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Packers Fan Nose Sliced in Chicago

Kyle Scott - January 24, 2011


I am beginning to dislike Chicagoans more and more with each passing day.

Vandalizing a car doesn't seem so bad now, does it?

A Bears fan took to Craigslist to apologize to Packers fans for the behavior they had to put up with at yesterday's game:

What happened at Soldier Field to the Packer fans was BS. To have a nose sliced or be pushed down stairs just because someone wore Packer colors is awful. I'm a Chicagoan and I'm ashamed at the way my "fellow" Chicagoans acted. I was born in Chicago and wasn't brought up that way. I'm deeply sorry and apologise to the fans of the better team Sunday.

CBS in Chicago confirmed the reports, and this Packers blog took an unnecessary shot at Philly, calling Bears fans "Philly-esque."

Chicagoans suck.

A Little Chicago Hate For You

Kyle Scott - January 24, 2011


Chicagoans are so obsessed with Chris Pronger. Instead of being happy that their team won the Stanley Cup, they can't seem to get over the fact that Prongs kept stealing their game winning pucks. There is a $50,000 reward for the one that slipped between the legs of Michael Leighton to the win the Cup. But Prongs doesn't have it. He first said it would show up on eBay, then… [Chicago Tribune] [PSD]

I have it, yeah. It’s tucked away somewhere; it’s gonna go to charity. Oh, you mean Game 6? Oh I don’t know where that puck is; I was on the bench. I thought you were talking about Game 2. I don’t know where that puck is. Game 6 I was on the bench; I was a little disappointed at that that point to skate all the way down there and take the puck. That might be a little much. If I’m on the ice and it’s right in front of me, that’s a fun story. I don’t know. I think one of them maybe would’ve grabbed it. I don’t know, maybe the ref has it. I don’t know. Somebody should look at the video; there’s 18 cameras out there, one of them should be able to find it.


Welcome back, Chris.

There's that, and then there's this: Chicago fans booing their own Lee DeWyze. DeWyze is the reigning American Idol and a Chicago native. He was bumped from singing the National Anthem in favor of that loud guy who sings while the crowd disrespectfully cheers throughout the entire song, just like they did in the Stanley Cup Finals.

In any case, DeWyze is probably lucky he wasn't shot while he sung "Sweet Serendipity" with the Bears trailing 14-0 at the half. 

We're not the only ones that boo- it's a product of the current climate, if you will.

Crowd feed:

And finally, speaking of piss-poor Chicago fans, here's an email from reader Nick Biscardi.

Biscardi lives in Chicago and struggled to find any of those so-called "hockey fans" that seemed to be so prevalent during the Stanley Cup finals. His problem was similar to mine, as I tried to watch the Flyers game at the Field House in Center City, only to see them switch most of the TVs and the audio to the FOX pregame show. Yep, Howie, Terry, and JB's look-a-like replacement pumping over the loud speakers of a "Philly sports bar," instead of the hometown Flyers who were playing a rematch of the Stanley Cup finals on national TV. Unreal.

Nick's email:

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Eagles Flash Cartoon Pisses Off Chicagoans

Kyle Scott - November 26, 2010


That, or they had nothing else to write about today…

The Eagles nailed it once again with their splash cartoon.  This week, they poked fun at the Chicago-based Blues Brothers.

Maggie Hendricks of calls it "blasphemy": [via]

They use our beloved movie, "Blues Brothers," as inspiration for a short cartoon that depicts the Eagles offensive stars getting tons of touchdowns, then shows our beloved quarterback Jay Cutler as a turkey.

Really, Philly? That's the route you want to go? We, of course, are far too classy to ever toy with their movie about that boxer, but class is not something Philadelphians are known for.

Yep, that's a link to a Santa booing story from 2005 about the incident that happened in 1968. Way to be creative, Maggie.  But you're right, the Eagles are just so classless with their cartoons about touchdowns… and turkeys.  

Touchdowns.  Turkeys.  

The horror.

Of course, Chicagoans would never be classless when talking about an upcoming opponent.


Oh wait.

And then there was that time Shane Victorino had a beer dumped on his head at Wrigley Field, but we're not going to start this pissing match.  Or are we…

Cartoon after the jump.  Auto-play alert!

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Stanley Cup at the Gay Pride Parade

Kyle Scott - June 27, 2010


Brent Sopel tasted the rainbow today.  

Wonder how he feels about his weekend.  First, he was traded by the Blackhawks to Atlanta, then he was chosen to take the cup to the gay pride parade.

What, no Patrick Kane?


Behind Enemy Lines

Kyle - June 12, 2010


You think Adam West of Batman fame or Ernie Hudson of Ghostbusters fame would easily claim the spotlight at this years Wizard World Comic Con. 

You'd think wrong. 

This man, from Chicehgo, was sporting a Blackhawks jersey at the event in Philadelphia two days after they won the Stanley Cup in a 4-2 series win over the Flyers.  Not just as a spectator, but a vendor!

"Some of my friends said that I shouldn't be seen in public with this jersey on, that I'd get mugged or something", he told me.  "No one's really given me a hard time".

That's not entirely true.

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Chicago Counting Chickens Pre-Hatch

Kyle Scott - June 9, 2010


They are trying realllllly heard to jinx their Blackhawks.  First horticultural declarations, now this?

Everyone plans a parade (I'm sure Philly is too), but man these folks at WGN in Chicago are speaking in absolutes.

Credit to Broad Street Hockey for finding this from WGN.  Wait, wait, is that destiny in the air?  No.  Just rain.

For Blackhawks fans, it's not if, it's when.
Destiny is in the air and the team is possibly a game away from causing
its legion of fans to explode in celebration.

The city is
anticipating a win and has planned a ticker tape parade Friday or
Monday depending on when the Hawks clinch. Notice there's no wiggle
room here, Hawk fans expect the team to bring home the Stanley Cup,
something they haven't done since 1961.

If the Hawks win in
Game 6 tonight, expect a Friday celebration. Should the Hawks lose
tonight and win Friday, the city will have its celebration Monday.

Details about time and place haven't been disclosed, but if the White
Sox winning the World Series is any indication, the Loop will be wall to
wall people, so get there early. As in, if you want to see the actual
Stanley Cup champions in person, dawn might be a good time to stake out
a spot.

Chicagoan’s Lame Attempt to Trick Philadelphians

Kyle Scott - June 9, 2010

So, when you have nothing else to report about thanks to a three day layoff between Stanley Cup Finals' games, why not trick some innocent Philadelphians with a lame segment?

Commit to the Cup?  Please.  If you see this guy, you have my permission to Commit to Punching Him.


Chicagoans Are So Lame

Kyle Scott - June 8, 2010


Thanks to The Philly Phans for passing this along.

Today, the Chicago Tribune ran this poster.  And they wonder why newspapers are in trouble.

Your team is a win a way from its first Stanley Cup in 49 years, and the best you can do is make fun of an opposing team's player (because he's really good)?  So lame.

Sorry about the image quality, it's the best we could find.  They couldn't even post a full-size version to help it go viral… weak.