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A Local Reporter Claims To Have Purchased Bryan Colangelo’s Unclaimed, Initialed Dress Shirts

Chris Jastrzembski - July 10, 2018

An interesting Twitter thread from Julian Coltre, a New Jersey based reporter. He may or may not own some of Bryan Colangelo’s possible dress shirts before he got canned.

Here’s his white-collar story:

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Blake Griffin on the Bryan Colangelo Burner Account Controversy: ‘It’s Just the Lamest Thing Ever’

Coggin Toboggan - June 19, 2018

First you had LeBron James mocking the Bryan Colangelo burner account apocalypse in front of a national audience before Game 2 of the NBA Finals, and now Blake Griffin, part-time dater of Kendall Jenner and part-time power forward for the Detroit Pistons, is clowning the ex-76ers GM.

Good thing the NBA made the Sixers fire Sam Hinkie and bring in Colangelo so they could avoid future embarrassment. Phew.

Griffin appeared on Monday’s episode of the Pardon My Take podcast and a discussion on potentially humiliating internet searches segued into PMT co-hosts Big Cat and PFT asking Griffin to give his opinion on Colangelo’s penchant for dabbling in social media and his love of big collars.

The transcript and audio are after the jump:

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It’s Time for Josh Harris and the 76ers Ownership Group to Get on with it

Tim Reilly - June 6, 2018

After the bizarre turn of events involving the Philadelphia Eagles and the White House-trip-that-wasn’t, it’s only fitting that the city turns its attention to the resolution of the Bryan Colangelo “Woodergate” scandal.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the 76ers’ owners convened in New York to discuss the fate of their president of basketball operations. According to Wojnarowksi, the decision to terminate or retain Colangelo could be announced today.

Thanks to the relentless sleuthing of various internet detectives, including Crossing Broad’s own Kyle Scott, it has become painfully clear that the man behind the curtain of the various Colangelo-linked Twitter burner accounts first investigated by The Ringer’s Ben Detrick is actually a woman: Barbara Bottini, the wife of the embattled Sixers executive.

Wojnarowski’s deeply-sourced reporting has corroborated the evidence gathered on social media; he asserted that the law firm that the 76ers hired to investigate the issue has interviewed Colangelo and Bottini during their own information-gathering process.

Given the deep embarrassment that this entire situation has caused the franchise, it appears imminent that Colangelo will be handed his walking papers.

There is simply too much at stake for the 76ers, who have only recently emerged from a painful rebuilding process that saw the team become something of a laughingstock. Armed with a talented, playoff-tested core, a lottery selection, and the cap space needed to reel in a prime free agent, now was not the time for the Sixers to once again become the butt of the joke. But the indiscretions of the Colangelo camp have eroded much of the hard-earned credibility the 76ers regained with their 52-win regular season campaign.

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Bryan Colangelo on Markelle Fultz, His Skill Set, and Playing Him at the Point

Kevin Kinkead - March 27, 2018

Bryan Colangelo spoke at length about Markelle Fultz’s return to the floor before last night’s game.

It went on for about 21 minutes and didn’t wrap up until shortly before tip-off, so I think most of his quotes kind of got lost in the shuffle as the focus turned to Markelle’s performance and his post game locker room availability.

I wanted to go back through the general manager’s press conference this afternoon and pick out some of the more interesting passages to talk about.

I’ll start with his explanation for Fultz’s shoulder injury. Colangelo has said from the start that he is not sure how it happened:

“It was diagnosed as a scapular imbalance by a well-known expert in Kentucky and the cause is unknown at this stage. We don’t know where it started, when it started, but it was sometime from the time we saw him in summer league – when everyone saw that he did not have a shoulder problem and there was no indication there was a problem with his shot – to something that very quickly rose to awareness in late September and early October as we started the season. Once it was determined that he really was not able to function, we dove deeper to determine whether or not there was something going on. Even though an MRI showed that there was no structural concerns, there was a scapular imbalance, as determined by the doctor in Kentucky. It literally was just a breakdown of muscle function. We don’t know enough about the injury. It’s very uncommon in basketball. It’s very complicated and complex, and that’s why there’s been so much unknown here.

We certainly apologize if we have not been clear, but I could not be more clear. We’re not sure when it happened or how it happened, but it happened. And what we’ve seen is a hard-working young man and a hard-working staff that has done everything possible to get him ready for this moment, to get back out on the court and do what he loves to do, play basketball.”

That’s Colangelo’s explanation. Fultz decided not to talk about it, so now we’ve asked both sides what happened and you can draw your own conclusions from there.

Now to the important stuff – Markelle’s future with the team and how he fits in.

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Transcript: Bryan Colangelo (and JJ Redick) on Markelle Fultz

Kevin Kinkead - February 9, 2018

With respect to the Sixers organization, Bryan Colangelo’s Friday availability was 75% non-answer, 15% useful information, and 10% off-topic questions from media members who missed the point.

Because the only topic of the day should have been Markelle Fultz, and what exactly is going on with the rookie’s bum shoulder.

In the interest of context, I’ll post the full transcript here, but first some bullet points:

  • Colangelo says they still don’t know how the shoulder injury happened.
  • There’s no timeline for a return. Colangelo would not rule Fultz out for the season, but said he may or may not play, which answers nothing.
  • He reiterated that Fultz has to relearn his mechanics as a result of the shoulder injury.
  • It seems to me like Fultz’s agent and his people are still at odds with the team, especially based on the TNT interview Fultz did the other night that apparently was organized without the Sixers’ public relations staff.

Anyway, here’s the transcript. I took out the bullshit questions about the trade deadline and anything not concerning Markelle’s injury:

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