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Hey, Let’s Make Fun of the Knicks

Kyle Scott - May 2, 2013

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Since there are no playoffs to talk about here (and won’t be for a record-setting nearly two years), we’ll just talk about other playoff series, in other cities. Not ours. Other cities. Especially when New York has a bad night.

What would Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks know about pressure? Well they have kissed a man… wait, no, but Kevin Garnett apparently fucked Carmelo’s wife, so that’s close enough. That’s pressure. So is a tightening series lead. And the Knicks are beginning to buckle under it… or on top of it… or maybe both.

Trying to make a statement that it was time to put away the Celtics – the team from Boston, where four people died as a result of a terrorist attack, mind you – the Knicks, holding a 3-1 lead, wore black to the arena for Game 5 last night because… it was time for the Celtics’ funeral. Besides that being wildly insensitive, it was also wildly inaccurate– they wound up losing, 92-86. In the process, Jordan Crawford told Carmelo about that motherfucker fucking his wife:


KG. He was talking about Garnett, who, in January, told Melo that his “wife tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.”

Here’s what I want to know: does this happen in all sports? Athletes run and bump in the same circles. People like Gina Lynn have run the gamut from Scottie Upshall to Dan Uggla to, perhaps, Shane Victorino. Players have to go up against snowballed partners all the time. Like, there has to be some unwritten rule here, right? RIGHT?! Otherwise there’s no way we would have civility in sports. Eventually Kobe is going to allegedly rape some journeyman swing man’s wife or daughter. Scott Hartnell and Joffrey Lupul had to have swapped women at one point. And LeSean McCoy’s baby mama had to have called Osi Umenyiora by now. How do we not hear about this more often?

Anyway, nice work by the Celtics, at the very least they forced a Game 6 in Boston, and if the Knicks wear black up there, every first responder in Beantown should get a crack at digging their gun into La La’s hip… if they haven’t already.

Nobody can say no.