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The Mayor of Atlantic City Gave Michael Vick, a Man with a History of Legal and Financial Troubles, a Key to the City

Kyle Scott - May 23, 2013

I love our world sometimes. Tim McManus is reporting that Michael Vick will receive a key to Atlantic City. From Mayor Lorenzo Langford: [Philly Mag]

“Michael Vick is caring and compassionate enough to reach out to our city when we were at our lowest point during the immediate aftermath of Super Storm Sandy,” said Mayor Langford. “Twelve hours after a nationally televised Monday Night Football game, he was lifting the spirits of our residents confined to shelters with his generosity’ particularly our young people.

“And now, here he is again, helping us to spread the message that Atlantic City is open for business and ready for the summer season, all while continuing to encourage our youth to make positive contributions to the community.”

A few years ago, Vick was given a key to, of all places, Dallas. He accepted it, but the mayor quickly backtracked and said that Vick was given the key without his knowledge. These keys are solely symbolic, of course, and, sadly, they wouldn’t even open a good chastity belt. But, FOX Editor Kyle Carmean may have put it best regarding Vick being given the key to Atlantic City: “Khalif Wyatt had the ultimate key to AC.” That he did, Kyle. That he did.