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Yo, Joe Piscopo?

Kyle Scott - April 5, 2013

What, Jerry Blavat couldn’t find a red Kangol to wear?

Earlier, we posted the Phillies opening day schedule of events. It includes the normal fare – mummers, boys choir, parachutes – and a list of those throwing out the first pitch: Mike Schmidt, George Brett (nice Royals-WS tie-in) and Joe Piscopo:

4:00 p.m. Ceremonial First Pitches: Hall of Famer, 1980 World Champion and NL MVP MikeSchmidt and Hall of Famer, former Royals third baseman and 1980 AL MVP George Brett will throw out ceremonial first balls.

Joe Piscopo, Saturday Night Live alumni and comic legend, representing Modell’s Sporting Goods, will also throw a first ball.

Hold up.


Because nothing says Philly like a G-list celebrity from Passaic, New Jersey.

This has been know for several days, but it seems most of you just caught onto this (Modell’s sponsored) appearance, taking to the Tweets to voice your confusion.

This guy must have the greatest agent ever. I always hear his name, but until about, oh, twenty minutes ago, I couldn’t tell you what he did. I thought he was a politician. Nope. Former SNL guy. Also, Devils fan:

Piscopo’s second wife, Kimberly Driscoll, filed for divorce on July 10, 2006. Piscopo is a resident of Lebanon Township, New Jersey,[4] and is an avid New Jersey Devils fan. Piscopo starred in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Gateway Playhouse in August 2009, playing 8 performance per week for a three week run.

Fucking. Cool.

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