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Explaining My Cheesesteak Pick

Kyle Scott - January 4, 2018

I expected this.

A little over a month ago when Philly Mag reached out to me to get my nomination for “best cheesesteak,” somewhat democratizing the vote for this fiercely debated Best of Philly category so readers could pick from one of five options offered up by “influential” locals, of which I am apparently one, I immediately feared the potential backlash.

Do you need some sort of copy with the pick or just the pick?, I responded, well aware that this, sans context and explanation, would stir the shit:

The Twitter responses have run the gamut from “I’m glad you’re speaking out” to “such a douche.”

Here’s the thing: Many locals turn their bulbous noses up at Pat’s and Geno’s, and perhaps now even Tony Luke’s, because they’re the popular tourist spots shown on TV ostensibly bastardizing whatever hyper-local version of the cheesesteak assholes deem is correct. But the sandwiches served up by these establishments are the canonical version of whatever it means to be a “Philly cheesesteak,” and they’re damn good. In my opinion, Pat’s is the best of the bunch.

Unlike, say, a roast pork sandwich, of which there are relatively few quality versions (with DiNic’s being the correct answer), basically any cheesesteak you can get in Philly is delicious. It’s really hard to screw one up so long as you use sliced rib-eye (or a finely-chopped lesser cut), fresh rolls and cheese, and don’t line stale bread with a full fucking strip of actual steak like they do in other cities when they try to replicate our genius. As such, there’s really no right answer to this question– just strong opinions. Most people don’t live within walking distance of the famous South Philly joints, and at the very least require a cab or Uber ride to get to them since parking is a complete shitshow. Therefore, basically anyone living in the greater Philly area, especially in the surrounding 10-mile radius of the city center, has a local shop that sticks the landing on their preferred version of the sandwich, thus inducing snobbery about said favorite hole-in-the wall, little-engine-that-could being better than Big Bad Pat’s.

I grew up in Springfield, and the Dairy Cottage did a fine job on a finely-chopped version with American. Would I choose it over Pat’s? No, but I’m sure some locals would. I prefer the thick, fatty cut of rib-eye slathered in Whiz on a fresh roll with the little nub chopped off and my fingers fucking frozen to the bone while sitting on a red bench as out-of-towners attempt to parallel park around me.

And that’s how we arrive at this pick. I am damn certain that any one of the other four nominations, and the countless ones that will inevitably follow in the comments and on Twitter the minute I post this, are all delicious. But if you were to ask me right now which Philly cheesesteak I could have brought to my desk, hot and fresh, in the next five minutes, I’d choose Pat’s. It’s a preference thing. Save your faux snobbery for more important fare.

Anyway, you can vote among these five choices now through January 28. The winner will be declared the Best of Philly. I don’t need to tell you want to do. Vote here.

Mark Sanchez will Eat Your Cheese Fries but he Doesn’t Want Your Germs

Jim Adair - November 11, 2014


From the reader Paul and Cheesesteak Philly, who happily wore the Culture Wins Football shirt to Geno’s last night and saw Mark Sanchez:

“I gave him fries as soon as he pulled up to Geno’s. He asked me if I used the fork and I said no he asked are you sure? I said yeah I promise.”

Mark Sanchez is happy to play for your Eagles and win on Monday Night Football and join you for cheesesteaks. He’ll even eat your cheese fries. But hell no he does not want your germs. Get the hell out of here with those. He’ll give you his germs though, as he eats some cheese fries off the fork and then buries it even deeper back from whence it came.

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The Fat Mets Ate 103 Cheesesteaks in One Day at Citizens Bank Park

Kyle Scott - June 3, 2014

Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Vorkunov of details a dubious record set by the Mets during their last trip to Philadelphia (before this weekend), on April 30, when their game against the Phils was rained out. They ate 103 cheesesteaks that day:

This April, on the last day, as they sat marooned in that clubhouse, awaiting rain to pass to see if they could play that night, and then waiting to leave after the game was rained out, the Mets decided to set their aim for the team record for most cheesesteaks eaten in a day.

Cheesesteaks are Philadelphia’s delicacy — a greasy stuffing of beef and lining of cheese inside a sub. Visiting teams are welcome to eat as many as they want or can, with the meal made for them at the ballpark, and a scoreboard tracks their feats. There are individual and team records for a single day or series.

On April 30, over some ten hours, the Mets ate 103, they say, setting the new single-day team record. Though baseball may be a sequence of individualized events, this was the work of a collective. It was planned two cheesesteaks per person, or more for those that were willing to help out where other teammates could not eat their share.

Wait, wait, wait. There’s an ongoing competition in the visiting clubhouse to see which team can eat the most greasy, fatty, artery-clogging sandwiches… and the Phillies are still seven games under .500 at home? HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?! How… is this even a thing? I mean, I love the attempt by CBP staffers to try to KILL opposing teams, but how have I never heard about this? What, WHAT IS THIS?

Anyway, 103 cheesesteaks spread across 25 players plus coaches, trainers and others in the traveling party is impressive, but it’s only 2-3 per person. It isn’t that many. Still, it’s gross.

Not surprisingly, it’s reckless Mets bullpen catcher Eric Langill – who was arrested for DUI in 2012 after he crashed his car into a fountain – who holds the individual record:

Though impressive, perhaps it should not have been surprising. When it comes to eating cheesesteaks, the Mets are the 1961 Yankees, and their bullpen catchers, Dave Racaniello and Eric Langill, are the Mantle and Maris.

Last season, from April 8-10, Langill set the three-game series record by eating 17 cheesesteaks. He broke Racaniello’s record of 14 — which had stood for years.

The cheesesteak eating competition is not without rules and calls for prior planning. To viably set a record, cheesesteaks can only be eaten after getting to the ballpark until batting practice, from the end of batting practice until the game begins, and for an hour window after the game has concluded. There are moratoriums during batting practice and the game, likely, so that players and coaches can proceed with their day jobs.

And so that Bartolo Colon doesn’t cause a red meat shortage in the Western Hemisphere.

via Philebrity

ENOUGH with the Cheesesteak Shots!

Kyle Scott - May 9, 2011


I’m sorry, I can’t take it anymore.

I understand how national broadcasts work. A bunch of – mostly – outsiders come into the city for a few days to produce a television show. Their audience includes you and me, 30-something’s from LA, rednecks from Roy Oswalt’s street, zealots from Utah, Tyler Perry’s disciples, and, most likely, George W. Bush. It’s a wide swath of humanity.

Considering those folks listed above, producers must appeal to the lowest common denominator, and with that comes the rehashing of many things we already know: Philadelphia has a liberty bell, the sports stadiums are all right next to each other, and we boo. We know this, but it’s not ingrained in the minds of people like Nathan Williams, who’s sitting in his living room in Madison, Wisconsin, having a casual conversation with his wife in an accent that angers us. So, because of folks like N-Will, we put up with these simple tales.

I’m one of the few people in the city who actually likes Joe Buck. – ducks – Most comments I see from you accuse Joe of being a corny Philly hater. He may be corny – I’d call it ironic – but he doesn’t hate Philly. He just has to play both sides. We’ve been lucky enough to have him call many of our games over the last few years (that means we’re good). And because of that, we’ve heard a lot about how good our opponents are, too. However, if you watch a game through the lens of a fan from a visiting city, you’d most likely come away feeling the same way about Buck, who I’m pretty sure has given Chase Utley the on-air equivalent of a hand job many times since this run began in 2007.

The point is, I generally enjoy a national broadcast and don’t hate them simply because they have to uncomfortably straddle both sides of the fence. I also understand that, especially during baseball games, there’s a lot of time to fill. But for the love of John Kruk’s left nut, would ESPN and others please please please stop showing gratuitous shots of heart-attack porn?

We get it. Philadelphia is famous for the cheesesteak. That doesn’t mean we need to see them being made three times a game. Three. Three times during last night’s broadcast, ESPN showed the country multiple shots of cheesesteaks being prepared, cheesesteaks being eaten, John Kruk carrying cheesesteaks, etc. It’s like we play in the real world equivalent of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Every other inning there’s a shot of some fat slob serving a cheesesteak to some fatter slob. I half expect to see Augustus Gloop slurping a river of Cheese Whiz during our next national TV appearance. 

There’s other things in this city. Perhaps not a lot, but surely more than cheesesteaks. If they want to go the sandwich route, they should look no further than Dinic’s or Tony Lukes for a another Philly original, the roast pork sandwich. Or how about the Comcast Center? That’s pretty fucking cool. Or the Moshulu? Let’s make the Moshulu famous, it deserves it after the awkward PR the Flyers gave it by throwing faux tea off it’s bow. Hell, I’d take a wide shot of the room where Mark Wahlberg’s child was conceived. Just please stop with the cheesesteak shots… Unless it's footage of Erin Andrews feeding a wiz wit to Hannah Storm. Then it's OK.

With love,



The Minnesota Timberwolves Left Philadelphia with a Loss Last Week… and Food Poisoning?

Ryan Gillon - March 11, 2011


Wes Johnson: Probably still feeling as bad as those pants look…

It's not uncommon for visiting sports teams to get a taste of the ever-so-popular Philly cheesesteak. So, when some of the Minnesota Timberwolves traveled to the epicenter of the cheeseteak universe at 9th and Passyunk for a taste of Pat's and/or Geno's steaks, it normally wouldn't raise an eyebrow…

… unless one or more of them gets sick.

After some good investigative work by Where's Weems, it looks like a few of the T-wolves had some steaks before their game last Friday night against the Sixers.  The end result kept their rookie Wes Johnson out of the lineup with food poisoning. Eek.

Weems also mentions that "Sebastian Telfair, Anthony Randolph and Lazar Hayward have also struggled to stay on the court" since the team's visit to Philly. Anthony Tolliver even took to Twitter to share the pros and cons of his decision to eat Philly's most famous cuisine.


You gotta take the good with the bad, Anthony… it's a necessary evil. The good news is that Tolliver, who I drafted in my NBA 2K11 season, will be available off the bench when I pick up my PS3 controller later today.

Kevin Love was just fine that night, by the way. He put up 21 and 23 against the Sixers in a losing effort. I'm pretty sure he would put up a double-double with food poisoning, too.

H/T Where's Weems