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Jimmy Rollins Will Play in the World Baseball Classic

Kyle Scott - January 17, 2013

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This will be the first World Baseball Classic since I’ve been blogging full-time (read: working at home in my underwear), so I’ll be able to watch many of the early round games, some of which take place at weird times (EST)– 5 a.m., 4 p.m and 9 p.m. among them. Problem is, most of you don’t work at home in your underwear, and watching games at those times requires a serious commitment (and vacation time that, really, you have nothing better with?). So I’m not sure how much of a thing the WBC is. But, Jimmy Rollins is playing in it and I thought you should know.

Media Home Run Derby runner-up Ryan Lawrence brings us the details: []

Rollins was the lone Phillies player listed when the WBC’s American roster was unveiled on Thursday morning. Rollins also played for Team USA in 2009, the second go-round of the Olympic-style, early-spring baseball tournament.

With Derek Jeter and Troy Tulowitzki coming off injuries, Rollins was somewhat of an obvious choice for Team USA. The 34-year-old won his fourth Gold Glove in 2012.

Worth noting: Rollins struggled offensively coming off his last WBC appearance.

He was benched in late June while carrying a batting average that hovered near the Mendoza line. Rollins finished the season at .250, but with a career-low .296 on-base percentage.


Of course, it's also worth noting that J-Roll™ did this later that year.

Rollins will be joined on the team by his buddy, Boston Red Sox center fielder Shane Victorino. Aloha.

Report: The Winter Classic Will Be Cancelled Today

Kyle Scott - November 2, 2012

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This comes as no surprise, but today it is expected that the league will cancel the Winter Classic, according to ESPN. The game was supposed to take place at the Big House in Michigan between the Red Wings and Maple Leafs on News Years Day.

The decision to cancel the game was based on a number of factors and logistics was a concern.

The league was tasked with a unique challenge this year in building two rinks — one at "The Big House" and one at Comerica Park — and has a contract with the former that requires the NHL to pay for any expenses occurred by the university if the event was canceled later than Nov. 2. The NHL also owed $250,000 of the $3 million rental fee on Nov. 2.

This is not believed to be the biggest deal-breaker, however.

The league did not want to host such an event without the usual bells and whistles — HBO's "24/7"show documenting the event would've been virtually impossible to pull off — and it did not want the pageantry of the event tainted by the work stoppage. 

The Winter Classic is touted by the NHL as a celebration of the game, a tough message to send after a league-imposed lockout has wiped out almost the first two months of the season.


The Classic was the one thing keeping some tension on negotiations, because the game and surrounding events (24/7…) are obviously revenue and publicity generators that the league and owners didn’t want to miss out on. Now, there’s no specific incentive for a deal to be reached, which means this thing could drag on into… well, Mike Richards and Jeff Carter can spend another summer as Stanley Cup Champions.

For Just Over $1,000 You Can Own The Puck Danny Briere Didn’t Score With in The Winter Classic

Kyle Scott - January 16, 2012

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Photo: Getty

Hey there, interwebtual creatures, how would you like to shell out $1,000 for the puck Danny Briere placed into the pads of Henrik Lundqvist during his penalty shot in the Winter Classic?

What, you wouldn’t like that?


"Where's fuckin' Henrik's pads? Gimme gimme gimme fuckin' Henrik's pads"

Currently, counts 30 bids up to $1,100 on the individually numbered puck, and that’s with 10 days remaining on the auction. Rangers fans, no doubt. Or Sean Couturier.

This is all part of a plot by the NHL to suck, snort, and inject the remaining dollars from the 2012 Winter Classic like a crack whore robbing a dead rich guy. The league is auctioning off everything. Flyers and Rangers players were asked to change jerseys between each period of this classic winter tilt so the NHL could auction off three sets of game-worn sweaters… except one worn by Andreas Lilja, whose first period sweater will be immortalized in the Hockey Hall Fame. Really. Here’s the full auction item list:

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Winter Classic Loose Ends: Fake Jerseys Seized, An Interview with HBO Producer Dave Harmon

Kyle Scott - January 4, 2012

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Where China goes to die

You didn’t think the game would be played and then we’d be done with the Winter Classic, did you? 

Truth is, it’s been the only meaningful Philly sports game played this year (…), so it’s tail will continue to grow… sort of like Brian Boyle’s hair and ego.

Here now are two stories: one hilarious, one outstanding. 

Federal officials finally tracked down some propagators of all those fake Winter Classic jerseys you see being worn: [NBC Philadelphia]

Federal officials seized almost $350,000 worth of counterfeit sports merchandise set to be sold during the NHL Winter Classic Monday, authorities say.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigation announced the seizure of 1,649 fake items being sold for the same price at which the genuine merchandise is sold, officials say.


Not many details were given, but we’d imagine that several of the Tony The Tiger knockoffs were included in the raid… if they weren’t already sold out to thousands of buy-first, think-later fans, who proudly sported their Winter Classic sweaters before anyone else.

Number two: Philly Sports Daily’s Dave Isaac wrote a tremendous article which gives us a behind the scenes look of HBO’s editing process for 24/7. Here’s an excerpt from his Q & A with producer Dave Harmon:

That saves 40 minutes for a lot of other things and one of the things that’s important to us is how many female viewers we have. We really have people who care about the off-the-ice stuff as much as on-the-ice stuff. We want to have enough on-the-ice stuff for the hockey fan. But there are also people — I don’t want to lump it just with women, because I like when I see about [John] Tortorella and the kid he’s befriended. You see a different side of Tortorella. But anyway, we still need to show that these guys are human and these guys have their own Christmas Eve’s and their own experiences. Bryzgalov had a bad game and he had a press conference where he was pretty disconsolate afterward. It’s showing him in a different light that way. So we need to chronicle our characters of who we’ve been following in different ways to get here even before we get to the game. 


Basically, women want to see Claude Giroux in a towel and men want to watch Peter Laviolette curse. If only somehow they could combine the two, and Lavs could curse at a naked Giroux, then we’d have a real ratings bonanza. Guess we have one episode left to find out.


Dave Isaac’s article on the HBO 24/7 editing process and his full Q & A with producer Dave Harmon.

Local Winter Classic Ratings Were Very Strong: Main Event Crushed New York, Alumni Game Beat Every Regular Season Flyers Game

Kyle Scott - January 3, 2012

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Well, the Winter Classic may have been a moderate disappointment nationally, drawing its lowest rating ever, but it did just fine in Philadelphia. 

John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal reports that the game received an 11.9 overnight rating in Philly. To put that in perspective, the Phillies averaged a 9.1 local rating (276,000 households) this season, according to The Journal

That part sounds good for hockey… but not this next part: 

The Eagles generally hover in the mid-twenties, and Game 2 of the Phillies-Cardinals series this fall received a 21.9 rating.

Still, the 11.9 rating in Philadelphia is tremendous for hockey, and it more than doubled the 4.3 rating the Winter Classic got in New York, which is more of a melting pot of humanity…. and filled with not that great hockey fans. 

More sweet goodness– According to a Comcast SportsNet press release, the Flyers-Rangers Alumni Game, at 3 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, received a 6.2 local rating (186,000 households) on CSN. That comes in a full point higher than the 5.1 rating (155,000 households) the Flyers got for their home opener in October, which was their highest rated regular season game in the network’s history.

So, yeah, more people watched the Alumni Game on CSN than any Flyers regular season game… ever.

Winter Classic Was Lowest Rated Ever

Kyle Scott - January 3, 2012

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Where's everbody else?

Bob Costas sad.

Not even Philly and New York, or HBO, or two of the best teams in the NHL could save the 2012 Winter Classic from being the lowest rated yet. 

The overnight ratings via Sports Business Daily and Puck The Media:

Winter Classic Overnights

2008, Pittsburgh vs. Buffalo, 1/1/08: 2.6
2009, Detroit vs. Chicago, 1/1/09: 2.9
2010, Philadelphia vs. Boston, 1/1/10: 2.6
2011, Washington vs. Pittsburgh, 1/1/11: 2.8
2012, NY Rangers vs. Philadelphia, 1/2/12: 2.4 


Reasons (unofficial): The moved start time, competition from the Outback Bowl on ABC, and the fact that the game was played the day after New Year’s Day, when some (few, but some) had work and school. Still, though, that’s disappointing. We’ll await the results from Philly and New York, which I would imagine were off the charts compared to the rest of the pigskin-loving country.

Your Tuesday Morning Roundup: Mega Stuffed Everything You May Have Missed And The Winter Classic Post Holiday Edition

Kyle Scott - January 3, 2012

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Happy New Year… welcome back to reality. Rough commute this morning– it was a long haul down the stairs, which were treacherously cold thanks to the draft coming through the front door. I would hate to have to leave my house in this frigid weather. 

Good, now that you sufficiently hate me, we can get straight to the Roundup. Today’s version is a mega-stuffed, nearly two-week-long recap of the Winter Classic and everything else you may have missed while drinking Egg Nog and eating pies, cannoli and strudels.


But first, a word from our sponsors

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– Bob may very well be the starting goalie again. Philly Phaithful has t-shirts. Bob Says Nyet! Get one… or another fine shirt from our friendly partners.

– Joe Montana is signing autographs on Monday, January 23 at the BC Sports in the King of Prussia Mall. Details and tickets are right here.


The roundup

Winter Classic

– Photo galleries– NBC Philadelphia, GettyFlyers

Briere’s penalty shot against Henrik Lundqvist from Net Cam.

Ed Snider is fine with Ilya Bryzgalov being nuts

The Winter Classic flyover. Warning: you have to deal with Patti Labiaelle for a few seconds.

– Fucking Pat Sajak and Ashleeeee Simpson were at the game.

Pictures of girls in their underwear holding the mask Bryz was supposed to wear in the Winter Classic.

– The Flyers didn’t appreciate Mike Rupp’s salute.

– John Tortorella posits conspiracy theory… even though he won. 

Everything else

image from

Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter

– Yes, Virginia, we did know about Roy Halladay rescuing a naked man who had been bitten by an anaconda in the Amazon. In fact, we were one of the first places to post it. No less than half a dozen people have sent this to me over the past few days. Must-read story from Friday.


image from

– Our Top Ten Philly Sports Moments of 2011

– This is the Thermos crazy Bryz was drinking out of yesterday while he sat on the bench.

– Claude Giroux’s sister got engaged at Citizens Bank Park. Claude told his future brother-in-law to “grow some balls and just do it.” Boom– Niked.

– Ilya Bryzgalov’s crazy press conference in which he told reporters that Bob would be starting the Winter Classic.

– Lindros and Clarke interviewed together.

– Video of Peter Laviolette telling Steve Ott to go fuck himself.

– Lou Williams treated a would-be robber to McDonald’s on Christmas Eve, so he says.

– Rick Tocchet was arrested over the holidays. He failed to declare $18k in the Bahamas. He does have a history of gambling

– Yahoo! Sports' Puck Daddy named us the "Best Investigative Blog" of 2011.

– The Sixers continue to form the greatest show on the hardwood. They hired the makers of the Madden 12 intro to create videos for the team this season. Awesome! Now how about an elite player?

– There is a serial bank robber in Philadelphia, and he wears Phillies hats.

– Bryce Harper continues to be a douche. He named his new – cute – puppy Swag.

– The Marlins would like to host the Winter Classic. Really.

– An interview with the subject of our number one Philly sports moment of 2011, Mike Richards.

John Miller writes about the top five things that went wrong with the Eagles, who will hold a press conference today at 2:30. That should be fun. 


Happy 2012, folks. We’re back in-full to being the best sports blog in the city. And you, the best readers. 

Rangers Win Winter Classic 3-2, John Tortorella Posits Conspiracy Theory

Kyle Scott - January 2, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-01-02 at 8.07.41 PM

Unbelievable event. Tough loss, typical Flyers goaltender second-guessing, but still an unbelievable event. I managed to score a last-minute ticket (literally… 2 p.m.) and am still working on regaining feeling in my fingers, so we’ll have more later and tomorrow. For now, though, here’s John Tortorella raising his conspiracy theory about calls in the third period: [portions of quote via Puck Daddy]

"Well, I'm not sure if NBC got together with the refs to determine if it was an overtime game. It started with when Gabby gets pitch-forked in the stomach, and then everything starts going against us. They're two good referees. I thought the game was refereed horribly. So I'm not sure what happened there. Maybe they wanted to get it to an overtime. I'm not sure if they have meetings about that or what. But we stood in there. We stood in there. And again, I don’t want… because they're good guys. But in that third period, it was disgusting."


He’s right. Kimmo Timonen nearly mugged Ryan Callahan, and somehow both guys got a penalty. But Danny Briere's penalty shot was deserved… even if it did take 30 seconds for the officials to compute the time and place, and decide that "TV would like this"…

… I'm joking! Mostly.

Rangers GM Glen Sather had his panties in a bunch, too. He told reporters the following:

"You see three or four calls that are enough to blow your mind."


Oh shut up.

Video of Briere’s penalty shot and Tortorella's press conference is after the jump. Conspiracy theory starts at 8:50 mark.

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