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If Delmon Young Doesn’t Get Fat, He’ll Get Paid More

Kyle Scott - January 24, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 9.02.14 AM
HEY BEEFCAKE! (screen grab via CSN)

Well, here’s something.

From the AP:

Young's $750,000, one-year contract with the Philadelphia Phillies allows him to earn an additional $2.75 million in bonuses.

The deal for the AL championship series MVP, announced Tuesday, calls for him to get on a scale on six occasions to be chosen by the team. He'll receive $100,000 each time he makes weight, according to details obtained by The Associated Press. The first three times, he must be 230 pounds or less, and the second three, 235 pounds or less.


Amazing. I wonder if, similarly, the servers at PBR have incentives for keeping their muffin tops below a certain threshold. Money for a tribal tat if you maintain an overhang of less than three inches!

Young told reporters on Tuesday: “To lose weight, it’s mostly diet. And it’s eating better. Eating those (sic) strict diet. You can get carried away with clubhouse food, late-night room service [whilst] watching a movie. Some ice cream,  some good luck cakes and stuff like that. Going back out in the outfield, you have to stay lighter. DH’ing, you can be BIG.”

Of course, weight clauses are not uncommon in sports. Football players, specifically, have weight and body fat weigh-ins and can be fined for going over or, presumably, under their target weight.

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Flyers Sign Peter Laviolette to Multi-Year Extension

Kyle Scott - August 1, 2012

The Flyers announced this morning that they signed Peter Laviolette to a multi-year extension:

The Philadelphia Flyers announced today that they agreed to terms with head coach Peter Laviolette on a multi-year contract extension, according to General Manager Paul Holmgren.

"We are thrilled to have Peter continue his work with our group as we push to compete for the Stanley Cup,” Holmgren said. “Peter has done a terrific job for us and is very deserving of this extension."


On length (I bet it's pretty massive): Flyers Inside Reporter Anthony SanFilippo says it's for two years, plus the one-year remaining. So, three.

No one thought Lavs was going anywhere and this just pretty much cements that. The good news is that, for once, Flyers coaching news doesn’t involve Ed Snider throwing someone out of his private jet. Figurative, of course.

Lavs couldn't be reached for comment, but we're told this was his reaction:

image from

To celebrate, please watch the The Complete Peter Laviolette, after the jump.

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Homer Signs Convicted Flyers Murderer And A Guy Named Bruno

Ryan Gillon - July 5, 2012


Does this picture remind you of a dark time?

Most Flyers fans don't remember Ruslan Fedotenko for the time he spent in Philadelphia. You'll more likely to think back to 2004 when he played the role of "Flyers Killer" in the Eastern Conference Finals as a member of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

If your memory is that good, you can set your contempt aside for a bit. Fedotenko signed a one-year deal with the Flyers for just under $2 million. ESPN and TSN insider Pierre LeBurn broke the news on Twitter.

Fedotenko scored nine goals for the New York Rangers last year while logging 11 assists. In addition to being a piece of the puzzle that helped the Lightning win the Stanley Cup in 2004, he won a cup with Pittsburgh in 2009 and played for every team in the Atlantic division with the exception of the New Jersey Devils.

It's also worth noting that Fedotenko has scored more goals (16) against the Flyers than any other team in his career. After being such a pain in our ass over the years, I'm glad to have him back wearing orange. The dude is a stone-cold winner and a grinder who can serve as a nice piece to an already strong scoring squad. (Say that ten times fast)

Also, as expected, the Flyers signed Tampa Bay Lightning free agent defenseman Bruno Gervais to a two-year deal. As I mentioned last night, Gervais isn't the answer to Matt Carle and will likely fill the role of a fifth, sixth, or seventh defenseman. He played 50 games for Tampa last year and averaged less ice time (14:16) than he has at any point in his seven-year career.

Homer, in announcing the deals, found it noteworthy enough to mention that Max Talbot is the best man at Gervais' wedding. So… uh…

No beat writer has said it, but the math says that the Flyers have reached 50 contracts and are still considerably under the cap… an odd situation for a team that's used to having less than a million bucks to work with at almost all times.

I'm not sure where Paul Holmgren will go from here. Frank Seravalli of the Daily News mentioned that Homer really "[likes] our team. I'm hesitant to give something up to get something back." But this is also the guy who has signed three men to long-term contracts only to ship all of them off early in the deals.

Paul Holmgren is never done. 

Jrue Holiday Wants a Silly Contract

Kyle Scott - July 2, 2012

We won’t spend too much time discussing the future of Jrue Holiday, what with Paul Holmgren currently taping piles of cash to carrier pigeons and the Phillies experiencing the End of Days, but a report from Yahoo! (!!!) says that Holiday is seeking a max contract extension (for a player with his lack of experience, that would mean around four-years, $58 million, at the current cap level).


Today, Holiday was named to the USA Select Team, the squad that will serve as a punching bag for the Olympic team before they head over to London.

Cole Hamels So Just Got Paid

Kyle Scott - April 3, 2012

image from

Good news and bad news for the Phillies, on this, the final day of Spring Training… which will be played in high-50s weather at Citizens Bank Park, where the new Bermuda Rivieragrass looks to have a slightly brighter green hue.

Matt Cain signed an extension with the Giants yesterday– five years, $112 million (in total, including this season, he’s under contract for six years, $127 million).

Cole Hamels is better.

Less than a year older, Hamels has fewer career innings pitched and a slightly higher ERA (3.39 for Hamels vs. 3.35 for Cain), but a significantly better strikeout-to-walk ratio (well over 3-to-1 vs. slightly over 2-to-1), more wins, and a better WHIP (walks + hits per inning pitched– 1.14 vs. 1.19). He’s also a left-hander who pitches in a smallish ballpark, unlike Cain, a righty, who plays in pitcher-friendly AT&T Park. 

Between the deal given to Cain – who, as you can see, is very comparable to Hamels – and the fact that the new Dodgers owners may have just given Magic Johnson a bottomless bucket of play money to spend on players just like the SoCal Hamels, the price for the Phillies’ number three (but perhaps most valuable) starter just went up. Way up.

Last week, Ruben Amaro, wearing his poker face, said that he didn’t think Hamels would earn Cliff Lee money. But, if Cain’s contract is any indication, Hamels is going to get more than Lee. And Cole’s teammates aren’t going to let him forget that the market has been set by Cain. As overheard by CSN producer Casey Feeney:

Screen Shot 2012-04-03 at 9.38.24 AM


Meanwhile, on the complete opposite side of the Spectrum, Ryan Howard’s $125 million contract continues to prove to be almost a bargain (current injury notwithstanding).

The Reds signed Joey Votto to a 10-year, $225 million deal yesterday. Votto is younger, better and healthier than Howard, but he’s certainly not five years and $100 million better. And Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder, who signed contracts for a combined 19 years and (roughly) $465 million this offseason, are also not “twice as valuable” as The Big Piece. The Phillies' decision to lock up Howard (again, without being able to predict him tearing his Achilles to shreds) before the market for power-hitting first basemen ballooned, is proving to be a wise decision… or, at least not as crazy as we once thought it was.

Of course, not re-signing Hamels early… well, that may cost the Phillies…$140 million.

Eagles Agree To Terms On 5-Year Extension With DeSean Jackson

Kyle - March 14, 2012

Screen shot 2012-03-14 at 4.37.16 PM

D-Jax is back.

His new five-year contract will run through the 2016 season. He previously had been designated as the team’s franchise player, but most assumed he would either be dealt or signed to an extension.

Big Andy is excited.

“We are thrilled to be able to keep one of the NFL’s top playmakers in Philadelphia. DeSean is a game breaker, he has the speed and ability to score from anywhere on the field, and he has proven himself to be a big threat for our offense. Signing our own players was a big priority for us this offseason and DeSean was certainly high on our list. We are very excited about his future as an Eagle.”


According to Pro Football Talk, the deal has a base value of $47 million with $15 million fully guaranteed.

Somewhere, Jason Babin is tearing up about DeSean's new found job security.

Jimmy Rollins Says Cole Hamels Is “Not Going Anywhere”

Kyle - March 8, 2012

Cole Hamels

Jimmy Rollins did quite a bit of posturing last season when it was his turn for free agency, but he's not playing any games now. He has his deal, and thinks Cole Hamels will get his too.

[CSN Philly]

"He’ll be here,” Rollins told “He’s not going anywhere. He was drafted by this organization, raised by this organization and became a superstar in this organization. If you know anything about this organization, that means he’s not going anywhere. “It’s fun to talk about for talk radio and stuff like that. But he’s not going anywhere. That's my opinion.”


If Rollins feels this way, it does lead you to believe he never thought he was leaving Philly last year.

What about the Phillies and their financial situation? They sell out every game, sell tons of merchandise, and yes, the fans travel pretty well too - just ask the four or five Washington National fans.

What does this all mean? Fans want the team to pay Cole Hamels, and Rollins says they have the money to do it.

[CSN Philly]

“Oh, they can [sign Hamels],” Rollins said. “It’s just will they? And they probably will. But it’s definitely not a financial situation. I don’t give a damn about the luxury tax or nothing. It’s not a financial situation. You sell out a hundred something straight games, they have plenty enough money to sign a pitcher like Cole Hamels. 

“He’s a very big part of this. There’s no doubt about it.”


Valid points, Jimmy. Valid points.

Jason Babin Wants You To Get Smarter

Kyle - March 3, 2012

Jason Babin

Jason Babin has been the talk of the Twitterverse over the past few days, stemming from his tweet to DeSean Jackson after D-Jax got the franchise tag slapped on him.

Babin has faced a lot of critcism on the social network, and continued to fire back at fans. Very smart. Calling all PR help, calling all PR help!

Screen shot 2012-03-02 at 5.36.07 PM

We wouldn't usually get on anyone for a spelling mistake on Twitter, but…. Babin followed up that tweet with another gem.

Screen shot 2012-03-02 at 5.56.07 PM

If you're wondering, that link takes you to a page that details 13 foods that will make you smarter. Thanks, Jason.

Now back to that spelling mistake. You tell us to be smarter, yet you can't differentiate between principle and principal?

Not your prince, nor your pal.

You're getting written up young man!