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Video: New Documentary Focuses on Slow Death of The Inquirer and Daily News

Kyle Scott - December 17, 2013

This documentary, Black and White and Dead All Over, which focuses on the collapse of the newspaper industry through the lens of Philadelphia, looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to watch it. It’s available for free online here. But this one line from the trailer (3:20) pretty much hints at its (misguided) slant: Where is the Internet going to get its information if the newspaper in your town goes out of business?

Uh, that makes no sense. Do I get a lot of stories from the papers and You bet. But it has nothing to do with there being a physical newspaper or the crummy business model associated with it. It has everything to do with there being reporters – some very good – at those places. When the newspaper goes out of business, there can, could and should be online-only outlets – blogs or otherwise – that crop up to do the same great journalism formatted for a different medium. It’s not rocket science, and this is sometimes the problem with print people– they always assume that journalism can’t be done on the web or elsewhere. That makes no sense. Look no further than The Verge, Medium or dozens of other web-only sites that produce quality work. Newsflash, ink people: Information now starts on the web, not in a 12-hour-old publication.

Anyway, this is your homework over the holidays. Watch this documentary.

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The Gov And Ed Snider Are Interested In Buying The Inquirer And Daily News

Kyle - February 4, 2012

Ed Rendell And Ed Snider

Maybe that bat phone that Ed Snider uses has been busy making calls to the Daily News and Inquirer.

Rendell and Snider are apparently leading a "civic-minded" effort to buy the two newspapers. [The Washington Post]

The six-person group submitted a non-binding “letter of interest” Thursday in Philadelphia Media Network, which operates The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News.

News reports surfaced this week that two hedge funds with major stakes in the company want to sell. The firms, Alden Global Capital and Angelo Gordon, had led the creditors’ $139 million takeover of the company at a September 2010 bankruptcy auction.


The Gov has a vision. “These are civic-minded people who believe we should have healthy, strong newspapers," he said.

That's deep.