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Jerry Jones Doesn’t Seem Worried by Zeke Elliott Holdout

Kevin Kinkead - August 2, 2019

Ezekiel Elliott is having the summer I’d like to be having.

He’s working out in Cabo while holding out from Cowboys training camp, looking for a new contract as he heads into his 4th NFL season.

Zeke is due about $3.8 million this year and $9.7 next year, which is the final year of his rookie deal, but he wants to get paid now, just like everybody else on the planet Earth. Problem is, the Cowboys have to take care of Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper first, who both hit free agency before Elliott.

Speaking Thursday, Jerry Jones didn’t seem too concerned about the hold out, but also didn’t seem to prioritize getting a deal done ASAP.

Via ESPN, after the jump:

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The Security Guard Ezekiel Elliott Shoved Is Thinking About Pressing Charges

Kevin Kinkead - May 29, 2019

Remember this story from last week?

It was Ezekiel Elliott at a Las Vegas music festival, handcuffed and detained after shouldering a security guard and knocking him into a barricade. Zeke had been arguing with his girlfriend beforehand, using his body to keep her from walking away but not actually putting his hands on her.

Elliott was not arrested, though the security guard involved in the incident now says he’s considering pressing charges.

Here’s a short package from CBS 2 in Los Angeles, after the jump:

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The Cowboys Extended the Contract of a Suspended Player

Kevin Kinkead - April 2, 2019

Let’s check in on the Dallas Cowboys.

Hmm.. what’s this?

Well it turns out they extended the contract of defensive end Randy Gregory, who is currently suspended indefinitely by the NFL.


Gregory was set to become a restricted free agent after the 2019 season, but the Cowboys turned $310,000 of his $955,218 base salary into a signing bonus and will pay him $735,000 in 2020 if he is eligible to play. He has the chance to earn more money through escalators in the deal.

Gregory, 26, has been suspended four times in his career. He missed all but two games in 2016 and the entire 2017 season because of suspension. He was reinstated to the league in training camp last summer and played in 14 games, finishing second on the team with six sacks. Gregory was credited with 28 quarterback pressures and 15 tackles, according to the coaches. He had two tackles for loss and forced two fumbles, recovering one.

Obviously the Cowboys haven’t ruled out Gregory playing this year. They did trade a 6th round draft pick to Miami for Robert Quinn as contract talks continue with DeMarcus Lawrence, so they’ll probably be fine at defensive end either way.

Honestly, it’s not a huge deal money or salary cap-wise, the Gregory thing, it’s just funny to me because it feels like such a Dallas type of move.

Dallas Cowboys Announce that Earl Thomas Will Not be a Cowboy

Kevin Kinkead - March 13, 2019

When you run a team Twitter account, it might not be a great idea to report that a highly sought-after free agent, who was extensively linked to your franchise, is going to another franchise instead

But that’s what the fine folks running the Cowboys Twitter account went and did, y’all. They decided to tell their fans that Earl Thomas is headed to Baltimore via their “free agency tracker,” seen right here:


The responses from jilted p̶o̶s̶e̶r̶s̶ fans are very good, after the jump:

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Jason Witten Simultaneously Improves Monday Night Football, Weakens Cowboys

Bob Wankel - February 28, 2019

I actually had to do a double-take to make sure this was legit, but if you happen to be a fan of competent football analysts who also have a command of the English language, boy, do I have good news for you:


A true win-win here. Witten leaves the booth to rejoin the Cowboys, and I have to say, I’m very excited to watch him trudge six yards up the field, catch the ball, and fall down short of the sticks.

Here’s Witten on his decision to return for a 16th NFL season, after the jump:

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The Cowboys Fired Their Offensive Coordinator

Kevin Kinkead - January 18, 2019


I was hoping he’d stick around:

The Cowboys’ offense pretty much sucked until the Amari Cooper trade. They finished bottom-half or bottom-ten in yards per game, pass yards per game, and points per game. The only thing they consistently did well was run the football.

Anyway, that’s enough about the Cowboys for now.

Taking a Look at the Good Dallas Defense and Bad Dallas Offense

Kevin Kinkead - November 8, 2018

Let’s get it back to the Eagles.

Big game Sunday.

It’s easy to sit here and talk shit about the Cowboys and their fans and whatever, but let’s take a look at the numbers and the film and see what we can learn about this 3-5 team.

They’re a top-five defense and bottom-six offense, so there’s just a lot of imbalance in the squad. Don’t be surprised to see a low-scoring game.

Here are some of those standout defensive marks, and how they rank league-wide:

  • 317 yards per game (4th)
  • 99.9 rush yards per game (10th)
  • 217.1 pass yards per game (5th)
  • 18.9 points per game (3rd)
  • 8 takeaways (20th)
  • 28 sacks (6th)
  • 147 first downs allowed (4th)
  • 44.4% third down allowance rate (29th)
  • 47 penalties (5th)
  • 337 penalty yards (2nd)
  • 69.2% opponent passes completed (28th)

You see they don’t give up much through the air or on the ground, but they do allow a lot of pass completions and don’t thrive in takeaways, so that might be an area the Eagles can attack with short passes and yards after the catch. Golden Tate had a monstrous game against the Cowboys earlier this season, so he comes in at a perfect time for the Birds.

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Dallas Week: Why Supporting the Cowboys Probably Makes You a Poser (Part 2)

Kevin Kinkead - November 7, 2018

Note: I wrote this column last year and decided to tweak it, update it, and publish a new version for 2018. 


We all know one of these guys:

“Born and raised in Marlton! But I’m a lifelong Cowboys fan because my dad knew Nate Newton’s cousin.”

“Love the star on the helmet! I used to watch Roger Staubach on television back in 1974.”

“Well I grew up in Iowa, but we didn’t have a team, so I picked the Cowboys.”

These are all valid reasons to be a Dallas fan, according to Dallas fans. None of them involve being from Texas or ever having visited. “America’s Team” welcomes all front-runners and fakes.

This topic comes up every season. Eagles vs. Cowboys. It’s Dallas week on sports talk radio and disgusting locals crawl out their garbage pits to explain how they grew up in Northeast Philadelphia but support a 3-5 football team that hasn’t won diddly poo since the 1990s and is now being run into the ground by an owner who clings to the past and holds nobody accountable. The Cowboys “ain’t been nothing” for years, as Stephen A Smith recently said, yet you still have all of these bandwagon jabronies clinging to Dallas as if Troy Aikman is still out there slinging the ball around.

Philly is old-school and parochial. You grow up here, you support Philly teams. Eagles games are a family affair. You build memories through tangible experiences, like actually physically being inside of Veterans Stadium or meeting your favorite player after the game. You understand the city’s blue collar, non-cosmopolitan roots and why sport is a common thread. The third-shift factory worker who I saw puking outside of Les and Doreen’s in Fishtown last week  might not have much in common with Rand Spear, the accident lawyer, but both were probably standing somewhere on Broad Street nine months ago, watching the Birds’ celebrate their first Super Bowl win.

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