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Report: Chris Maragos Agrees to ‘Reworked’ Contract

Kevin Kinkead - August 28, 2018

From ESPN NFL insider Field Yates:

Maragos is 31 years old. He was due $2,000,000 in 2019 and would have been an unrestricted free agent after next season, according to Spotrac. That was originally the final year of a three year, six million dollar deal.

Really what this means is that the Eagles told Maragos, “we won’t cut you this season but you’re going to lop off the final year of your contract in exchange.

We arrived at this point because of the season-ending knee injury the co-captain suffered last year, otherwise keeping the ace special teamer on the roster through 2019 would have been a no-brainer. Plus, the Eagles will be up against the cap next year and need all of the relief they can get.

Maragos is currently on the PUP list and will miss up to six weeks of action if he is not cleared to play by the start of the regular season.


3 Eagles in Pro Bowl + 3 Alternates

Mark Saltveit - December 23, 2015

Three Philadelphia Eagles were named to the Pro Bowl Tuesday: DE Fletcher Cox (finally!), Darren Sproles (as a punt returner), and in a surprise, LT Jason Peters.

Naming Peters is kind of a habit at this point. He has been selected every year since 2008, except for 2012 when he didn’t play at all due to a ruptured achilles tendon. 2015 has not been his strongest year, but he earned the admiration of his fellow players by holding together a very shaky offensive line through force of will, despite his age (34 in a month) and a series of painful injuries.

The number of Pro Bowlers on the Eagles (three) matches the total on Green Bay and Pittsburgh. Undefeated Carolina leads the league with 10, while the other elite teams — New England, Seattle and Arizona — have seven each.

Three Eagles were named as alternates, according to Bleacher Report: center Jason Kelce, safety Malcolm Jenkins, and special teamer Chris Maragos. The team has not confirmed this as of late Tuesday night. Punter Donnie Jones and OLB Connor Barwin were flat out snubbed.

Jeff Skversky of ABC-6 Sports tweeted an interesting list of Eagles Chip Kelly has cut.

Skversky quote on ex-Eagle pro bowlers

The thing is, Shady is the only one on that list selected this year, which kind of undercuts Skversky’s point. (And he was a somewhat controversial pick himself, as the league’s 9th best running back by yardage.) In general, the players Chip got rid of made sense; Todd Herremans, Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher are all out of the league. It’s the players he chose to replace them that have been a problem.

Meanwhile, one of the most discussed snubs was former Eagle Kurt Coleman, who is having a miracle year with seven interceptions and a touchdown already in 2015. (He had a total of 10 interceptions in his first five NFL years, none of them in 2013 when he played for Chip.) Here’s an argument no one could have predicted a year ago:

Why Does Mark Sanchez Look Like an Old Man When He Works Out?

Jim Adair - December 12, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 2.24.47 PM

Alternate headline: Here’s a Pic of Ripped-Up Connor Barwin and Mark Sanchez for the Ladies and also the Dudes

From Special Teams specialist Chris Maragos comes this comparison shot of Barwin and Sanchez gettin’ mad and pumpin’ iron. That’s Kyle’s headline at the top, and I can’t exactly put my finger on why, but Sanchez really does look pretty old man-esque. Maybe it’s the no shirt/sweatpants combo? The short-neck struggle look? The super-thin gold chain? It’s probably a combination of all three of those. Kyle’s got some thoughts.

Kyle: For real, why does Sanchez look like the wrinkly-balled old guy at the gym who grunts in a way that makes you unsure whether he’s working his tris or having a horrific flashback from ‘Nam? This concerns me greatly. I think you hit the nail on the head with short-neck struggle look, though. You put into words what I could only feel. Speaking of feeling: I would love to feel safe in Connor Barwin’s arms. Hold me, Connor. Hold me.

h/t Hall of Fame CB reader @Banditmax