like you would any rookie, from a defensive standpoint.”

Part of the defensive improvement comes with bulk, and Korkmaz has already added about 15 pounds to his 175 pound frame. He won’t be finishing around the rim any time soon, but he’s a tall perimeter shooter with plenty of upside depending on how he adapts to NBA physicality.

Brown says Korkmaz’s English is further along than Dario Saric’s grasp of the language when the latter came to Philadelphia last season. That’s helped accelerate communication somewhat, whereas Saric, according to Brown, was trying to figure out his language and accent.

“I feel like the experience Furkan had with us in Summer League helped,” Brown said. “I think he actually played better in the European Championships, and trying to figure out where they’re ranked going into the Olympic Games is better because of that experience. But I think communicating with him, and him understanding my language and NBA language, that’s always a challenge.”

It’s a group effort to help Korkmaz with the American transition, but he points out one player in particular who has helped him adapt.

“Especially Robert (Covington),” Korkmaz said. “He talks to me and tries to help me. Of course Dario, and T.J. (McConnell), we’re all talking to each other. Everybody is talking to each other. I talked with Dario before I came here like one month ago. New coach, new opportunity, he said it’s all up to you, but I’m here to help you. Don’t worry about it.”

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Markelle Fultz is “Looking at Some Different Things” with his Shot

Kevin Kinkead - September 28, 2017

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

That applies to Markelle Fultz, whose shot isn’t in need of repair, but could probably be improved. That’s why the Sixers rookie has been experimenting with his mechanics in training camp.

This week he started tweaking his free throw motion.

“It was just something going on where I wanted to try something new,” Fultz told reporters on Thursday. “But my free throw is going to look the same as college. I’m just trying to look at different ways to see how the ball can go in the hoop.”

Sixers head coach Brett Brown had more to say on the subject.

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Jahlil Okafor and Brett Brown are Hanging out with Chip Kelly

Jim Adair - September 20, 2015

Chip’s gonna be pretty busy soon, but that doesn’t mean he can’t talk a little shop before the game with Brett Brown and Jahlil Okafor. In fact, maybe they can throw some pads on Jah and just throw it up high to him. He’ll prob pull it in with those giant mitts.

Brett Brown and Jay Wright are Trying to Bring Peace to the Middle East, At Least on the Court

Jim Adair - August 11, 2015

jay wright

Brett Brown has traveled the world coaching basketball, while Jay Wright has spent most of his coaching career in the American northeast. Still, they’ve both led and mentored young players from all over, and had to bring them together to play as a team, regardless of personality, beliefs, or background. They have experience. But all of that isn’t much compared to what they just did by conducting “basketball clinics and conflict-resolution seminars” in Jerusalem and West Bank for PeacePlayers International.

According to a Catholic News Service report, both Wright and Brown connected with PPI via Pistons president Arn Tellem, who is on the board. Brown sounded moved by the whole situation:

“The history is breathtaking, so when PPI offered me the opportunity, I accepted immediately … The concept of teamwork and playing together are common areas that cross-pollinate both coaching basketball and the PeacePlayers’ initiative … It was a first-time opportunity for these kids to learn skills and play basketball … and it was jaw-dropping for me. Their eyes and expressions left an imprint that will not go away soon.”

Brown joined Wright – who brought his wife and kids along to help – in coaching a clinic of “Palestinian, Israeli and American high school players.” The goal of the whole thing was to foster and encourage peace, but that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank broke out while the coaches were there, but Wright was happy to have helped the kids in any way:

“The goal was to use the sport to enable Arabs and Jews to concentrate on the game of basketball — their skills and the needs of each other as teammates — and to look past the conflict and see each other as human beings, with the ultimate goal being to transform the relationships of Jews and Arabs in the younger generation … We all realized how complex issues are in Israel and Palestine, how a majority on both sides wants peace … yet volatility and politics allow any incident, at any time, to escalate into war.”

These are the kinds of guys you want guiding young players on the court, so it’s good that Brown’s players are – on average – barely older than Wright’s.

Marcus Hayes Wrote a Whole Column about Something Brett Brown Didn’t Say

Jim Adair - April 18, 2015


“Or else.”

It’s an implied thing that only Marcus Hayes heard – that Brett Brown was giving Sixers management an ultimatum – multiple times throughout Brown’s conversation with the media on Thursday night. As Hayes put it, “The two words Brett Brown never spoke resounded loudest in his final interviews of the season.” Nope:

“I hope that if we can have something that is stable and consistent that we are going to be able to talk a little bit easier at this time next year.”

. . . or else.


Nope. Never mind that after Brown made those comments, he said that consistency can’t trump the fact that they’re looking for talent. But what about the misguided idea that Sam Hinkie only drafts players who can’t play immediately in order to prolong the tank:

“If it happens again – I won’t lie, you’re going to bite your lip,” Brown said, chuckled a bit, and continued the joke: “I do admit, in my own contract negotiations, nobody explained to me fully that, for a few years, you might not have your draft picks.”

Translation: Hinkie better not select another long-range Euro star or a high-ceiling player with a year of rehab ahead of him.

. . . or else.

Nope. Brown, throughout the season, has expressed frustration, hope, pride, and any number of other emotions. He’s never come off as fed up, or indignant, or over it. That “or else” is coming straight from the cranky mind of Hayes, who, like Howard Eskin, thinks he’s speaking for the common fan. Is he? Continue Reading

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