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Claude Giroux is Officially the Flyers’ Captain

Kyle Scott - January 15, 2013

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Now we can finally stop talking about what was inevitable and play some hockey. From the Flyers' website:

The Philadelphia Flyers today named Claude Giroux the 19th captain in the franchise’s history, according to general manager Paul Holmgren.  In addition, Holmgren announced that Kimmo Timonen will serve as associate captain, while Scott Hartnell and Danny Briere will serve as alternate captains. 


We’re not sure what an associate captain is, but OK. 

You can customize your own Claude Giroux captain Flyers jersey at the league’s official store.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is Selling Claude Giroux Jerseys with a “C” on Them

Kyle Scott - January 8, 2013

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From our friends over at The School Philly we find that Dick’s Sporting Goods is selling Claude Giroux replica jerseys with a “C” on them. 

Giroux, of course, isn’t yet the Flyers' captain (though reporters keeping asking him about it).

Dick’s website is run by eBay-owned GSI Commerce – my old stomping grounds – a King of Prussia-based business founded by Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin. The “C” designation that shows up on the product image is nothing more than a merchandiser (incorrectly) checking off Giroux’s name in a drop-down menu. Reebok is not currently producing Giroux jerseys with a “C” on them, nor is this any indication that Giroux will be the Flyers’ captain. But, the letter sure looks pretty on there…

Here’s Claude Giroux Talking About the End of the Lockout

Kyle Scott - January 6, 2013

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“I wasn’t a fan of the game either the last few months. It was just tough to watch. I grew up watching and playing hockey every day, and to see the game that we love so much… we can’t even see it. People were bored. The players, we were bored, too. Just to have the game back, I think the fans are gonna love it. I’m really excited to go back on the ice and I’m sure the guys are going to be playing hard. So it’s going to be a pretty good time.”

Hide your boners, please.

Video here.

Claude Giroux Won’t Be Returning to Germany to Play Hockey

Kyle Scott - December 10, 2012

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This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, but it seems Claude Giroux won’t return to Germany.

G flew back to the States last month after suffering a neck injury in a game for the Berlin Ice Bears. He visited Sidney Crosby’s doctor, Ted Carrick, who gave the all-clear that Giroux didn’t have a concussion. Now comes a report from that Giroux, citing a possible resolution in the lockout over here, has informed the Ice Bears that he likely won’t return to the team.

Here’s the statement released by Ice Bears coach Peter Lee: [translated]

"I am in constant contact with the agent of Claude Giroux Claude is now back fully fit and has begun the practice will, he hopes to continue on a short-term agreement between the players' union NHLPA with the NHL and is therefore. If only one train in Ottawa., the parties do not reach in North America, I go by a timely return from Claude Giroux to Berlin. "


Perhaps G sticking it out in Ottawa is an indication that players are confident a deal will get done soon. Or, the German women just weren’t that hot.

Concussions: Vick Still Has One, Giroux Doesn’t

Kyle Scott - November 29, 2012



Giroux: he doesn't have one, according to his agent, Pat Brisson, who spoke to CSN Philly:

“There is nothing wrong here, Claude is doing great,” Brisson said from his office in Los Angeles.
“I don’t speak lightly. I’m not one of those who would speak from one side of my mouth.”


Giroux has been in Atlanta getting treatment on his neck from the same doctor who treated Sidney Crosby's concussion. Giroux injured his neck a few weeks ago in Germany and it was feared to be a concussion. It now appears that it's not serious. Carry on.

UPDATE: Claude Giroux is Visiting a Concussion Doctor in Atlanta

Kyle Scott - November 20, 2012

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Sweet! Greatest fears realized. Goooo lockout!

Claude Giroux was the recipient of a controversial hit this weekend which injured his neck. G was taken to the hospital (presumably where German night nurses were lining up to give him a sponge bath), but the injury did’t appear to be serious. Initial reports, Paul Holmgren, and Giroux believed that to be the case. But now Giroux will return to the states for additional tests in Atlanta. Here’s the translated story from

Forward Claude Giroux is the Berlin Polar Bears missing indefinitely. The 24-year-old Canadian is leaving tomorrow to North America and will be examined by a specialist in Atlanta with different tests on the ice and off the ice.

These tests are precautionary measures, agreed to by polar bears manager Peter Lee with [Claude] Giroux to avoid a more serious injury and its consequences. Giroux was after the incident in Krefeld-game not unconscious, the SCAT test (new standard in injuries to the head and neck area) showed no clear result. Giroux complained, was still feeling unwell.

The polar bears have taken to close the case by the disciplinary committee to understand why. "The heads of the players must be more protected. I'm not sure that everyone involved knows what is necessary for it. I had "expected by the previous decisions of the DEL another judgment, says Peter John Lee.


Concussion? The original diagnosis was a hyperextension of the cervical spine

We’ll have more when updates are available.

UPDATE: Flyes beat reporter Frank Seravalli spoke to Giroux's agent, who said his client will visit Dr. Ted Carrick, the same guy who treated Sidney Crosby's concussion.

Carrick is a neurologist who specializes in concussions.

H/T to Broad Street Hockey

This Claude Giroux T-Shirt Will Satisfy Your Ginger Needs

Kyle Scott - November 9, 2012


Need more Ginger in your life? Missing G’s spot? Like bears? 

Well! You’ve come to the right place.

Our friends over at Philly Phaithful, jonesing for hockey like Keith, have released their latest jam, and it’s beautiful:

Screen Shot 2012-11-09 at 10.07.31 AM

For those who don’t know, that is a remix of the logo for the Berlin Ice Bears, the team Claude Giroux and Danny Briere are currently starring for. Here, look:

image from

I like Philly Phaithful’s interpretation better, and so should you. Pick up the shirt and use code cb10 to receive 10% off. Get it here

Signs of a Lockout: Claude Giroux Sings “Gangnam Style”

Kyle Scott - October 22, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-10-22 at 12.38.31 PM

As we learned during 24/7 and, specifically, the Winter Classic, Claude Giroux is a bit of a talker on the ice. This weekend, he was mic’d up for one of his games with the Berlin Ice Bears, and he didn’t disappoint.

Never mind that he scored two goals, we’ll turn your attention to the 2:30 mark of the video after the jump, where you can listen to Giroux's incessant (and lovable) prattling… and his version of Gangnam Style.

Oh yeah, pink jerseys.

H/T Broad Street Hockey

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