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Jim Adair - October 9, 2015

Above: Chip Kelly pondering where to go when he goes back to #college.

So here we are. Four weeks into the NFL season and five weeks into the college football season. Steve Sarkisian has led USC to a 3-2 record (1-2 conference), so of course the sharks smell blood in the water. And while they’re circling USC and writing the hottest of takes, they’re already re-casting Sarkisian’s role and giving it to Chip Kelly. First, there’s Sports Illustrated:

“While this loss doesn’t mark the end of Sarkisian’s time at USC, it marks a definitive point where people can start speculating about the end. And that will certainly include Eagles coach Chip Kelly. USC had strong interest in Kelly when it hired Sarkisian. Not even halfway through his second season, there’s worry if seven-win Sark will even get there. Things can get a lot worse for USC (3–2) with upcoming games at Notre Dame, home against Utah and then at California. The barbarians haven’t circled the gate, but they’re huddling and game-planning.”

Of course. A college opening may potentially, possibly exist at the end of the season, so Chip Kelly’s name has to be tossed in there. But it’s not just SI, USA Today got in on the fun too. Just look at this headline:


And of course, there are some gems:

“You know it when you see it.

And what you see at Southern California nearing the halfway point of the 2015 season is the failed regime of Steve Sarkisian and a program desperately in need of Chip Kelly …

Though Chip Kelly is reportedly committed to seeing it through with the Philadelphia Eagles, there would not be a more perfect marriage between team and coach than jumping to the Trojans.

If Kelly could dominate the Pac-12 at Oregon, there is no ceiling on what he could do at USC.

The NCAA penalties that would have made it difficult for a college to hire him are over. When Kelly inevitably returns to the college game, he will instantly have the credibility and cachet to recruit at an even higher level than he ever achieved at Oregon.”

“WHEN KELLY INEVITABLY RETURNS TO THE COLLEGE GAME.” Inevitably. This talk hasn’t ceased since he went back on his initial “no” and took the Eagles job. And it probably won’t until he raises like three Lombardi trophies over his head.

Chip, of course, is likely focused on the Eagles and seeing how small he can make his S-8 playcard, instead of all this nonsense.

Report: Chip Kelly’s Phone to Ring this Week

Jim Adair - December 1, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 2.35.39 PM

Earlier this season, talking heads and reporters made a non-story about the fact that the University of Florida would probably dial Chip Kelly’s phone number about a coaching job, and that Chip Kelly would probably answer the phone when it rang. If there is no chance of him leaving the NFL for the Florida Gators — which there isn’t — then it’s a moot point. However, that has not stopped sources mentioning that someone at Florida will call Chip Kelly.

It’s not the first time someone is going to call Chip Kelly or any other coach with college experience for a college opening — Jim Harbaugh probably gets a call once a week and that guy is a nightmare — but it’s not a story every time. In fact, a source just told me Kyle was going to get a call from a perspective game day blogger. That’s some breaking news.

Chip Kelly Still Thinks He’s a College Coach, and That’s Kinda Cool

Kyle Scott - January 18, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 10.11.13 AM
Chip Kelly with Eagles University legend Vince Papale, who was also a Habitat For Humanity team leader (photo: Eagles)

College coaches do this.

Colleges coaches talk about respected veterans coming back to “speak to the young guys.” College coaches refer to the team as “the program.” College coaches hardly decline any media requests and show up to far-flung events, because any chance to get their face in front of a camera lens – which may have an athletic 6’4, 220 Ib. high school junior connected to the other end – must be taken. College coaches talk about scheduling the best opponents. College coaches show school spirit.

Chip Kelly has done all of those things since arriving in Philadlephia less than 48 hours ago.

He repeatedly referred to the Eagles as a “program” during his press conference yesterday.

This morning, he called into WIP, telling Angelo Cataldi that he was more excited to talk to him than anyone else in the city. Kelly says he listened to WIP while recruiting in the Philly area for New Hampshire. A Red Sox fan, Kelly, who must have referenced wings 600 times during his 15-minute interview with the Morning Show, talked about how his new National League team is the Phillies. He said that the Eagles will take on any challenge and play anybody (good, because that’s what the NFL schedule makers had in mind too). He also said that he will try to attend Wing Bowl and, perhaps, the Kappa Delta ice cream social in the quad. 

He’s program building, after all.

And like I said, program builders honor respected vets. So it should come as no surprise that Kelly showed up to an event honoring Brian Dawkins at Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philly last night.  

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 10.13.53 AM
Chip Kelly with four-year letter winner, All-American and Academic All-American Brian Dawkins

Kelly briefly took the podium, where he said this– the same speech that, while a student at Villanova, I heard Jay Wright give every time Kerry Kittles came anywhere near campus:

“Excited to have [Dawkins] a part of the program. Going to lean on him a lot to tell our young guys exactly how the game is supposed to be played, because that guy played the game the way it was supposed to be played.”


The freshman are totally going to be in awe of Dawkins. Other young guys, like LeSean McCoy, one of the best running backs on the planet, maybe less so.

You have to respect Kelly's effort. No doubt that the Eagles PR machine (more later today on the great job they’re doing– seriously), knowing how Andy Reid was hated by basically every local media outlet, is behind much of this. But that’s OK. And it’s OK that since arriving on Wednesday night, Kelly has crossed off most of the items on his List of Philly Things: Santa Claus. Wing Bowl. Phillies. Cataldi and Papale. Showing up at Chickie’s and Pete’s to honor Brian Dawkins and talking about how the Eagles are going to play “like that guy played.” Flyers-Penguins game.

So let Kelly champion “the program” all he wants. It’s refreshing. There will be plenty of time to ask him why, in the hell, he went for it on fourth and 12. For now, let’s just keep fingers-crossed that he shows up to our charity bachelor auction at the Fieldhouse.

Watch Kelly speak about Dawkins after the jump and listen to him on the WIP Morning Show here.

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Boston College Women’s Soccer Player Suspended Over Penn State Tweets

Kyle Scott - November 16, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 8.08.28 AM

Thanks to our friends at Onward State for dutifully chronicling the Tweets of a Boston College women’s soccer player who doesn’t mind showing off her DSLs through avatar.

Stephanie McCaffrey – whose Twitter bio was (account since deleted) “Just off the binky, time to get kinky” – tweeted a few things about her team’s upcoming match at Penn State. Go:

Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 8.03.13 AM

Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 8.03.13 AM

She was suspended for the game and has since deleted her account. The BC AD released this statement: “The student-athlete used very poor judgment and exhibited insensitivity towards Penn State for which she apologizes. This type of behavior is not tolerated among our student-athletes.”

Yeah, the comments were insensitive, and not particularly funny, but eh, she was ripping Sandusky for his rapist ways, not condoning his actions. Poor choice, but we’ll let her live.

Barry Bonds Will Send Beaten Giants Fan’s Kids to College

Kyle Scott - May 25, 2011


Judging by the emails I get, we've sort of carved out a niche highlighting moronic fan behavior in other cities. The most obvious example of that is the incident in Los Angeles, where Dodgers fans beat up a Giants fan, Bryan Stow, earlier this season.

In news that comes not from Bonds, but from Stow's lawyer, Bonds offered to pay the college tuition for both of Stow's children. Stow is a single father. [NBC Bay Area via Deadspin]

Stow family attorney Thomas Girardi said that former slugger Barry Bonds has donated to pay for their college education. He said the family has talked about turning other donations back to the fans if this suit is successful, but said the gift of a college of education is something they treasure and will keep.

Bryan is a single father. He has a son and a daughter who are both in grade school.

Bonds visited Stow on April 22, while he was still in a Southern California hospital.

Sources close to Stow told NBC that Bonds also spent an hour in Stow's room and left a signed baseball bat for Stow's children.  At the time, there was no mention of a donation to a college fund.


Actually quite nice of Mr. Bonds. Stow is slowly getting better, but still a long way away from being healthy.

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If College Baseball Players Joust During a Rain Delay, We’ll Post It

Kyle Scott - May 16, 2011

Better than this.

via Deadspin

Donovan McNabb is Now a College Basketball Analyst

Ryan Gillon - March 15, 2011


If he stuck with basketball in college, you would have never known that he exists

Donovan McNabb doesn't know where he's playing football next season, or if he'll be playing football next season. But I can tell you what he'll be doing this weekend.

McNabb will be covering the first two rounds of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament for Comcast Sportsnet Mid-Atlantic. He will appear throughout the weekend to give his thoughts and analysis on all that is college basketball.

And after all, he should. He did play college basketball for two years at Syracuse, averaging 7.5 minutes and 2.8 points per game. (He did shoot 46.4%, though… that's not bad). It's no secret that McNabb wants to be a part of the media after his NFL career is over, so I can't blame him for taking the opportunity.

Sadly, word has it that a group of 30 employees in the lunch room at CSN Mid-Atlantic booed viciously when McNabb was announced as an analyst for this weekend…

…yes, I completely made that up.

Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog also had a couple of kneeslappers to boot:

If you wanted to make jokes, you could either say that the final two minutes of analysis will be provided by Rex Grossman, or that producers better have a barf bag at the ready, or that less than 24 hours after announcing they had signed McNabb, CSN will likely bench him in favor of Rick “Doc” Walker. Or something like that.


All jokes aside, kudos to McNabb for keeping busy. Many NFL players should find something to do, as well. This lockout might have staying power.

Jay Wright Shows Up at Midnight to Serve Pizza

Kyle Scott - February 12, 2011

via (@Ray5Hugel)

According to many users on the Twitters, Jay Wright showed up at midnight last night to hand out pizza to students waiting in line for ESPN College Gameday.