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Cole Hamels Honors David Montgomery By Wearing “DPM” Patch

Bob Wankel - August 14, 2019

Cole Hamels is pitching for the Cubs tonight at Citizens Bank Park, but he’s honoring former Phillies president David Montgomery, who died in early May, by wearing a black “DPM” patch on his right sleeve.

A classy gesture, for sure:

Hamels paused briefly before his first inning warmup tosses to show off the patch to a cameraman.

After the game, Hamels discussed why he wore the patch:


Yes or No On a Cole Hamels Reunion?

Kevin Kinkead - July 3, 2018

You’ve probably seen Cole’s name floating around out there as a possible trade piece for the 38-47 Rangers.

Jon Heyman dropped this bit today:

My gut says no, simply because it brings me back to a time when Ruben Amaro Jr. and the Phillies simply couldn’t move on from the aging stars that brought this city the 2008 World Series. I feel like we’ve advanced well beyond the point of sentimentality, and it’s not like starting pitching is the Phils’ biggest need at this point anyway.

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Cole Hamels Donates One of His Mansions to Help Children With Special Needs

Bob Wankel - December 18, 2017

Imagine for a moment that you’re Cole Hamels. You’re a phenomenal baseball player. All of Philadelphia loves you for leading the way to the city’s lone championship of the last 34 years. Your wife is gorgeous and you may be even better looking. No matter what you do – the clean-shaven look that highlights your boyish smile, or the more recent rugged look – it doesn’t matter. You’re phenomenal either way. And you’ve earned more than $154 million over 12 Major League seasons.

Now, of course, you’re not Cole Hamels. You’re just some average person reading this article because you’re on the toilet, ignoring tasks at work, not studying for finals, ignoring your wife/girlfriend, etc. But what if you were? What do you do after dominating life to this extent? Where do you go from here? You donate one of your mansions to charity, obviously.

Camp Barnabas announced Friday that Major League Baseball pitcher Cole Hamels and his wife, Heidi, are donating their 32,000-square-foot home and more than 100 acres of land to the camp for children with special needs and chronic illnesses. ‘There are tons of amazing charities in southwest Missouri,’ Cole Hamels said in a news release. ‘Out of all of these, Barnabas really pulled on our heartstrings. Seeing the faces, hearing the laughter, reading the stories of the kids they serve; there is truly nothing like it. Barnabas makes dreams come true, and we felt called to help them in a big way.’

The home is valued at 9.75 million dollars. It features 10 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, six half-baths, and four living areas and sits on the edge of Branson’s Table Rock Lake.

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Cole Hamels Is Suing An Entertainment Company Over Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Tickets

Kyle Scott - February 23, 2016

Yes. YES. YES!!!!!! This is the most Cole Hamels lawsuit ever.

Cole, who is in the middle of a $144 million contract, and Heidi Hamels are suing Cornucopia Events, a VIP lifestyle company, over their failure to provide them tickets to the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, held in New York, as part of a package that cost $70k and included tickets to the afterparty and a four-night stay in a five-star London hotel. They are seeking $50k of damages for each of misrepresentation, fraud and negligance.

The lawsuit was filed in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas and was first obtained by Forbes. We got our hands on a copy, and the details are incredible.

Early in 2015, Cornucopia told the Hameleseseseses that the show would definitely be held in London and accommodations would be at the Kensington Hotel. In May, Cole and Heidi were charged for the package, and then, five days before the show, on November 5, they were informed that, whoops, it was in New York but to just show up anyway and they would get in. They didn’t.

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Cole Hamels Set to Miss Start for Groin Injury, Phillies Win Trade

Jim Adair - August 12, 2015

Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Part of the reason Cole Hamels held such a high value at the trade deadline was his durability. Sure, he’s a top of rotation pitcher in his prime, but he’s also spent most of his career injury-free (he made at least 30 starts in each of the past seven seasons), something few pitchers can say. But after only throwing a handful of starts for the Texas Rangers, Hamels has been scratched from his next schedule start due to groin soreness. The players the Phillies received in return for Hamels have – for the most part – been playing really well in the minors. We should just queue up “We Are the Champions” right now. Plus, the Phillies pitching has been doing a-ok without Hamels:

UPDATE: They dumped Buchanan down to the minors almost immediately.

Cole and Heidi Hamels Thank Philadelphia with Full-Page Ad In The Inquirer

Kyle Scott - July 31, 2015


It’s OK. The tears are OK. 

pic via Jake Kaplan

Hamels: Playing for the Phillies was “Everything You Could Ever Ask For”

Jim Adair - July 31, 2015

cole presser

A shaky-voiced Cole Hamels took to the podium at Citizens Bank Park to say goodbye to the fans, the Phillies, and the media. He thanked the city for being an amazing place to play, for being a great city to raise his family in, and talked about feeling like a Philadelphian:

“In that parade, at lot of us are not from Philly … but I think we really grasped that when we got to take that parade down Broad Street.”

Hamels continued, saying that “not everybody can do it as long as Jamie Moyer,” but he has every intention of pitching for a long time. Hamels came just shy of admitting that he said no to whatever deal the Houston Astros offered, but said he and his wife sat down and went through pages of criteria to see what the best baseball and life options were.

Playing here was “worth everything,” Hamels said. “It gives you a way to fight even harder … to hear the cheers, and you understand the boos.” Moving on, he said having family and friends in Dallas helped make the decision easier. Hang on, there’s something in my eye.

“Being able to [throw a no-hitter] in a Phillies uniform means an immense amount,” Hamels said. “I’ll always have that jersey in my house.” It had to happen – Marcus – but that doesn’t mean it stings any less. We’ll miss you, Cole.

Ruben Amaro Press Conference Roundup

Jim Adair - July 31, 2015

"I'll get back to you on Revere, gotta do a press conference, BRB."

“I’ll get back to you on Revere, gotta do a press conference, BRB.”

Ruben Amaro just finished addressing the press on the Cole Hamels trade, and here are some of the notable things he said. As always, all quotes are paraphrased:

  • We got Alfaro as a catcher, and we don’t project his injury to be a long-term issue.
  • In a lot of ways we used out money and talent to buy talent.
  • Thompson can be anywhere from the middle of the rotation to the top of the rotation to the bottom of the rotation. He’s still young.
  • Pitching was important to us because we simply don’t have enough in the upper levels.
  • Ruben actually used the word “analytics.”
  • Our latest understanding is that Harrison might not be able to start in his turn.
  • I’ve been working with John Daniels (Rangers’ President of Baseball Operations and General Manager) on this deal probably for six or seven or eight months. We felt they were the right match for us.
  • This deal was no different from how I’ve been operating since I took over in 2008.
  • I’m the point guy, or the “talking head.”
  • There are so many different factors and things to have to happen which is why it takes a long time. Approvals, paperwork, etc.
  • Market was much more fruitful for Hamels this year.
  • There was no shortage of suitors.
  • Cole has every right to go where he wanted to as dictated by his contract.
  • Texas’ pieces, depth, the way we lined up worked very well for us. It’s the best deal we felt we could make.
  • Williams and Thompson are  headed to AA. Williams will probably not get into the lineup until Tuesday, and then Thompson is scheduled to be able to throw Saturday or Sunday.
  • Teams are much more willing to dole out money than prospects. The value of prospects has increased.
  • “This may not sound right because it’s coming from my mouth, but we took a very analytical approach.”
  • Finding offense is not easy, and we think we got that in these prospects.
  • Ruben pulls out his phone, scrolls through it for a bit, and says of the next (Revere) deal: “Almost.”