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Chase Utley Finally Has a Catch With Mac, Other Retirement Night Highlights

Bob Wankel - June 21, 2019

The Phillies honored Chase Utley tonight with a pregame ceremony, and as far pregame ceremonies go, it was, well, a real home run.

Some quick notes:

  • Mike Schmidt and Charlie Manuel drew the biggest applause from the sellout crowd, but Ruben Amaro Jr. and Ed Wade got some love, too. Not sure the crowd was ready for former Phillies catching and bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer or backup catcher Brian Schneider though.
  • The crowd went insane when a clip of Utley’s famous 2008 “World F***ing Champions” speech appeared on the video board.
  • The reception for Utley as he took the field was outstanding.

  • He first acknowledged the importance of David Montgomery, who passed away earlier this year.
  • He had some kind words for Charlie Manuel. “Thank you for being you,” he said of Manuel.
  • He also thanked Phillies fans for being crazy, loyal, straight-forward, and picking him up when he was down.
  • He took the field to Kashmir as the Phillies made their way out to their positions prior to the first inning and left it to one final ovation. Cool moment.

But the definitive highlight of the night came when Utley FINALLY had a catch with Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. An awesome moment that you can see, along with the entire ceremony, after the jump.

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Chase Utley Met With Reporters Ahead of Retirement Festivities

Bob Wankel - June 21, 2019

Chase Utley, looking dashing as ever, met with reporters ahead of his retirement ceremony tonight at Citizens Bank Park. Utley tackled a variety of topics such as reflecting on his fondest memories as a Phillie, life as a father, and his television gig out west covering the Dodgers.

I personally snapped that picture sitting up there as the featured  photo, which was an artistic feat given that I had to navigate the tall person of NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark, who was sitting directly in front of me. Guy seriously is big, gotta say.

Most of the session produced the standard stuff we’ve all heard before, but Clark did get Utley to speak about the impact of the love he still receives from Phillies fans. It was a good question, one that produced a thoughtful answer that you can check out, along with the full press conference, after the jump.

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Chase Utley Confirms That He Hates The Mets

Bob Wankel - June 12, 2019

We’ve long known that Mets fans really do not like Chase Utley. You may remember last month when a woman called WFAN’s Boomer and Gio Show just to tell Chase off. It’s pretty obvious that Mets players feel the same way. Certainly, you remember that time when Noah Syndergaard threw behind Utley like a tough guy and then Terry Collins came out and threw a temper tantrum:

I guess they are all still hung up on the whole Ruben Tejada take-out slide thing, or maybe it’s that he tormented the Mets with 39 career homers and seemed to be in the middle of everything as his teams ruined their season year after year. I guess that could be it, too.

Anyway, Utley is doing some television now with the Dodgers and had a little Q&A going last night. He was asked, “Do you really hate the New York Mets?”

His answer, which you can see after the jump, probably won’t surprise you.

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Chase Utley Took Angry Calls From Mets Fans on WFAN This Morning

Bob Wankel - May 1, 2019

Chase Utley, The Man, went on WFAN’s Boomer and Gio show this morning. Things went as you would probably expect, with bitter and misguided Mets fans calling in to voice their distaste for Utley.  

I must say, great idea here. Radio gold.

The highlight of his appearance came during a call by Cali from Connecticut. Cali enjoys Utley’s work with dogs but doesn’t seem to enjoy his past work with Ruben Tejada’s leg during the 2015 NLDS.

Most people would probably get all worked up over such vitriol. Not Chase. Calm, cool, and collected. Check out this coffee sip at the 49-second mark and what I’d call just an overall study in nonchalance, after the jump.
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Reports: Chase Utley Will Retire At the END of the Year

Kevin Kinkead - July 13, 2018

Okay, sounds like he’s gonna retire, but not immediately.

Per a couple of guys:

It might be on-brand, but Chase has to know that he’s going to be asked about retirement for the rest of the season now. It’s a half-retirement tour, not exactly Kobe Bryant, but a few months of it. The only difference is that Utley isn’t totally killing his team by chucking up 40 shots a game.

Anyway, the Dodgers come to Philly for a three game series on July 23rd. Might as well just retire the jersey and put him on the Wall of Fame and let him retire as a Phil, because he was the best player during the franchise’s best period in history (my opinion).

Time’s yours.

Is Chase Utley Retiring?

Kevin Kinkead - July 13, 2018

I have no idea, but this just popped up on Twitter:

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Here’s Every Chase Utley Video You Need to Work Yourself Into Hot Sobbing Mess Tonight

Jim Adair - August 16, 2016

When Chase Utley returns to Citizens Bank Park tonight, it’ll be an emotional time for not only Utley but also all the fans in attendance and those watching at home. Tears will flow, beers will be drank to deal with the emotions, and the standing O will be long. [Editor’s note: I predict only Rod Brind’Amour-long due to baseball pacing and Chase being an unimaginative recluse.] To prepare ourselves for the onslaught of feelings heading our way, let’s take a look back at some of Chase’s best moments: Continue Reading

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Chase Utley’s Six Hits Last Night Help Explain Why Baseball Is Becoming a Second-Tier Sport

Kyle Scott - July 7, 2016

Chase Utley had six hits yesterday in a 14-inning loss to the Orioles. He was 6-for-7 with two doubles. He, unbelievably, became the third player this week to get six hits in one game (Wilmer Flores on Sunday and C.J. Cron on Saturday). But with those three included, it’s only happened 23 times since 2000 and 51 times since 1970. Utley became the first Dodger since 2002 and only third player in team history to get six hits in a game (by comparison, the Phillies have one… in 1953).

He became the third-oldest player in MLB history to do it, bested by only Cal Ripken in 1999 and Ty Cobb in 1925. But perhaps the most impressive part of Utley’s game was that his whole team wasn’t ripping the pitching apart. He’s the first player since 2013 to have six hits in a game where his team scored six or fewer runs, and only the second since 2003 (when Nomar Garciaparra did it in a 6-5 loss against the Phils).

It is inexplicable that he was the third player to do it in less than a week, and it’s almost as inexplicable that Utley, at age 37, whose career was written off just one year ago – literally one year ago today, Ryan Lawrence – is still performing the way he is, in this case with an impressive six-hit performance. And yet, it’s almost as if Major League Baseball doesn’t want you to see it.

A quick YouTube search for “Chase Utley” over the last 24 hours yields NO results. None. Six hits by a player in a big market, and there’s not one video of it on YouTube. In the NBA, there are a slew of fan-edited videos when a stretch-five approaches a double-double with a few blocks on a Tuesday night in Milwaukee. Chase Utley records six hits in LA and it’s crickets chirping in 1s and 0s.

On MLB’s site, where they’ve always placed a high priority on their proprietary video, there is video of Utley’s six-hit performance, but it’s not embeddable on other sites. You have to click this link and then probably watch an ad to view it.

MLB has a problem. They are clueless as to how to promote their stars, or even individuality. On Monday, Bryce Harper wasn’t allowed to use his patriotic bat, or wear his Stars-and-Stripes cleats. Compare this to the NBA, where even mid-level stars have shoe deals, wear (league-sanctioned) sweatbands, accessories, and other assorted flair. They have personality. The NFL can tamp this down – and they do – because they’re assholes the sport is so damn popular. But MLB has a problem– it needs to embrace individual achievement, and cater to accomplishments that lend themselves to social sharing. A quick six-hit montage is almost a no-brainer in this regard.

Perhaps due to years of draconian rules with regard to posting videos on YouTube, they’ve driven away anyone who might want to create and share highlights. They’ve sacrificed their long-term prospects for petty short-term clicks (revenue?) and some vague concept of the sanctity of the sport, which is the very thing driving people away from it.

Of course, people are still flocking to this beautiful t-shirt. Get one.