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Kyle Scott - November 5, 2013

Email from reader Matt:


Season ticket holders got this email yesterday. I am not going to get into if I agree or disagree with what was said over the weekend by you, other bloggers or sports casters about the Ray Emery fight or continued culture of the 70’s bullies, but I think everyone in their 20’s and 30’s can agree on is we are pretty tired of that being our only rallying point. I am proud to say my family has been ticket holders since the days of the Spectrum, but now that the younger generation is starting to buy more tickets and has more influence, something has to change. I still remember being at so many deflating playoff games and at Stanley cup games (including the game loss to the Blackhawks) and nothing sucks more than us continuing down that path and hanging onto those 70’s bullies. Maybe having Ron Hextall here, who did help rebuild the Kings into a Cup team is a step in the right direction. Yet until those big changes happen, the younger generation is just going to get more and more restless and frustrated at this continued belief in a past we do not remember and can hardly embrace.

Could not agree more with Matt.* To me, as a 30-year-old, Eric Lindros, John LeClair, Eric Desjardins, Keith Primeau, Mark Recchi, hell, even Brent Fedyk, mean more than a bunch of guys I’ve seen in documentaries and read about in books. Don’t get me wrong, the history of any team should be celebrated. I thought the Alumni Game was every bit as good as the Winter Classic, because it was surreal seeing Parent and Clarke on the same ice as Lindros and LeClair. I had never seen those other guys suit up in person. But the Flyers have to realize that the people who care and salivate over the Bullies are disappearing every day. No other local team does this sort of thing to the degree the Flyers do. The Phillies have replaced 1980 with 1993 and, now, 2008. The Eagles have replaced 1980 with Donovan McNabb, Brian Dawkins and Brian Westbrook. The Sixers have replaced Dr. J with Allen Iverson. But the Flyers just keep trotting out the Bullies. And never mind the fact that they’re doing so with the Red Sox personal house band. Yuck.

*It’s for charity, yeah. But it’s not just about this one event. It’s a culture thing.

Video: Rob Zombie Talks About “Broad Street Bullies” Movie

Kyle Scott - February 6, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 10.33.08 AM
Photo: Anthony SanFilippo

Rob Zombie was in Philly and went to the Flyers game last night to do some background work for his upcoming Broad Street Bullies movie. He took pictures with Bernie Parent, Bob Kelly and Gary Dornhoefer, met with reporters, and was a guest on Daily News Live.

What Zombie had to say about the movie: The script is mostly finished and the plot is character-driven. Zombie(?) said there were so many interesting stories on the Bullies that little poetic license needed to be taken to produce an interesting script. Filming will begin as early as this fall, in Philadelphia, and the movie will take roughly two years to complete. The story will begin at a sparsely-attended parade introducing the Flyers to Philadelphia in 1967 and end with the first Stanley Cup parade, attended by two million people. No word on who the actors will be, but Zombie said he’s been getting texts from Philly-based actors who want to be in it (hello, David Boreanaz). 

Zombie grew up a Bruins fan in Boston, but claims he always liked the Flyers (I bet) and that his favorite player is Bobby Clarke. He said he got some additional – likely NSFW – tidbits from the Bullies last night and may include those in the script. 

Video of Zombie talking about the movie after the jump.

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Rob Zombie Will Be at the Flyers Game Tomorrow Night Doing Background for His Broad Street Bullies Movie

Kyle Scott - February 4, 2013

image from

We told you about this in June (holy shit, time flies)– Rob Zombie is writing, directing and producing a movie about the Broad Street Bullies, called, you guessed it, Broad Street Bullies. Tomorrow, he’ll be at the Flyers-Lightning game doing some background work for the film (though one could argue that research time would be better spent in the loins of a 1970s jersey chaser on the side of a Marlton highway), according to Flyers super secret website insider Anthony SanFilippo.

We’re assuming that Mr. Zombie (I'm truly not sure how to refer to him) will meet with the media at some point. We’ll bring you all the details if and when he does. Wonder if he’ll bring the Dragula??

The folks over at Philly 2 Philly spoke to Zombie about the flick in July.

Spectrum Bricks are Rather Expensive, and a Post Demolition Party… in the Spectrum?

Kyle Scott - November 23, 2010


That will look great next to my Grandmother's ashes

Comcast-Spectacor will begin selling bricks as soon as the demolition commences today at noon. That's right, for only $39.95 you can own a brick from God knows where in the 41 year old building (please don't be from the bathroom, please don't be from the bathroom).  Sadly, thousands of Hersey Hawkins bricks will not be available.

You can place your order at today's demolition or at But remember (redundant?) folks, per the press release, "these bricks may vary in color, style and condition due to location and sun exposure."  And popcorn packed urine stains.

Of course, your brick won't be given to you today, since they aren't really knocking down that much of the place.  We're told Flyers, Sixers and Comcast workers will be rolling beer coolers into Bullies (in the Spectrum, mind you) at around 3 o'clock for a final party.  Sounds safe.

Rex Ryan Wants The Jets to be More Like The Flyers

Kyle Scott - September 1, 2010

Wearing a Showtime hat...

For those of you who watch “Hard Knocks” on HBO, you probably know what a hard-nosed guy Rex Ryan is.  Yesterday, he said he wanted his team to be more like the Broad Street Bullies

"Look at the Philadelphia Flyers during their Broad Street Bully days. Every team in the NHL couldn't wait to play them. What happened? The Flyers kicked their butts anyway and hoisted the (Stanley) Cup.

"That's the way I look at it. I want to be that team that you hate … you can't stand the Jets."


I, for one, now like the Jets.