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Phillies Rep Reps Crossing Broad at Local High School

Kyle Scott - November 29, 2012

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Hearts and minds, ladies and gentlemen. Hearts and fucking minds.

Reader (@AndubC856), a student at Gloucester High School in New Jersey, informed me via the Tweets that the Phillies sent a presenter to the school’s career day today who discussed our friendly little sports blog. Here’s how it happened: 

We just had an assembly at our school with Phillies reps talking to us. They asked if anyone checked Crossing Broad daily or just in general. Out of the whole school, my hand was the lone one. I am ashamed, yet proud.  We're having a sort of career day here, and we had Phillies reps come talk to us and one of the presenters was talking about how people cover the Phillies and then she asked about CB. She then told the rest of my school that CB is the best Philly sports blog to follow and she encourages all Phillies fans to check it out.


First off, the students of Gloucester High and I are beefing. WTF, Gloucesterererer? One hand? ONE? You illiterate bastards. Go back to listening to your rap music and playing PS Vita, or whatever it is you kids do nowadays. But not you, (@AndubC856). You can stay. 

Second: I see you, Phillies rep, reppin’ CB to impressionable youngsters. Good looks, hunnie. You tell Rube I’m watching him.

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ESPN Asked Jayson Werth if He Regrets Stealing $126 Million, He Does Not

Kyle Scott - July 6, 2011

Photo source: Lehigh Valley Live

For as much joking around we do about Jayson Werth being bitter and unhappy in Washington (which may very well be the case), he is still going to be paid $126 million over the next seven years to play mediocre+ baseball, win or lose. Something tells me he is plenty content with his current standing… even if it is fourth place.

Put in his situation, I think most of us would consider our World Series ring and opt for the big payday. His perceived bitterness seems to come from the fact that the Phillies or another team that is – oh I don't know – good didn't offer him the same contract. It just so happens the Nationals were the only team dumb enough to shell out $126 million dollars to a borderline all-star. 

ESPN asked Werth if he was unhappy about stealing money:

"I definitely want to (dispel) the idea that I'm not happy,'' Werth told "Other than my offensive production — which I'm OK with because I know it's going to turn around — I'm happy with my decision.

I definitely miss my teammates in Philly and I miss playing there and all that. But I've turned the page and I feel good about my decision. I see the future of this organization and where it's going, and I'm really satisfied and I really like it here. When I'm in my seventh year, I think I'll look back and go, 'That was a really good career move.' "


I'm OK with my offensive production because I know it's going to turn around. Thanks for clarifying, Jayson. The Lerner family was waiting with bated breath for you to accept your initial failures. But yes, that definitely was a really good career move… for you.

Bitter beard? Perhaps. But I don't think Werth is losing sleep over signing an undeserved contract. Hard-hitting questions from ESPN, though.

Here's his sideburn adorned bobblehead that will be given away this month by the Frederick Keys, one of Jayson's minor league teams. Why sideburns? Well, because he used to have them.

Photo: DC Sports Blog

Looks like he swung over that slider, too.

Moyer Injured, Career May Be Over

Kyle Scott - November 7, 2010


Jamie Moyer's career is probably over.  He injured his left elbow during his third start in the Dominican Winter League last night.

His team's manager, former Major Leaguer Moises Alou, told reporters that the injury was career threatening. There are not a lot of details yet, however, at this point, it's quite possible that his arm fell off. Moyer will fly to California to see Dr. Lewis Yocum.

Sad day for Jamie, but it might be time to hang it up.