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Charlie Manuel is “Not Interested in Managing at All”

Bob Wankel - August 14, 2019

Charlie Manuel met with reporters for about 20 minutes this afternoon before his first game as the team’s new hitting coach – precisely six years to the day that he managed his last game with the Phillies.

Perhaps to the surprise of nobody, Manuel has a pretty simple goal for his hitters over the final 43 games of the regular season.

“I would like to see just some of our players get a little bit more consistent in hitting and we’d see our run total go up.”

Fair enough.

If you’re wondering if the 75-year-old Manuel views his interim position as a possible first step to a return as a major league manager, he made it clear that won’t be happening.

“I’m not interested in managing at all,” Manuel said.

Manuel, who said he took the job Monday night after the Phillies offered it to him earlier in the morning, cited the offense’s inconsistency and approach as two of the primary issues plaguing a group that began the day 23rd in OPS and 19th in runs per game.

He also believes far too many players across all levels are too focused on hitting home runs.

“I’ve seen a lot of amateur games, I saw the Futures Game this past summer, I see a lot of minor league baseball, I’ve seen major league baseball. I think most of the guys that go up to the plate try to hit home runs,” he said. “And if I could get all those hall of fame guys that I just saw last week, and you line them up in the dugout, and let the players walk down and talk to them and ask them did they try to hit home runs and see their reaction, they’d probably get a ‘no’ answer.”

If the Phillies are trying to go deep every at-bat, it hasn’t shown. They’re 23rd in homers this season.

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Takeaways From the Matt Klentak and Gabe Kapler News Conference

Bob Wankel - August 13, 2019

I was down at Citizens Bank Park earlier this afternoon to take in the aftermath of the Phillies’ decision to fire hitting coach John Mallee and replace him with former manager Charlie Manuel for the remainder of the season.

As I outlined earlier, the Phillies’ weak offensive output and the perception that the team’s coaching was responsible for the flatlining or regression of several established or promising hitters served as justification for Mallee’s ouster.

The numbers are ugly. The Phillies enter their series with the Cubs tonight 18th in runs per game, 24th in slugging percentage, 22nd in OPS, 20th in hard-hit percentage, while also holding the game’s second-highest infield fly ball percentage.

If launch angle is the thing, then I guess you could call those numbers a failure to launch.

*Pumps fist, celebrates a terrible pun*

Thank you. I’ll quite literally be here all week as the Phillies are home through Sunday.

Anyway, Klentak, who earlier this season defended Mallee, didn’t need to reference the specific numbers as he offered some insight as to why the team’s decision-makers opted for a change now:

But the reason we did this and the reason we did this today is we have 44 games remaining. We are two games out of the playoffs. I know a lot of people are burying us and saying we have no chance, and we haven’t played well – and part of that’s correct. We have not played well, and we have not hit well, especially since the All-Star break. But we are not buried. And we are not out. And in my judgment, with 44 games remaining, it makes sense for us to try something different rather than continuing to do the same thing we’ve been doing.

That’s true.

The Phillies are only two games out of the NL’s second wild card spot, and they are most certainly not buried, but FanGraphs’ projection model currently gives them only a slim 5.8% chance of reaching the postseason. If the Phillies are going to go on this much talked about run they seem to believe they are capable of, now might be a good time to get going.

Now, like as in tonight. More, after the jump.

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Carlos Santana’s Resurgence, Phillies’ Offensive Struggles Were Both a Bad Look for John Mallee

Bob Wankel - August 13, 2019

Old friend Carlos Santana, out there in Cleveland last night, just making it happen:

Which begs the question: Where the hell was this at last season? 

And in light of John Mallee’s dismissal as the Phillies’ hitting coach and the subsequent hiring of Charlie Manuel to fill that position this morning, here’s another question, which fair or not, will be asked: Did Santana’s resurgence in Cleveland help get Mallee fired?

I mean, Santana hit .229 with a .766 OPS with the Phillies. He’s up to .286 with a .939 OPS and has already surpassed his 24 homers of a season ago with 43 games remaining.

It’s an interesting question and one that can be answered in a variety ways – and yet it’s probably without a single definitive conclusion.

Contextually, here are some ways that Santana’s resurgence can be explained:

  • He’s more comfortable now that he’s back in Cleveland where he spent the first eight seasons of his career.
  • He’s back in the AL, which is typically thought to be the more offensively advantageous league.

Or, the local fan favorite theory:

  • He’s out from the crippling grasp of the Phillies’ offensive teachings (or what was the crippling grasp of the Phillies’ offensive teachings).

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Charlie Manuel Might be the Best Guy Ever

Bob Wankel - March 19, 2018

There are lots of reasons to love former Phillies manager Charlie Manuel. He guided the team to two National League pennants and a World Series win in nine seasons and won more games (780) than any other manager in franchise history. I also love him for the crazy stuff that he would say as he stumbled and bumbled his way through media sessions. Many people here did. Ironically, his oratorical imperfections, once a source of ridicule as the team failed to reach the postseason during his early years in town, quickly became one of his most endearing traits.

Personally, I didn’t always understand what he was saying, but dammit, I respected it.

I also respect how he handled being unceremoniously removed from a position he was not ready to concede to his successor, Ryne Sandberg, who demonstrated the personality of a rock and people skills that low-key rivaled those of Chip Kelly. By the time Manuel was discarded, the afterglow of five-consecutive NL East titles had long worn off, but considering how and for who Manuel was removed, well, let’s just say that he handled the situation much better than most would. Ultimately, he came back to work for the organization in an advisory role, further strengthening his Philadelphia baseball legacy.

And now, there’s yet another reason to love Manuel, as we learned in a story published yesterday by NBCSP’s Jim Salisbury. Over the weekend, he delivered on a public and heartfelt promise made to Roy Halladay’s children at their father’s memorial service back in November.

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Here’s a Charlie Manuel Story about Being Surrounded by Naked Japanese Women

Jim Adair - July 24, 2015

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Charlie Manuel called in to Anthony Gargano’s morning show this morning to talk prospects, Phillies, and naked Japanese women. Cholly had lots to say. And he shared a truly amazing and strange story involving naked Japanese women upon his arrival in the Far East:

And you know I was ready in my uniform. My uniform was kinda light pink stripes on it, almost like a Phillies uniform but kinda pink stripes. So I got my uniform on and I go down there and I get on the, they have these micro-buses outside. Yakult Swallows micro-buses. I get on one of those and we ride through this town and all of a sudden we stop at these steps. And these steps are like 69 steps and we get out and these players start running up those steps and I’m outta shape man you know I’m fat and out of shape and I got up 39 of them and they were laughing at me. Pointing at me, giggling, laughing. So we go up, and it’s kinda on the top of this mountain they take like bulldozers and things like that and they level it off and they put a ballpark there. So we practice there all day, and from that time on we stayed up there til about six-o-clock in the evening. And when we came back down I was the sorest I’ve ever been in my life. I could not move. And I’m laying there like, on these futons, and Roger Repoz and Luigi helped me get undressed and he takes me down to this Japanese bath. I get in this Japanese bath. And it’s hot and it’s you get this pan of water and you pour it over your head and the ballclub comes in and gets this bath.

So I’m getting this bath, I’m the only person in there, and I kinda crawl over in this corner of the bath. And the bath’s big, it’s about as big as a swimmin pool. So therefore I just crawl over to the corner of it. And I’m sittin there and I’m just so tired and sore and this water is hot and I’m not used to it and it feels like my skin is coming off. But anyway I’m so sore that I can’t get up. So I’m just sitting there and all of a sudden I hear this giggling and laughing. So I look up and there’s these women that get off from work, and I would say 25-30 nude women are standing right in front of me. And I just looked there and I’m thinking like I’m dreaming or something. But believe me, I couldn’t get up. So some of em come over and they touch my head and my arms, and they feel my hair and stuff like that, and they start talking to me in Japanese. I don’t know what they’re saying. They’re probably, you asked me the same thing like, what did you do? And I looked up and I looked at these women, and I tell people who ask me all the time what did you do, absolutely nothing. I couldn’t have did nothing it didn’t matter who was standing there I couldn’t have done nothing.”

I just don’t … there’s … I have nothing I can possibly add to that. When I pictured the story though, I couldn’t help but see current-age Cholly. Not sure if that makes it any better. Audio here.

Kyle: Few things: 1) I didn’t see current aged Charlie, Jim– I saw the 25-30 nude Japanese women. 2) This is like the fifth time we’ve used the word Japanese on this site in the last 24 hours. Not sure we’ve used it at all this year. 3) I would say I am about 99% sure those Japanese women were prostitutes sent to pleasure Charlie.

Iron Pigs Bobblehead Giveaways Include Charlie Manuel in a Hawaiian Shirt and Maikel Franco on a Unicycle

Jim Adair - February 4, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 6.00.37 PM

Man, minor league baseball is so goofy. It rules.

Here’s the Transcript of Charlie Manuel’s Excellent Wall of Fame Induction Speech

Jim Adair - August 11, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 10.39.24 AM

On Friday night, Charlie Manuel became the 36th person to be enshrined in the Phillies Wall of Fame. A group of fellow Wall of Famers were on hand to celebrate with Charlie (along with non-wall guys Jim Thome and Roy Halladay), and Charlie, of course, had to say a few words. He was sometimes nonsensical, he sometimes started sentences without really knowing where they were going, and spoke totally from the heart, which is to say he was Charlie. You can see video of the speech here, and our transcript is below:

“Before I get started I’d like to say I must be getting old, because I saw all these guys up here play. All of ’em are great players and I’m definitely honored to be with ’em. And I think I got here different from most people. I want to recognize all the guys here, they’re super baseball guys, they’re alumni and alumni of course to me is very big. It’s an honor.I’m humbled, I’m gracious, you can name it. I never thought I’d ever receive an award, I never go looking for awards. But if I do something good or somebody has a party and they wanna give me something, I’ll take it.”

Hey Charlie, we’re throwing a party and want to give you an award, do you wanna come?

“I’d like to thank the Phillies. I wanna thank the Phillies for bringing my family here tonight. I think that’s great and I’m glad to have ’em with me. It’s great to have Rich Dubee here and his wife … hey Rich stand up. [Ed. Note: At this point, a very hassled looking Rich Dubee stands.] As you know, Rich was my pitching coach and he was with me for a long time.

When I came over here tonight I didn’t know what I was gonna say. Jimmy Rollins was always kiddin’ me about my notes. Everything I say comes from the heart and if you like it you like it and if you don’t I guess we got a problem. Anyway …

I was here nine years. That nine years went by real fast. We had some great teams, and everybody played a part in those teams. Those teams that were successful, to me, were ‘us.’ It was a ‘we.’ It wasn’t an ‘I,’ we worked together. Our championship team was the greatest thing in my career. The parade down Broadway, absolutely amazing, everything about it.”

At this point, the TV cameras cut to the dugout, full of chuckling players, including Chase Utley:

An angel is tickled every time Chase Utley smiles

An angel is tickled every time Chase Utley smiles

“I wanna thank the Philadelphia Phillies. I wanna thank ’em for giving us the talent, and usually in the summer sometimes if we needed another part they’d always go get it and that would give us a better chance to win the division. They played a big role in it. And then of course everything about it: The player development, the scouts, minor league system works for us. But then we get down to the players. The players are the ones that made me, that’s why I’m standing here tonight.

When I first got into baseball, I wanted to teach. But also I wanted to continue taking batting practice. I never thought I’d ever coach in the big leagues, I never thought I’d ever manage in the big leagues. That wasn’t my goal. My intention was to be a teacher and hang around the ballpark where I could still take BP. And I ended up where I’m at tonight. It’s been a long journey, but in some ways it’s been very short. When you’re winning — like for five years we were very successful — it seems like that time went by real quick. When it goes by, actually you don’t really have time to sit and enjoy it. It seems like you’re always trying to stay ahead of the curve.

The players that I had, even in the minor leagues, they helped make me get to the big leagues. Guys like Jimmy Thome and quite a few other great players. But at the same time, a lot of our success here … a lot of ’em are standing over in that dugout. Exactly how much or what I brought to the table, I don’t know you gotta go over and ask them. They’re the ones thats been carrying me all these years.

I owe everything that I possibly got here in Philadelphia to someone. I cannot stand here and receive an accolade that other people had part in. My coaches played a big part in it. We had great coaches. The players of course, the staff in the clubhouse and everything, the trainers, the doctors, everything about it.”

Charlie just really can’t thank enough people. This next part is what it’s all about though:

“And tonight is a special night for me, and also, we’re gettin’ down to the last part, is the fans. The fans are absolutely great. Even today when I go somewhere, and I mean this, I don’t know how to act in some ways. Because I can be anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania and people come up and hug me. Men, girls, boys, you name it. They’ll come and hug me and squeeze me and I don’t know how to react to that. Believe me. I look at ’em sometimes and I’ll be like ‘Why in the world would they be doing that?’ But believe me that happens.”

We don’t doubt you for a second, Charlie, and also when you come to our party to get our award we would also like to hug you.

“But the biggest thing about it: To the fans, you stand behind us, you were our energy all those years. You created an environment where you would not let us lay down or go to sleep or even quit. I give it all to you. And today when I talk to ya — I love talkin’ to ya I sign all the autographs I possibly can and I look forward to meeting you, and I talk to you all the time — you’ve been the greatest. I love everything about ya.

I’m gonna shut up, ’cause I wanna see the game, okay? But I love ya. I just got one thing to say, listen: This is for Philadelphia.”

No, it’s for you, Charlie.

Phillies Now Trying to Lure You to the Ballpark With the Promise of Das Boot

Jim Adair - July 18, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 2.28.02 PM

The Phillies know things are bad right now, and you might need a drink or five to get through watching a game at home. And with that in mind, they’re going to just dive right in to being enablers by handing out 1,000 Das Boots to fans at German Heritage night. Because if you’ve gotta watch the Phils, they’d rather you weren’t sober.

Or, there’s always alumni weekend where you can get a super cheesy Charlie Manuel commemorative print on the occasion of his induction on the Wall of Fame. Because nothing says the good old days like a glossy photoshop job in your hands and the same team on the field.