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Video: Tampa TV Station Visits Bill Conlin

Kyle Scott - December 22, 2011

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Video after the jump.

H/T to David for sending

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Two More Bill Conlin Victims Come Forward

Kyle Scott - December 22, 2011

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As you might have imagined, more alleged victims of Bill Conlin are coming forward. 

Wait, Kyle, you’re telling me that an always uncomfortably weird guy* who had “the look” and was accused of penetrating little girls with his fingers and touching boys in the 1970s probably had other victims over a 40-year time period?

Yes, that’s what I’m telling you.

*Once, when I was interning at Comcast SportsNet in 2004, Conlin showed up for an episode of Daily News Live wearing some sort of rabbit’s foot on his ear. The reaction from the interns and video editors in the back was “what the fuck is Conlin doing?" That seemed to be a normal response to Conlin– whether he be in-person, print or on TV.

Late yesterday, two more victims came forward. 

The details, from the Inquirer’s Nancy Phillips, whose phone is probably ringingoff the hook with interview requests… and stories of young girls losing their innocence long before nature intended: []

LINDA STELLA said that she was just a girl when Bill Conlin pulled her onto his lap and began "flexing his leg muscles" during a family birthday party at his house in South Jersey. She leaped off his lap and looked back. She felt confused when she saw the wet spot at the crotch of his white pants.

"I was a kid, I didn't know what it really was," Stella told the Daily News last night. "It looked like he had peed in his pants."



More from Stella:

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Bill Conlin Calls Inquirer Reporter a “Beatch,” Says He Was Bigger to Daily News Than Sandusky to Penn State, Hints at Suicide

Kyle Scott - December 21, 2011

image from

Of course this story gets weirder.

On Monday night, Gawker (Deadspin) editor-in-chief A.J. Daulerio had an email exchange with Bill Conlin. The two had been friendly over the last few years, and when Inquirer reporter Nancy Phillips called Conlin about the child molestation accusations against him, Conlin emailed Daulerio. The two had lengthy phone and email conversations, and Daulerio offered Conlin a platform to deny the accusations. Conlin declined.

Yesterday, Daulerio heard from Conlin’s lawyer, George Bochetto, who asked that Deadspin not go public with the story that the Inquirer was about to drop a bombshell. Shortly thereafter, Conlin resinged.

Then Deadspin published their story. 

Then the Inquirer published theirs. 

Today, Deadspin published the entire email exchange with Conlin. 

An excerpt: 

Conlin to Daulerio (10:26 p.m.):

There are no e-mail questions from Phillips—only a request to call her to discuss a "sensitive issue." I was forwarded an e-mail from one of the persons who allegedly had knowledge of the alleged events. She basically scolds Phillips for a reneged promise by the two accusers to keep her and her family's name "out of this." And asks Phillips to not contact her again. I don't wish to do anything that could blow up in my face should they decide not to run the story. I am a lot bigger to the Daily News than Sandusky ever was to Penn State. But I don't have 19 years of heinous molestations involving children in my care that were covered up at many institutional levels. My daughter used to babysit Carlton's and McCarver's kids in spring training. Kalas' kids and my sons are still close. They were home-schooled by the same spring training tutor.

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Daulerio to Conlin (10:50 p.m.):

So you don't want it out there before the grave , newspaper version hits?

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Conlin to Daulerio (11:10 p.m.):

No, because that makes it a transparent move to cover my ass and which could be construed as a tactical plea bargain. In either case, I will have no choice but to either retire or resign from the Daily News. My "old, red, eyes," as you described them in your generous piece in PhillyMag, have seen more than enough. I will be 78 in May and should have fucking retired 12 years ago. But because I continued to attract more readers on average than any writer on either paper they gave me a sweetheart deal I could not refuse. But I make enough in pension and SS to walk on my salary to retire comfortably. I just do not wish to exit with an undeserved "P" on my chest.
If the piece this beatch writes paints me as a Jekyll-Hyde without identifying the "accusers," their names need to be out there next to mine—since they bought houses from my wife, drank my vodka the night of her viewing and decided after 40 years it was Sandusky Time to come out.

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The whole story is here. As you might imagine, it is of the must-read variety.

Audio: Conlin’s Lawyer and Inquirer Reporter Who Broke Story on WIP

Kyle Scott - December 21, 2011

Nancy Phillips, the Inquirer reporter who wrote the story about child molestation allegations against Bill Conlin, was a guest on WIP with Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow today. 

Here’s what she had to say about what happened when she called Conlin:

“I’m sorry to say we didn’t get to talk. He hung up on me. We had an email exchange in which he directed me to his lawyer.”


This morning, Conlin’s lawyer, George Bochetto, was on the WIP Morning Show. He said that Conlin wasn’t alerted of the story until Monday, and he was given very little time to gather evidence to defend himself. Of course, you know, if you didn’t do something, you wouldn’t need time to find holes to poke in a story. But hey, that’s just logic.

Both interviews are after the jump.

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Daily News Editor Weighs In on Conlin

Kyle Scott - December 21, 2011

Daily News editor Larry Platt, a long-time colleague and friend of Bill Conlin, addressed the accusations on

An excerpt:

I have known Bill Conlin since 1990, and before that, I knew him as a legendary voice on the page. I simply do not know how to reconcile what I've read with the man I know. I spoke to him today. He offered to retire and I immediately accepted. I knew I'd never be comfortable running his byline again.

For a long time today, we struggled with how to best acknowledge this story without knowing the facts or reporting on it ourselves. It is a strange and sad time in the newsroom, and we will do our best to cover this as if it were any other high-profile figure in Philadelphia. But of course it is not just another high-profile figure in Philadelphia.

Conlin has been synonymous with this paper for five decades, and to pretend that we know how to approach a story like this is to insult your intelligence. All I can promise you is that we will attempt to be as thorough and fair as we can possibly be – not just to the facts of the story – but also to you, our readers. And that means being as open and transparent as we can be. 


Full article here.

Rounding Up a Crazy Day

Kyle Scott - December 21, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-12-21 at 9.05.56 AM

I had a run-in with Victory’s Golden Monkey last night… just so you know where I’m coming from today.

The GMs were a way to unwind from what was a wild day yesterday. So, if you missed any of it, here’s a full roundup of some stuff we got to and some of the stuff we didn’t.

– Bill Conlin is being accused of child molestation. This is a summary of the accusations, which have passed the statute of limitations. Here is what Conlin wrote about Jerry Sandusky.

– An NBC correspondent was reportedly arrested after leaving Joe Amendola’s house, following a party thrown by Sandusky’s lawyer. Crazy story.

– The Philadelphia Wings are going to put their Twitter handles on jerseys.

– Former St. Joe’s center Todd O'Brien wrote an article on ripping Phil Martelli for not letting his NCAA transfer go through. St. Joe’s folks bring up this story about O’Brien as a reason why.

Ilya Bryzgalov’s Winter Classic mask features Mike Schmidt, Reggie White, Julius Erving, Veterans Stadium, an “HK” patch, the Phanatic (who needed to be explained to Bryz), and will soon be finished up with Bobby Clarke, Joe Frazier and Gene Hart’s “Good Night and Good Hockey” tagline.

– Malik Rose joins the Sixers broadcast crew and the new anthemist, we like her.

– Ruben Amaro hires Ed Wade, has nice beard.

Fire Andy signs at Monday Night RAW.

This is how the Winter Classic rink is being built.

Stuff we didn’t get to:

– T’was The Night Before Christmas: Eagles vs. Cowboys Edition.

– The Sex for Tickets lady got off the hook yesterday.

– Claude Giroux may play tonight.


That’s it. Your daily snark coming right up… just as soon as I get some coffee, and an IV.

Inquirer Report Says Bill Conlin Sexually Abused Multiple Children in 1970s

Kyle Scott - December 20, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-12-20 at 4.55.33 PM

The Inquirer just ran their report concerning Bill Conlin and the child molestation accusations against him. 

A summary of the investigative report conducted by Nancy Phillips:

– Four adults say that Conlin “fondled them and touched their genitals” in the 1970s, when they were from ages 7 to 12.

– One of the victims is Conlin’s niece, Kelley Blanchet, who is now a prosecutor in Atlantic City. She led the charge in bringing to light the accusations. Blanchet said that both the victims and their families knew about this and didn't go to police.

– There is nothing – legally – that can be done now, because any assaults that occured before 1996 fall under the statute of limitations.

– Blanchet’s account: []

Blanchet's parents were out of town for the day, and Conlin was visiting her family's house in Margate, N.J. When her brother went outside to play football, Blanchet said, Conlin assaulted her.

"I was numb," she said, recalling that he put his hand between her legs and touched her genitals, and penetrated her with his fingers, stopping only when her brother, Ted, walked in. Her brother, now deceased, told her mother, who told her father.

"I was going to kill him, I was so furious," recalled Blanchet's father, Harry Hasson, now 75. He said he called Conlin in the Daily News newsroom and summoned him to Margate.

"He swore to me that he just touched her leg. Then all of a sudden, he started crying," Hasson recalled. "He said, 'I swear to God, I just touched her leg.'"

Hasson said he did not learn the full extent of the assault until about two years ago, when his daughter spoke to him about it in a therapy session.



– Another female relative told Blanchet that Conlin had assaulted her when she was a child. He later wrote her a 10-page apology. That relative said Conlin also abused her brother and three girls who were “friends of his children when they were growing up.” 

– Kevin Healey, a friend of Conlin’s son, Billy: []

Healey said he awakened in the middle of the night to find Conlin fondling his genitals and leaning toward his body with his mouth.

"I ran out of there like a bat out of hell," said Healey, now 48 and a construction worker and painter who lives in Williamstown. "I left my sneakers, my socks and my shirt," and ran home.


– That victim’s mother, Barbara Healey, continued to allow her daughter over the Conlin household because “I thought he was just interested in boys.”

The daughter and her friend, both around 10 at the time, were molested, too.

– The friend’s account: [

The memory, the woman said, is frozen in her mind. It was a summer day, and she recalled that she was wearing a yellow shirt and light blue shorts when Conlin put his arms around her, and then reached into her pants and put his fingers inside her.

"He just started fondling me and said, 'Does it feel good?' " she said. "He said, 'This is our secret.' "

It was not the first time Conlin had molested her, said the woman. But, following his warning about keeping it secret, she had told no one. 


– There was another girl, as well. 

That’s the slimy part. Conlin was confronted by the fathers of some of the victims and the abuses seemingly stopped. None of the victims ever went to police.

Must-read full story here.

Mike Missanelli spoke with Conlin's lawyer.

This is What Bill Conlin Had to Say About Jerry Sandusky

Kyle Scott - December 20, 2011

On November 11:

When I'm King of the World . . .

People who say they would have pounded the snot out of Jerry Sandusky had they been alerted by the alleged shower-room assault will remember Kitty Genovese . . . Everybody says he will do the right thing, get involved, put his own ass on the line before or after the fact. But the moment itself has a cruel way of suspending our fearless intentions. Suspended fearless intentions was the fate that befell a pretty, 105-pound, young New York woman named Kitty Genovese, whose walk home from work through her Kew Gardens neighborhood was ended on March 13, 1964, by a serial killer named Winston Moseley. He picked her out at random and stabbed her to death in front of her apartment building during a horrific assault that lasted nearly a half-hour and took place at three locations outside the sprawling building. As many as 38 residents heard all or part of her shrieking, pleading attempt to ward off a man who stabbed her multiple times. Only one of them called police and that was after calling a friend for advice on what to do. None made any attempt to intervene. Some thought it was a domestic dispute and didn't want to interfere.


So where does this rank on the scale of American tragedies and disruptions in our time? Watergate? Charles Manson and the Tate-LaBianca murders? The Lindbergh kidnapping? O.J. Simpson? More recently, the Casey Anthony trial? This is right up there with any of them. And if the media coverage is any measure, it is bigger than any of them . . . One more thing the Trustees could have done: Having failed to cancel the Nebraska game, which they should have done, the money generated by the final home game of this blown-up season should be placed in escrow and distributed to the victims once what will be a torturous and bizarre legal process runs its course. That will be a down payment for the huge hit the university will take when the civil awards start coming down. Fortunately, Pennsylvania trial and district courts are still off limits to TV coverage. We will be spared a Casey Anthony circus.


Interestingly, the usually opinionated Conlin directed hardly any vitriol at Sandusky. Rather, he wrote about the public's reaction and fallout for the school. 

There was more, mostly about Franco Harris and the running back's defense of Joe Paterno… but that one is mostly just obscure references.