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Was Rams/Chiefs Ultra-Entertaining Football or Big 12 Bullshit? Was it Both?

Kevin Kinkead - November 20, 2018

Are you not entertained?

I think that was the line from Gladiator, after Russell Crow whipped someone’s ass in the Coliseum.

Last night’s Chiefs/Rams game resulted in 1,001 yards of offense, 56 first downs, 144 plays, 95 passing attempts, and 11 offensive touchdowns. Kansas City turned the ball over five times and committed 13 penalties for 135 yards but still scored 51 points.

It was probably the highest-level offensive football game I’ve ever watched. Both coaches were just rolling last night. Some of the play calls and quarterback throws and receiver routes took us to the pigskin pinnacle. Maybe we did reach the top. It’s innovative and fascinating stuff.

I’m not surprised, though. Are you? This is the way the NFL has been trending for some time now. It’s less about defense and running the football. It’s about a high-powered passing offense predicated on high-level quarterback play and boosted by rule changes that make it harder and harder to be an effective defender in 2018. Long gone are the days of grind-it-out slugfests and 12-9 field goal kicking contests.

Most people will say that’s a good thing, and I don’t think I disagree, at least not on the surface. Offensive football is entertaining. Point-scoring is entertaining. That interfaces extremely well with the modern world of fantasy football and legalized sports betting, which ultimately puts more eyeballs on the product and grows the NFL beyond the typical football fan.

But I don’t think I agree, either. I’m somewhere in the middle, probably because I watch horrendous Big 12 football every week, with comically bad defensive teams allowing 600+ yards and 40+ points per game. I watch defensive coordinators drop eight into coverage and rush three undersized JUCO transfers who gas themselves out trying to beat five linemen to reach a five-star quarterback. Guys like Taylor Cornelius and Kyler Murray just cruise down the field as if there isn’t even a defense in front of them. It’s utterly predictable and unbalanced.

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Tackle the Quarterback, or Risk a Penalty?

Kevin Kinkead - October 15, 2018

You knew this was going to happen again.

Last night, a Kansas City Chiefs player pulled out of a tackle in fear of being flagged for roughing the passer, not dissimilar from the way Dolphins’ defensive end William Hayes injured himself a few weeks ago. 

It was 3rd and goal from the Chiefs’ four yard line and Tom Brady was moving down the field looking to put the Patriots ahead.

Pursuing the quarterback from behind, linebacker Breeland Speaks appeared to wrap Brady and then let go of him, allowing a rushing touchdown on the play:

Speaks spoke after the game, explaining that he let up because he felt like he was going to be whistled for a late hit.

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What They’re Saying About The Eagles

Tyler Trumbauer - September 20, 2017

The season’s first loss is a pill that’s never easy to swallow, and the week leading up to the next game always feels just a little bit longer.

This was a winnable game for the Eagles, marred by mistakes, injuries, and questionable coaching decisions. Let’s see what they’re saying about the Birds’ week two setback to the Chiefs.’s Paul Domowitch graded every area of the Eagles on Tuesday and gave the birds a C overall:

Yeah, it was a tough road game that everyone had put an “L’’ next to before the season. With the exception of the long TD run they gave up to Kareem Hunt, the defense played pretty well. But the offense has a number of issues, including a non-existent run game and a continued propensity for third-and-longs.

Speaking of grades, Pro Football Focus broke down the game and doled out their own marks, with Rasul Douglas receiving the highest rating of any Eagle. Carson Wentz received a 50.5 and these remarks:

Carson Wentz struggled mightily against the Chiefs defense, the only real success the Eagles offense passing game had was the last drive where the Chiefs played soft coverage and a lucky 53-yard pass which bounced off a Chiefs defender’s arm into Zach Ertz’s arms. When Wentz was pressured (10 passes) he only completed 2 passes for 10 yards.

ESPN Eagles writer Tim McManus analyzed the shunning of LeGarrette Blount and why it’s a bad thing:

The early returns have not been good, but where can they turn if they turn away from Blount? Sproles is 34 and cannot be used as a workhorse at this stage of his career, Smallwood has not shown himself to be a reliable option to this point and undrafted rookie Corey Clement is no sure bet. Start cutting Blount out, and you run the risk of alienating a veteran presence in the room without a sound Plan B.

The Eagles are in this bind largely because of the front office’s inability to hit on running backs in recent years. The disastrous decision to trade away LeSean McCoy falls on former coach Chip Kelly, as well as owner Jeffrey Lurie for allowing him to do it, but executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman has had a couple of offseasons to try and build the position back up.

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The Eagles Running Game Problem is Actually Three Problems

Kevin Kinkead - September 19, 2017

Two weeks doesn’t provide much of a sample size for NFL statistics, especially when you’ve started the season with two road games against two pretty good teams, but let’s jump into it anyway, because we’re 12.5% of the way through a schedule that only features 16 games to begin with.

Secret’s out! The Eagles running game isn’t that great.

How much of that is due to…

  1. …a lack of RB talent?
  2. …offensive line struggles?
  3. …and play calling imbalance?

Have we seen enough to identify the biggest issue?

The first problem isn’t helped by the second problem, which isn’t helped by the third problem, giving us the NFL equivalent of that mythological tail-eating snake, which Google tells me is called an “Ouroboros.”

If you pass the ball 50 times, you can’t find rhythm or balance. And if you can’t find rhythm or balance, you can’t successfully run block. And if you can’t successfully run block, then the running backs have nowhere to go.

It’s like a shitty football version of Reaganomics, where things are trickling in the wrong direction.

For context, here’s where the Birds currently stand in league-wide rushing statistics: Continue Reading

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Notes and Quotes from Doug Pederson’s Monday Presser, with Context

Kevin Kinkead - September 18, 2017

It’s a pair of hamstring injuries for Rodney McLeod and Jaylen Watkins.

Head coach Doug Pederson described both players as “day-to-day” at his Monday press conference. The Eagles are waiting for test results and hope to have a full report by Wednesday.

Pederson’s presser was a bit longer this week and he took a number of questions mostly focused on playcalling and the Birds’ running game. Continue Reading

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Three and Out: Play Calling, Screen Adjustments, and What-Ifs

Sean Cottrell - September 18, 2017

Each Monday during football season, I will be breaking down three key facets of the previous day’s Eagles game in my “Three & Out” series. I may look at specific plays and discuss player performances or big moments in the game, but my overall goal is to bring to your attention some really specific, but important, pieces of the game. I hope you enjoy it.

Now that we’ve had some time to digest it, I suppose the loss could’ve been worse. The Eagles weren’t given much of a chance heading into Kansas City, but they really gave the Chiefs a tough game and even looked like the better team at times.

That said, there’s nothing that sucks worse than losing a winnable game.

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Don’t Blame The Defense! 10 Takeaways From Chiefs 27, Eagles 20

Kevin Kinkead - September 18, 2017

For awhile there, it looked like an Andy Reid shovel pass would be the final nail in the coffin.

Instead, an unlikely fourth quarter comeback resulted in Mary, Mother of God, turning a blind eye to your Philadelphia Eagles when they needed her the most.

Sure, it might have been a different result if Vinny Curry had finished that fourth quarter sack, but we can’t put the 27-20 loss on a defense that ultimately played well enough to win the game. Context is king, and Curry’s whiff came on a short-field Kansas City drive only created by a Carson Wentz interception.

Jim Schwartz’s defense earlier bailed out the other two units, holding the Chiefs to three points after a crucial Darren Spoles fumble. The pair of turnovers resulted in a 10-point swing, with Jake Elliot’s 30-yard field goal miss completing a trifecta of Eagle mistakes.

That, combined with spotty offensive line play and the lack of an effective running game, was probably the difference in this one. Continue Reading

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Jeremy Maclin says He Wanted to be the Best Receiver in Eagles History, but the Chiefs Just Wanted Him More

Jim Adair - September 10, 2015

Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Of all of the players who were Eagles last year but aren’t this year, Jeremy Maclin is probably the quietest. Many have spoken out about being former Eagles and Chip Kelly, while Maclin has remained mum on the topic. But in yesterday’s Kansas City Star, Maclin spoke of his former team and former coach with a little less vitriol than others have mustered. Instead of being mad about something, Maclin mostly seems a little bummed:

“It was tough, man; I had established a lot of relationships there and had become very comfortable up there. I kind of wanted to be remembered as being the greatest receiver ever to play there.”

But his guardian, Jeff Parres, isn’t as kind. “The bottom line is I think they tried to take advantage of his good nature,” Parres told the Star. “They knew he wanted to stay and there was really no reason they didn’t want him to stay, and they tried to take advantage of him.” Parres specifically has an issue with the post-deal perception that Maclin left for more money in Kansas City. According to the Star, in the midst of negotiations, “the Eagles called and countered by shifting money from year three of their offer to year two — which contrary to Kelly and published reports made it close enough to the same deal Maclin was offered with the Chiefs that Maclin was ready to stay.” But Andy Reid called him directly and convinced Maclin that he was more wanted with Big Red.

I can just imagine Stephen A. now: “I do not KNOW Chip Kelly. I have said this many times, Skip. And I do not WANT to know him. But how can you not GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to bring Jeremy Maclin back [incredibly long pause] but RILEY COOPER is still on your team. EXPLAIN THAT to ME SKIP. I’m not saying he’s racist, I’m JUST saying.”