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“Daily News Live” Will No Longer Be “Daily News Live”

Kyle Scott - March 4, 2013

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The NBC-ization of Comcast SportsNet continues.

In a press release this morning, the network announced that long-running Daily News Live, which has been a mainstay at 5 p.m. on weekdays since 1997, will become Philly Sports Talk on April 8.

From the press release that includes the sub-head “Philly Sports Talk will Tap into Resources from NBC’s Family of Companies”:

Comcast SportsNet, Philadelphia’s source for comprehensive local sports coverage, announces the launch of “Philly Sports Talk.”  This new sports news and entertainment program will debut on Monday, April 8 at 5 p.m. and will air weekdays on Comcast SportsNet.

Hosted by Michael Barkann, “Philly Sports Talk” will engage and inform the viewers on the trending topics in Philadelphia sports and from around the globe. Philadelphia Daily News writers will continue to contribute to the program but additional guests including local and national media members, coaches, players, radio personalities and others from the sports and entertainment industry will appear on the program.  Comcast SportsNet will also tap into the NBCUniversal portfolio with guests from NBC’s family of companies. 


The Talk thing is used in virtually every facet of NBC Sports– all of the brand’s national sports blogs are titled _____ Talk, CSN folks have been using the Twitter hashtag #____talk for about a year now, and then, of course, there is Pro Football Talk Live on NBC Sports. The change to DNL just further cements the synergy (I bet the folks at Comcast Global Super Power World Owners love terms like synergy) between NBC Sports and its regional affiliates. [Truthfully, this has mostly happened already.]

From a practical standpoint, it’s probably not a bad thing that CSN is divorcing itself (a little bit, at least) from a dying newspaper and any place that employs Marcus Hayes on a full-time basis. And while it’s sometimes painful to see guys like Hayes, Dick Jerardi and Marcus Kram shout at kids on their lawns and regale Barkann with tales of yesteryear, I’ve always liked DNL. It’s infinitely more watchable than SportsNite, with just enough structure to be serious, but not enough to kill a lively conversation. I would imagine that the changes for Philly Sports Talk will be mostly cosmetic and that the show will remain largely the same… except for maybe the infusion of more wide-ranging guests from the NBC Global Empire and perhaps topics near and dear to the hearts of NBC Sports NBC Comcast Bilderberg Skull and Bones advertisers. We’ll find out on April 8.

UPDATE: Oh this is fun. Perhaps not accidentally, the Daily News jumped the announcement last night. Molly Eichel wrote that, previously, 13 writers were contracted to be on the show each week. That number will shrink to just five on Philly Sports Talk.

Donovan McNabb Will Bring His Passive Aggressive Thoughts to Daily News Live

Kyle Scott - September 24, 2012

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CSN announced last night that Donovan McNabb will be joining Daily News Live on Thursdays, most likely to say passive aggressive things about his former team and explain why he’s the greatest of all-time:

PHILADELPHIA, PA (September 21, 2012) – Comcast SportsNet, the leader in local sports and the official cable home of the Philadelphia Eagles, welcomes former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb to the network’s Eagles coverage team.  McNabb will appear every Thursday on “Daily News Live” throughout the season, starting this Thursday, Sept 27th.  This is in addition to his role as a studio analyst for the NFL Network.


I’ll look forward to this.

PSA: Sheena Parveen Graces Today’s Daily News Cover

Kyle Scott - August 15, 2012

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As a sports blog, we’re required to do one monthly public service announcement. This is it.

SHEENA PARVEEN IS ON THE COVER OF TODAY’S DAILY NEWS, as about 300 of you have pointed out to me. 

Somewhere, Hurricane Schwartz and Bill Henley are staring into separate mirrors, crying, wondering if they should get breast implants or, perhaps, just start with some lipstick. Just a little bit. Viewers won’t even notice… but they’d like them to.

Anyway, yeah, Sheena.

Pic via Bob Vetrone Jr.

Shane Victorino Takes Out Full-Page Ad in Inquirer and Daily News to Thank Phillies Fans

Kyle Scott - August 2, 2012

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Shane Victorino and his wife, Melissa, took out this full-page ad today's Daily News and Inquirer. 

Based on the Inquirer and Daily News' rate card, and assuming the Philadelphia Media Network folks gave an aggressive rate usually reserved for large advertisers, the two full-page ads, with color, probably cost Victo (or his foundation…) somewhere around $35,000. To which I say: What the hell, Shane? This slappy would have given you a site-takeover ad for, like, $1,000… for the week. Let's talk.

Oh wells, classy move either way.

via Bob Vetrone Jr., of the Daily News

Today’s Daily News Cover Goes After Sidney Crosby

Kyle Scott - April 17, 2012

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Well, that should please some Yinzers.

via Daily News Flyers beat writer Frank Seravalli

Your Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack: Gonzo v. Murph (The Confrontation), Hunter Pence Eats with Sheena Parveen, and More

Kyle Scott - February 21, 2012

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The DNL crew sprung for beach bar chairs this week

1) Worlds collide.

Lots of stuff on Daily News Live tonight. First and foremost, Twitter war heroes John Gonzalez and David Murphy made their first joint appearance on the show, which was broadcast live from Clearwater. 

In case you are unawares, Murph v. Gonzo was our all-time favorite Twitter war (Les Bowen punching Jeff McLane is actually in a class of its own– Swinging Scribes). You can read all about it here.

Awkward. I need an adult.

Got to again give Gonzo the slight edge, though: He broke the ice and busted out the brilliant mark that down on your iPad, Barkann line– an unintentional hybrid of suck it, Trabek and Van Wilder’s write that down, all while paying homage to Barkann's iconic Gen 1 iPad. +2.

2) Moving on (which I think we can all agree is what’s needed here). Lee participated in DNL’s Quick Six segment. One problem: Lee’s hamster operates at the speed of a turtle on Xanies, making quick six a mathetmatical impossibility. But he did give us this when asked how Cole Hamels won last year's hitting contest among starting pitchers:

"I don’t know, I only had the highest average, more home runs, more RBIs, more hits, a stolen base. I don’t know. I lost."


I agree. How, in the hell, does one hit two home runs, gallop the bases and piss excellence, then not win the award? Please.

3) CSN’s other big announcement (I’m telling you– DNL had substance today) was… Gregg Murphy being added as Phillies sideline reporter for all home and away games on CSN, Comcast Network, and MyPHL 17. via the press release:

PHILADELPHIA – (February 21, 2012) – Comcast SportsNet today announced that the network’s anchor/reporter Gregg Murphy has been added to the Phillies broadcast team as a field reporter for the 2012 season. Murphy will join Tom McCarthy, Gary Matthews and Chris Wheeler, beginning with Comcast SportsNet’s broadcast of the Saturday, March 3rd Spring Training game featuring the Phillies and Yankees.


I actually like this move. Yeah, we’re going to miss continued success and I generally prefer my sideline reporters to be females sporting endless stilts… but Murphy is good and will certainly give us more than Sarge.

And as some of you asked, no, this doesn't mean Sarge is leaving the team, just not doing the on-field stuff.

4) LETS MAKE FUN OF THE METS. Deadspin has a rather in depth post on how Madoff’s money ran the team: [Deadspin]

The Mets chose not to pay their premiums on insurance for injured players, instead putting that money into a Madoff account, and pay players directly from the returns.

And then there's the famous Bobby Bonilla contract. Instead of paying him the $5.9 million owed on the last year of his deal, the Mets bought Bonilla out—and agreed to pay him $1.2 million annually from 2011 to 2035. It's not the only deferred contract the Mets handed out, and now we know why: they were investing that long-term money with Madoff. Wilpon and Katz figured the Madoff money would cover the contracts and make them a tidy profit.


The Mets headline translator is worth checking out, too.

5) Five other roles Shane Victorino should pursue

6) Finally, tonight (Tuesday) at 11, Hunter Pence eats Sheena Parveen eats with Sheena Parveen. This is absolutely going to end in more CB posts, I promise.

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 8.45.32 PM

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 7.49.20 PM

Just in case you were wondering (I was), Pence, who is rumored to be no more with Playmate Shannon Jamesfollows only one Philly media person. One. Sheena Parveen:

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 7.50.49 PM

Let’s. Go. Eat.

H/T to (@irollrocks)

Well, It Looks Like Some of Your Favorite Sports Reporters Will No Longer Be Covering Games

Kyle Scott - February 17, 2012

image from

Picture of David Murphy is used for effect… no idea which beat writers will be cut or reassigned

Today in "what is going horribly wrong for your papers of record?"…

Wednesday night the New York Times reported on the impending sale of Philadelphia Media Network– owners of the Inquirer, Daily News and In addition to addressing an earlier report that the company would lay off 37 newsroom employees, the NYT – one of the few newspaper companies that has handled the digital realm quite well – reported that PMN’s owner, Greg Osberg, was a bit too involved with the editorial process on stories involving the company’s sale and potential buyers. Osberg reportedly nixed details about the company’s worth – reported as $40 million (which is to say somewhere between a Jimmy Rollins and a Jonathan Papelbon, or just less than an Ilya Bryzgalov) but with a sale price of a $100 million – and steered stories about potential buyers toward a group led by Ed Rendell and Ed Snider.

Yeah, that’s not ethical… and this is coming from a guy whose last two post titles include the word fuck and boner, one for an article about a person whose newborn he (I) posted a picture of in December.

Anyway, it’s appearing increasingly likely that Rendell and Snider may be part owners of the city’s papers. Which raises the issue of something called “instrumentalization,” as described by

This is what media and communications scholars call “instrumentalization,”where news organizations are owned and operated by groups less concerned with the day-to-day profitability of an independent outlet than with the influence media afford — the ability to advance various political or business interests. (And often both, for those involved in regulation-sensitive areas like real estate, telecommunications, and various forms of government-related contracting.) News media acquisitions in the U.S. are still mainly seen in a narrow business perspective, explained in terms of their real estate assets or brand value. But one should not forget that controlling a media company also holds out the promise of something more primordial than quarterly profits: power.


That’s a whole different issue which we’re not going to get into. What we are going to talk about, though, is this: Today, the Inquirer reported on what will happen to its news and sports staffs. 

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This Could Be The Beginning of a Slow, Painful Death for the Inquirer and Daily News

Kyle Scott - February 3, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-02-03 at 11.13.30 AM

*Please excuse any typos and or grammar errors today. I haven’t slept and I’m covered in stripper dust and sin from Wing Bowl.

This is not going to end well for our papers of record.

Late last night, the always reliable NY Post put out a story – their second in five days – detailing what might be the beginning of long, slow, painful death for the Inquirer, Daily News and

According the Post, Philadelphia Media Network, the parent company for both papers and everyone’s least favorite website, hired an investment banker to help sell the company: []

Philadelphia Media Network, the owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Daily News, has hired Evercore Partners to find a buyer, said a source with direct knowledge of the situation.

The company has met with at least three interested parties, and suitors are expected to make offers in the next two to four weeks, the source said. 

The Post first reported on Jan. 28 that the new owners — specifically Alden, which is run by reclusive Long Island financier Randy Smith — were seeking to sell the papers again for roughly $100 million.

In response to The Post’s report, Philadelphia Media CEO Greg Osberg said, “A single minority owner does not have the right to sell the entire company, only their percentage of ownership.” 


This is hardly surprising. On Sunday, the Post reported that a minority owner could sell his stake. And, just the other day, CSN’s The 700 Level reported that Inquirer and Daily News sports staffs would be merged in an effort to better compete with outsiders and to not cannibalize their own products. Translation: They are losing money. Their hokey tablet program was an unmitigated disaster (I’m told they sold through less than half of their 5,000-tablet trial run late last year). And their website, while highly visited, is generally loathed for its usability and design. And autoplay ads. And Bleacher Report.

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