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League Said Collie Was “Defenseless”, No Fine Issued

Kyle Scott - November 8, 2010


Kurt Coleman was brutally honest (or perhaps wanted to avoid further disciplinary action) when asked about his hit on Austin Collie:

“The way that it was explained to me is [the receiver] has to possess the ball while running, and I think they consider running two steps,” said Coleman. “It looked like he may have had a few steps, but they have as hard of a time out there as any officiating the game. They made the rule — good play, good call.”


The NFL told Tim McManus the following:

“It was helmet-to-helmet contact against a defenseless receiver. The play was properly officiated. Officials have been instructed to err on the side of player safety, and when in doubt, will penalize in situations such as this for unnecessary roughness.”


The new NFL, ladies and gentlemen.

UPDATE: Peter King (@SI_PeterKing) reports that the league will not fine Coleman for the hit.

The league is fining GB S Nick Collins $50,000 for illegal hit vs Dallas. There's no fine for Phil DB Kurt Coleman for hit on Austin Collie.

Read the full story at Philly Sports Daily.

National Media Takes Aim at Eagles Fans for Yesterday’s Boos

Kyle Scott - November 8, 2010


You had to know this was coming.

Immediately after Austin Collie was hit by Kurt Coleman and a penalty was called on the Eagles in the second quarter of yesterday's game, fans loudly booed the officials for the call.  The penalty was just one example of an NFL mandate gone too far.  Perhaps the play should have even been ruled a fumble, which would have given the Eagles the ball.  Instead, the Colts were awarded a first down, and scored a touchdown just a few plays later.

Chris Chase of Yahoo's football blog, Shutdown Corner, didn't like the boos.  Not at all.

Philadelphia Eagles fans are always complaining that their reputation as the most boorish fans in football is unjust and that a few unfortunate incidents over the past few decades have been blown out of proportion by the media. We're passionate, they claim, not impertinent.

But then a small faction of these same fans go out and cascade boos upon a field as a knocked-out opponent lies motionless on it, unintentionally reinforcing the stereotype they claim to be false. 

That's not the issue though. The issue is that some Eagles fans, given time to calm down from the initial displeasure with the call, continued to boo even as Collie lay still on the ground. He was out cold. He wasn't moving. And many idiots continued their complaints about the call, as if an automatic first down forPeyton Manning(notes) was infinitely more important than the immediate health of a man on the field.

Oh boy.

Without knowing the timing of the replays and how clear it was to those in attendance that Collie may have very well been paralyzed, it is hard to pass judgement on the boos, but CBS cameras showed Collie lying motionless on the turf, with arms at a 90 degree angle and crimped fingers.  I, for one, thought he might never move again and was rather shocked by the immediate reaction I was hearing on TV and seeing on Twitter.  Was it a bad call?  Absolutely.  Terrible, in fact (and we'll have more on that later). However, my first reaction as an Eagles fan and human being was, "oh my God, that guy just broke his neck."  I thought it was a little insensitive to bitch about a penalty, as horrible as it was.  

But that wasn't even the biggest issue.

The reaction of some of the Eagles players, specifically Asante Samuel, was uncalled for.  Watch Samuel at the 1:20 mark of this video, a full :70 seconds after the initial contact and flag.  It had to be clear to those on the field that Collie was in serious trouble.  However, upon seeing the replay, Samuel almost jumps into one of the trainers tending to Collie.  That is not cool.

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Video: Hit on Austin Collie

Kyle Scott - November 7, 2010


Austin Collie gets knocked out.  The Eagles were given a penalty on the play, which eventually led to a Colts touchdown.

Jim Nantz relayed to viewers that Collie was sitting up and alert at halftime- a great sign.

Here's why it was a bad call and the league mandate is getting out of control: Watch the full speed replay around the :35 second mark.  There is no way Kurt Coleman could have slowed himself down to avoid hitting Collie.  Hits like this are, and always will be, part of the game.  The ensuing penalty cost the Eagles.

My biggest problem with the play?  The reaction of Asante Samuel upon seeing the replay.  His yelling and carrying on almost led him right into the trainers tending to Collie.  In a situation where the guy could've had a broken neck, Samuel has to show just a little bit of restraint.

More soon.  Video of the hit after the jump.

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