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This Guy Wants to Play the Role of “Big Shot” for the Sixers

Kyle Scott - February 15, 2012

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Each week, it seems, Adam Aron and the Sixers reach for another element from the past. Whether it’s bringing back Here Come The Sixers (which is slowly winning me over), buying Dr. J’s memorabilia online, or purchasing and distributing the hardwood from Wilt Chamberlains’ 100-point game, the new ownership group continues to mold the past into the future. And with Sunday’s – perhaps foreshadowing – Tweet that the Sixers could bring back Big Shot, we’re closer to rejuvenating another part of the Sixers’ past.

Chris Morris wants the job.

This morning, just before I hopped on-the-air to hypothesize about what the Phillies could do with their own TV network, Moore – a comedian and actor – was on the WIP Morning Show to talk about his quest, which includes this Facebook page: Make Chris Morris “Big Shot” – the next Sixers mascot

So far the group (really, who creates group anymore?) has 1,376 members. We’d encourage you to join– not because it matters who will play the role, but because we want the fat blue guy back on the floor. 

As mentioned on Sunday, you can help in other ways– just Tweet the following to (@SixersCEOAdam): I SAY YES TO BIG SHOT #BBBS.

Democracy, people, Democracy.

Listen to Morris’ interview after the jump. Audio courtesy of WIP.

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Continue Reading Reminds Us That Chris Wheeler Has Been Ruining Phillies Games For 25 Years

Kyle Scott - January 31, 2012

Yesterday, posted a short tribute video to the late Andy Musser (he didn’t have quite the library of footage that Harry Kalas had…). In it, we’re treated to Musser’s call of Mike Schmidt’s 500th home run and, unfortunately, a much younger Chris Wheeler stomping all over another great Phillies moment.  

Musser’s call was fine, but Schmidt’s historic home run lacks weight when it’s not accompanied by Harry’s pipes. Or it could just be because Wheels felt it was necessary to remind us that great players do great things… and this was a great thing.

To cleanse yourself, we recommend watching this montage of Harry's greatest calls.

The Time Roy Halladay and Bassmaster Skeet Reese Rescued a Naked Man Who Had Been Attacked by an Anaconda

Kyle Scott - December 30, 2011


That there is the devil Chris Carpenter (Nike hat) and Roy Halladay (Quicksilver?) on their fishing trip with bassmaster Skeet Reese earlier this month.

‘Tis true. 

I’m no longer shocked by any Roy Halladay story. Beginning spring training in December… running in nine degree weather in shorts…  long-tossing at Citizens Bank Park while an ice rink is being built around him… and now this one. 

Last night, our friend Matt Rappa, who runs the Baseball Talk: Philadelphia Facebook page, dug up the above picture of Doc and Carpenter on their fishing trip with Reese. The picture itself is post-worthy, though it’s just photographic evidence of the friendship we already knew so much about.

Reese had posted the picture earlier in the month on his website,, where he blogged a bit about the experience… and his hunting excursion with Roy. That’s where this happened: 

We had plenty of wildlife encounters though. Along with the fishing, we decided to go hunting one night, and Carpenter and B.J. both shot a caiman; which is like an alligator. Me and Doc Halladay even came across a local, sitting bare naked on a tree by the river. What we were able to figure out is that he was fishing in the river for tropical fish to sell for aquariums when he got attacked by an anaconda.

The snake apparently bit him on the ass but he was able to free himself before the snake wrapped him up. Instead the snake wrapped around his motor on the back of his little 14 foot dugout canoe and tore it off the back of his boat. Doc and I helped him gather his gear and flip the boat back over and then towed him home. You could definitely see the bite mark on his ass, but he was able to fight it off; amazing.


Yeah, so Roy rescued a naked man who had been bitten by an anaconda in the Amazon. We’ll assume he just stared one of the world's largest snakes into submission.

Thankfully, Roy didn’t get bit, or otherwise injured. Carpenter did– he hurt his foot, and another member of the crew was stung by a sting ray. Serves Carp right for that whole Game 5 thing…

Morning Puck: Bad Day

Kyle Scott - December 16, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-12-16 at 9.23.22 AM
Lavs did his best to avoid lamenting Pronger's concussion

Well, here we are– sans captain.

When the Flyers traded Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, some of the concern surrounding the moves was over likely naming Chris Pronger – an aging, injury prone defenseman – captain. What if he got hurt? What if he only had a few years left in the tank? Those were both reasonable questions that came with disturbing answers. Now, one of those frightening consequences is coming to fruition, but for a reason that is as random as it is unfortunate.

Obviously, a concussion is not an injury based on age– so it’s not fair, nor accurate, to put blame on anyone. But, the reality is – based on many factors – that the Flyers had a lot of eggs in the Pronger basket. And as well as the team is playing right now, they are going to have to fill his void if they want to compete for the Stanley Cup. They're not built, as is, to win without him for a prolonged period.

Being Flyers captain has not been a desirous place to be. Four of the last six to hold the position have suffered a range of unfortunate fates: Keith Primeau (career ended due to concussions), Peter Forsberg (odd foot injury killed last few years of his career), Mike Richards (shot by Paul Holmgren), Pronger (???). And how ironic (unfortunate) is it that the week Eric Lindros returned to Philadelphia, the team's current captain's season was lost due to the same injury that plagued 88?

Screen Shot 2011-12-16 at 9.32.37 AM

Will Pronger ever play again? None of us know. But it’s entirely possible that his career is over. The concussion is just the icing on the cake for a player who has suffered a myriad other injuries over the last few seasons. And the fact that yet another high-profile player may have a career shortened (or hampered) by a concussion will only further the bubbling debate surrounding head injuries in hockey (the HBO cameras don't hurt, either).

What about the Flyers, though? Well, Pronger will need to be replaced. The defense is not good enough as is, and the Flyers aren’t going to be able to outscore everybody, especially once the playoffs come around. At some point, they are going to have to win games by stopping the other team, and they’re not built to do that sans Pronger.

Oh yeah… and there's that whole Giroux thing, too.

The Flyers won – impressively, I might add – last night, 4-3. Some statisticals to put their early success in its proper context:

The Flyers move to 12-3-1 on the road this season, giving them 25 points in road games.  In terms of points, it ties them with the 1979-80 team for the best road record after 16 games in franchise history (79-80 team was 10-1-5 for 25 points after 16 road games).  It’s the most road wins in 16 road games in franchise history.

The Flyers won their seventh consecutive game.  It’s the longest winning streak the Flyers have strung together since an eight-game streak from Jan. 6-19, 2002.  


Your full highlights are after the jump.

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Chris Pronger Out For Remainder of Season

Kyle Scott - December 15, 2011

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Ah shit. 

Here’s the official statement from Paul Holmgren:

“After consultation with respected concussion specialists Dr. Joseph Maroon and Dr. Micky Collins, it is the opinion of both doctors that Chris is suffering from severe post concussion syndrome. It is the recommendation of Doctors Maroon and Collins that Chris not return to play for the Philadelphia Flyers for the remainder of the 2011-12 season or playoffs.  Chris will continue to receive treatment and therapy with the hope that he can get better.” 


When Pronger went to Pittsburgh to visit with Maroon and Collins, and we had to wait two days for an update, you knew it wasn’t going to be good news.

Chris Pronger Out Indefinitely, Will Visit Concussion Specialist

Kyle Scott - December 9, 2011

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What the hell?

Chris Pronger injury timeline: "virus"… knee surgery… “concussion-like symptoms.” Paul Holmgren via the Flyers:

While Chris' knee is improving, he has struggled with other issues that are concussion-like symptoms. Chris will see Dr. Joe Maroon and Dr. Mickey Collins on Wednesday, December 14th in Pittsburgh for further evaluation. Chris will be out indefinitely.


Perhaps HBO cameras have caught some of what’s gone on here. Pronger went from being sick to having a bad knee to seeing Dr. Joseph C. Maroon, a neurosurgeon, and Dr. Michael Collins, a sports concussion expert who was seen by Carlos Ruiz last summer.

The Flyers originally said Pronger had passed a concussion test.

Pronger's “virus” very obviously no longer seems like a virus, and you can’t help but wonder if this has something to do with the eye injury he sustained last month. That last part is speculation, but it was a blow to the head and he did have much swelling around and behind the eye.  

Brayden Schenn also has a concussion. Happy Friday.

Chris Pronger Conference Call Transcript

Kyle Scott - December 1, 2011

Pronger says he could be out three weeks, or six. Full conference call transcript, courtesy of Flyers, is after the jump.

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Chris Pronger to Have Knee Surgery, Out Four Weeks

Kyle Scott - November 28, 2011


It's getting so bad with Pronger's injuries, my Typepad title bar autocompletes "Chris Pronger to Have____ Surgery."

Paul Holmgren:

“Chris will have surgery on his left knee tomorrow afternoon. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Peter DeLuca. The procedure will clean out some loose particles that have given Chris some problems over the last month or so. 

“We were hopeful that the time missed with a virus that Chris has been fighting would settle things down in his knee but after an examination yesterday, it was decided that the surgery is the way to go at this time. We expect Chris will be back playing in 4 weeks.” 


Yeah, I'm calling bullshit on that "virus."

This casts some serious doubt on Pronger's availability for the Winter Classic. Somewhere, Mike Richards removes a pin from his voodoo doll.

Holmgren's full conference call transcript, filled with what are likely fibs about a virus, is after the jump.

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