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Your Wednesday Roundup: Flyers Beats Beating, Temple, Foles Dish

Kyle Scott - December 11, 2013

A HOME OFFICE IN HORSHAM– Some bits of tid that we didn’t get to.

Flyers beat writer Sam Carchidi, who has a habit of taking circtuitous routes to away games so he can log more US Airways miles, has spent the past couple of days on Twitter complaining about his lost luggage (which could be the sort of thing that happens when you fly from Minneapolis to Philly to Detroit), possibly because he flew from Ottawa to Philly before heading to Chicago, where the Flyers will play tonight:

Ray Emery will be the starter, and Carchidi got some quotes from him after the Senators game on Monday. Yesterday, he wrote those quotes down in the form of a story… with a CHICAGO dateline even though he wasn’t in Chicago:


A dateline is the thing Journalists use to denote where they are reporting from. It’s an immediate indication that they are on the ground and not, say, sitting in their home offices suffocating themselves from the after-effects of Taco Tuesday (…). It’s usually implied and often meaningless, but it’s a stamp of legitimacy.

Here’s the problem with Sam’s piece: I’m told he wasn’t in Chicago when he wrote it or when it was posted, at around 2 p.m. yesterday. Nope. In Philly. Because he flies circuitous routes to games.

Did it really make a difference in this case? Not really. But, it’s poor form, and totally unnecessary.

A great article in the Philadelphia Business Journal about how football led to Temple’s cutting of seven other sports.

And, of course a Philly restaurant is capitalizing on Nick Foles’ success by unveiling Catfish #9, a Foles-inspired dish, and couching it in a charitable framework:

Executive chef Chad Vetter’s dish is reported to be a Foles favorite: catfish, first soaked in buttermilk and then deep-fried and accompanied by cornmeal-crusted green tomatoes, Andouille white cheddar grits and Creole cocktail sauce.

Catfish #9 is priced at $21, and 25 percent of the sale will be donated to the Eagles Youth Partnership, the restaurant says.

Annnnnd there’s the free promotion. Shit.

The Top CB Posts of the Last Month

Kyle Scott - July 12, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 8.23.48 AM
Given that there’s a running stream of posts that quickly find their way off the homepage and into the bowels of the ether, here’s a roundup of CB’s most popular posts over the last month (dating back to June 1) that you may have missed. Or that you may want to read again. Or that you’ll just want to click so I can line my pockets with your coins. Whatever.

An update on those surveys: why you are sometimes seeing text greyed out.

Paul Holmgren has no time for Michael Barkann’s jokes: not amused by a joke about fire alarm.

Watch as Flyers beat writers pile on Bryz: Randy Miller is a bad journalist.

Riley Cooper fighting outside Kenny Chesney concert: sort of.

Cliff Lee wasn’t a fan of Phillies team meeting: what it says.

The life of a troll: an expose on KITMIACRS, the biggest CB troll thus far in 2013.

Fuck you, Ryan Braun: F that guy.

Sam Hinkie and his calculator did amazing things in the NBA Draft: an in-depth look at Sam Hinkie’s magic on the night of the NBA Draft.

From the sports bowels: looking down the barrel of a loaded Mike Tyson: Joe Santoliquito with an excellently written piece on the night Mike Tyson called him a “motherfucker.”

And now, me reading mean comments: the most popular video we’ve posted in some time.

Sponsored: Philly Sports Tickets from ABC Tickets

Kyle Scott - July 12, 2013

This is a sponsored post in partnership with our friends from Tiq IQ and ABC Tickets, where you can find competitively-priced tickets for all local and non-local sporting events– INCLUDING EAGLES HOME GAMES.

Here’s a look at the average ticket prices that Philly folks are paying on the secondary market to see their teams in 2013:

With only eight games on the home schedule, it’s no surprise that Eagles fans are forking over at least 139% more than any other team in Philly.

It’s also no surprise that on the opposite side of the spectrum sits the Sixers– they have the lowest average ticket price of all Philly teams, 67% below the Eagles. Though $71 seems significantly higher than what you might have expected.

With baseball season heading towards the halfway point and the NFL season only two months away, there’s plenty of tickets for Philly fans to scoop up as the summer goes on. Get yours at ABC Tickets!

For Crossing Broad’s tailgate tomorrow, ABC has some outstanding infield seats available.

And Now, Me Reading Mean Comments

Kyle Scott - June 18, 2013

I had never noticed how many people use variations of my name(+profanity) as their handle.

Welcome to the New CB

Kyle Scott - April 1, 2013

No, we didn’t get a haircut. And no, we haven’t started doing Insanity workouts.

We switched hosts– from Typepad to WordPress.

When CB started over three years ago, Typepad, a simple blogging host, was the platform of choice, and though it treated us well, with reliability and ease of use, we’ve outgrown the service. A self-hosted WordPress site will mean several things:

Faster loading times: A dedicated host and more efficient code will bring CB up significantly faster on most modern browsers and mobile devices.

A MOBILE OPTIMIZED SITE: An all-new, ultra modern responsive design theme will automatically detect your browser and screen size and adjust itself accordingly, making it easier to read articles and comment, and the site – very important here – faster to load. It looks beautiful on smart phones and tablets:


Save CB to your home screen to quickly call up the site

Better navigation: The menu bar is at the top now and there are dropdowns so you can more easily find posts about specific teams…


… and on mobile:



Each post and page will have breadcrumbs so you can find your way back to where you came from:


You can also click on individual categories and tags below each post to read related stories. And clicking the banner will now take you back to the homepage (!!!), an ordinary feature that, thanks to a weird and unholy quirk in Typepad, wasn’t an option before.

We’ll be easier to find: You can find links to our (my) Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google Plus accounts, along with a one-click email button and RSS feeds, in the upper-right corner. See:


You’ll also see Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus links for the author of each post:


Better comments: Our commenting policy will remain the same– you won’t be required to login, but you may choose to do so. And all of your comments came over, including names, handles and emails. The comment section will (look) cleaner and be easier to read, and you will now be able to reply to individual comments for better conversation and so you can tell “Candy From The Oak” where to go. It will be easier to track and weed out trolls and spam, too.

More flexibility: Thanks to WordPress’ backend, we’ll be able to do more within each post. Basically, Typepad made linking, quoting and embedding a pain. We’ll now be able to do that stuff, plus use other modern forms of storytelling and interacting, much more easily, which will make for better – and more frequent – content.

Just keep scrolling: No more clicking over to page 2 to read more. Just keep scrolling and hit “older posts.”

Easier on the eyes: Fonts, images and videos are improved. The basic layout remains the same, but the site is aesthetically more pleasing. We’ll no longer be held back by what our template can and can’t do. CB will be easier to read, faster to load, better to interact with and simpler to share. An overall better experience. A lot of work went into making the change and, quite honestly, it’s the reason for the lack of content the past few weeks. The look and functionality of the site had become stagnant, and this was a necessary improvement. Moving forward, we’ll continue to upgrade CB so it is always current and up with the latest web trends.

Your feedback is welcome and encouraged. You can email me or Tweet me (just click those links up in the right corner…) with questions and comments. When moving over 6,000 posts and 80,000 comments, there are bound to be some hiccups. We’ve made sure there are no glaring issues, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a few quirks (for example, some old comments randomly use my profile picture in the avatar). If you spot any, or come across any major problems, please let me know.

Thanks for your continued support of the site. Let’s play ball.

Reminder: Family Guy Quizzo TONIGHT at Drinker’s

Kyle - March 27, 2012



FAMILY GUY QUIZZO. Bring a reasonably sized team (2-5) down to Drinker's West (39th and Chestnut) at 8 p.m. There will be prizes and drink specials. 60 questions, a quote round, and a picture round, with no censorship from the freaking FCC.

Click here to RSVP.


CB Radio: Discussing The MLB Wild Card and if The Nationals are For Real

Kyle - February 29, 2012

We discuss the news that the MLB is adding another wild card team. Also, the Nationals can't stay out of the news… or shut up. Are they for real?

Listen after the jump.

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CB Radio: NHL Trade Deadline

Kyle - February 27, 2012

CB Radio was live at 2:30 p.m.

We took you right up to the 3:00 NHL trade deadline and discussed the Flyers decision to not make any moves and hold onto their young talent.

You can listen after the jump.

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