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Bud Light Gave Lane Johnson More Beer

Chris Jastrzembski - March 17, 2018

Lane Johnson loves beer. That’s obvious.

At the beginning of the season, he offered to buy the entire city beer for a Super Bowl parade if the Eagles won the big game (which they did). Bud Light later came in and said they would pick up the tab.

You know the rest. They won the Super Bowl, we had a parade, and free beer was given out.

Prior to the start of the new league year, Johnson agreed to restructure his contract to help the team’s salary cap situation. He’s still making the same amount of money, except his base salary for the season is now $790,000.

As a gift for his actions, Bud Light sent him more beer for helping his team out.

Where would Lane rank in the Bud Light royal family? He’s probably not the king (though he should be), but he’s definitely a knight.

I can’t wait for the eventual Bud Light Lane Johnson commercial to come out that has him saving the entire village from disaster.

Bud Light Sends Out a Special Message To Eagles Fans

Chris Jastrzembski - January 19, 2018

Bud Light had a smashing hit with their “Dilly Dilly” commercials this season. You’ll start to see the second installment of their series this weekend. The “Ye Old Pep Talk” is a precursor to their Super Bowl ad that will be released in two weeks, and hopefully the Eagles will be playing for a championship as well.

But there’s also a Philadelphia-specific message from the King himself. He’s surprised to see the team make it this far with injuries, and he admits he was wrong, even though he’s never wrong.

“Philly Philly!”

H/T to reader Scott

Bud Light Did Their #UpForWhatever Thing at a Union Match

Jim Adair - April 22, 2015

We’ve learned by now that if anyone shoves a camera in your face and asks if you’re up for whatever, you should say yes. Because if you do, you can sit on the field at a Union game, get a bunch of free stuff, and … get a photo op with Jon Marks? Sure, why not.