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The Sixers Have Christmas Day Jerseys Even Though They Probably Won’t Play on Christmas Day

Jim Adair - July 16, 2014


A whole bunch of NBA-related jersey news came out yesterday, as the Adidas catalog went out to vendors. By now, many of you probably heard about the gold tab on the back of the neck, signifying if your team has won an NBA title and how many. But Paul Lukas at Uni-Watch threw up a bunch more info today, including those 76ers Christmas Day jerseys you see above. That doesn’t mean, however, that the Sixers will play in them:

“Keep in mind that the NBA schedule wasn’t yet done when these designs were created, so the league and Adidas didn’t know who’d be playing on Christmas Day. But they had to have designs ready for retail orders, so they created a Christmas design for every team, even though most of them will never make it onto the court. That’s standard practice — they did the same thing last year and the year before that. I’m not sure if the schedule has been finalized by now, but it certainly hasn’t been publicly released, so we still don’t know who’ll be playing on Dec. 25 (although certain teams, like the Knicks, pretty much always play on that date).”

The surprisingly sleeveless jerseys will also feature players’ first names on the back, under the number, instead of their surname. This creates a strange situation if Dallas plays, because Chandler Parsons’ jersey will say “Chandler” on the back, while Tyson Chandler’s (whose jersey usually says Chandler) will not. And if the Sixers do play on Christmas, the NBA just screwed up big time. Attention NBA: You had the chance to have a player’s Christmas Day jersey say “Noel” on the back. Now, it’s going to say “Nerlens.” The song is not “The First Nerlens” is it, NBA? You screwed up.

This Philly Sports Christmas Video is Either the Best or Saddest Thing This Christmas

Kyle Scott - December 20, 2013

I have no idea if this video from FireBelly Sound is the most creative thing I’ve seen this year, or the worst thing I’ve seen this year. All I know is that, somewhere, people in Boston are laughing at us for celebrating regular season mediocrity with a video that has to dig back to September to cull enough footage for three minutes.

via FireBelly Sound

They Re-Shot the 21-Year-Old PA Lottery Christmas Commercial, SHOT-FOR-SHOT

Kyle Scott - December 5, 2013

This commercial has been airing since 1992 and it’s goddamn awesome. For me, the holidays are all about the 6 ABC Boscov’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and then the PA Lottery commerical. That’s it. That’s how I know it’s Christmas.

But lately, Ms. CB and I thought something seemed… off. The commercial was in glorious HD, which was curious, but not a dead giveaway, since many older films are retrofitted, so to speak, into HD. Something else. I was convinced they re-shot it, shot-by-shot. And by golly, they did!

I spliced them together– old commercial on the left, new one on the right.

I am so irrationally excited by this dedication to the craft. I mean, they matched the ethnicities of every caroler, the coat, the outfits, the scarves, the dogs! It’s all here, modernized for 2013, BENEFITTING OLDER PENNSYLVANIANS.

UPDATE: Apparently, the remake occurred in 2012. Still damn impressive.

Reminder: Christmas Movie Quizzo at Drinker’s

Kyle Scott - December 7, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 11.07.32 AM

Probably the greatest quizzo ever.

Next week, a two-night affair, CHRISTMAS MOVIE QUIZZO at Drinker’s. Four rounds, one movie for each: Home Alone (both), A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation and Elf.

Next Tuesday at Drinker’s West at 8 p.m. Or, if you can’t make that, Wednesday night at Drinker’s Tavern at 8:30 p.m. (note new time). Both quizzos will be the same, but we wanted to give you two chances to make it out. Enjoy the delicious Christmas Taco and amazing drink specials at Drinker's while we test your knowledge of some of the greatest Christmas movies ever. But come prepared, the questions are going to be hard.

Former Temple Basketball Player Dionte Christmas Seemingly Wants To See This Girl Pleasure Herself

Kyle Scott - April 2, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-04-02 at 4.06.52 PM

Athletes do the darndest things, like fuck their way out of divorces… and sext potential mates with romantic Tweets. As you can see, Christmas wants to come early this year:

Screen Shot 2012-04-02 at 3.52.09 PM

Yeah, that was probably meant to be a direct message. Christmas quickly deleted the Tweet.

Somewhere, Anthony Weiner is at full throttle.

H/T to fake me

Video: Flyers Try to Name Santa’s Reindeer

Kyle Scott - December 23, 2011

We're mailing it in today.

Why Yes, Virginia, This is Ilya Bryzgalov Singing “Jingle Bell”

Kyle Scott - December 21, 2011

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Video: Twas The Night Before Christmas… Eagles vs. Cowboys Edition

Kyle Scott - December 21, 2011

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