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The First Saturday In August Is Going To Be An Amazing Night For Philadelphia Sports Fans

Bob Wankel - February 28, 2018

We are living days right now that not so long ago only the most optimistic of us could have possibly imagined.

The Super Bowl. The Eagles won the Super Bowl. It’s been well-established in recent weeks, but it feels no less fun to type or pleasurable to read as time passes. Meanwhile, the Flyers are hockey’s best team since early December. The Sixers have cooled this week, but still flash immense potential as they occasionally stumble along a winding road that should end with the team’s first playoff appearance in six seasons.

To this point, 2018 has been a year about celebrating our sports present and projecting the possibilities of a wildly promising future that could, if things break right, yield multiple parades along Broad Street on the strength of several hall of fame careers. Optimistic? Sure. But it’s not so unreasonable to have such a sanguine outlook. (I know that word is going to go over the heads of the “thick ropes” crowd in our comments section, so go ahead—look it up. I’ll wait.) As we presently continue to revel in the moment, now comes the news that on the first Saturday in August we will have a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to celebrate and honor our sports past.

This is just a suggestion, but you might want to clear your calendars for Saturday, August 4. That’s when former Eagles Terrell Owens and Brian Dawkins will both be formally enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. As both players address a crowd sure to be filled with fans rocking midnight green who will exultantly and continuously belt out “E-A-G-L-E-S” chants, some 417 miles away the Phillies will induct the late Roy Halladay and former general manager and team president Pat Gillick onto the team’s Wall of Fame. Talk about running the full range of human emotions.
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CSN Airing Brian Dawkins Special on Sunday

Kyle Scott - October 5, 2012

Since none of you could seem to get enough of the Brian Dawkins coverage last week – and because NBC (understandably) and the Eagles didn’t exactly go out of their way to show his retirement ceremony to people other than the 66,000 at the game – we’ll recommend that you tune into CSN’s Brian Dawkins special on Sunday night at 10:30 p.m.

Neil Hartman did his Hangin’ With routine, spending two days with Dawkins, capturing what sounds like some cool footage: 

– private BBQ with Dawk’s family and close friends

– private dinner with teammates

– full day on Sunday, including grand marshal of NASCAR race in Dover, DE and all Eagles activities

– Dawkins day after thoughts and reaction


Yeah, I’ll watch that.

Watch All of the Brian Dawkins Ceremonies

Kyle Scott - October 1, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-10-01 at 8.23.21 AM
Pic via our friend (@TheSeanDon)

Because the Eagles stubbornly refuse to make a majority of their videos embeddable, and because they specifically block this website from embedding those that are able to be shared, here’s a roundup of the Brian Dawkins ceremonies. Video idiocy aside, this is the best fan relations sort of thing the Eagles have ever done under Jeffrey Lurie. Phillies like, if you will.

Watch the videos after the jump.

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This Story About Brian Dawkins and Gary Papa Will Likely Make You Cry

Kyle Scott - September 28, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 5.06.19 PM
Photo: Bob Monek

Action News sports producer Mark Meany wins the day with this story about Brian Dawkins.

In 2009, after the Eagles beat the Giants to advance to the NFC Championship game, Dawkins was scheduled to do an interview with Gary Papa, who was just months away from losing a long, difficult battle with cancer.

Papa couldn’t make the long walk beneath Giants Stadium to the Eagles locker room, so Meany went to grab Dawkins. He explained to Dawkins that Papa couldn't make the walk and was on the other side of the stadium. But Dawkins, too, was hurting, limping from a hard-fought game and season. It looked like the interview wasn't going to happen.

We’ll let Meany pick up the story:

A quick discussion ensued between myself, Dawkins and Eagles media relations manager Ryan Nissan. It was quickly determined that Dawkins was too hurt to make the walk. We would have to cancel the interview. That is, until I said one simple thing to Dawkins, "Gary's in bad shape, he's having a really rough day."

Dawkins looked me in the eye and said, "Let's go."

The walk down the hallway through the bowels of Giants Stadium took forever. Dawkins was limping and silent the entire way. We finally got to Gary, who was sitting down and still gathering his strength. Dawkins walked up to Gary and helped him out of the chair.

Then the two embraced.

Both men, two of the toughest I've ever met, began to sob in each other's arms. It went on for what seemed like forever. I then noticed that through the entire embrace, Dawkins was whispering in Gary's ear. I'm not sure that whispering can be described as intense, but that's what this was.

Dawkins was giving Gary a pep talk, a pregame speech before a tough game. It was vintage Dawkins.


Yeah, that’s a lump in your throat. Go read the whole story.

The Eagles Will Give Out This Brian Dawkins-Weapon X Poster on Sunday

Kyle Scott - September 28, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 10.46.07 AM

The Eagles announced this morning that they will be giving out a Brian Dawkins-Weapon X poster to all fans in attendance at the Eagles-Giants game on Sunday.

[In case you hadn't heard, Dawkins will have his number retired and be honored on-field.]

The print is drawn by Marvel artist Jorge Molina. A press release from the Eagles said it wouldn't be unveiled until 5 p.m. today, but Twitterererererer (@greghahn8) dug up an image of what seems to be the poster, which is being sponsored by AAA.

Of course, this comes after one local scriptual, Daily Times Phillies beat writer Dennis Deitch – who often has nothing better to do than rip me to his 1,114 followers – was hell bent on ruining the big unveiling with this series of inaccurate Tweets. Because he was “tired of CSN and ESPN sucking dick.” Go:

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Your Friday Morning Roundup: Andy Reid on Mike and Mike, King Dunlap Probably Out, Donovan McNabb and Beaker?, and More

Kyle Scott - September 28, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 9.22.56 AM
Photo: 97.5 The Fanatic 

Mike and Mike broadcast from Xfinity Live! this morning, where they were joined by Andy Reid and, as mandated by law and ESPN when talking about football in and or around Philadelphia, Ron Jaworski and Sal Paolantonio. [Listen to all three.]

Reid told the Mikes, somewhat sarcastically, that despite not running the ball, somehow the Eagles have had great running backs:

“I never run the football. But Duce Staley, Brian Westbrook and LeSean McCoy somehow end up in Pro Bowls. Or end of being the leading rushers in the National Football League or in the history of the Philadelphia Eagles.”


Eh on including Duce Staley (who, by the way, is now a metric ton), but agreed on Westbrook and McCoy. The problem is, as Reid went on to mention, those guys often get the ball on short passes and screens. So, it’s not necessarily about him not using the running backs, it’s about him not letting them run the ball. Big difference, Big Red.

Last night after Donovan McNabb’s first appearance on Daily News Live, where he will appear every Thursday night for the rest of the season or until a team picks hi HAHAHAHAHAHA, Former Five swung by Xfinity Live!, where he, apparently, hung out with Evan Turner:

Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 9.25.32 AM

I imagine those two had a classic the fans just don’t understand me fest. Meep, meep. 

CSN Philly is reporting that King Dunlap will likely not play on Sunday. I am reporting that is one small step for man, one slow, plodding shuffle for shitty offensive linemen.

Lance Easley, the replacement official who hocked up the Packers-Seahawks game, told TMZ he made the right call:

He says strongly … the Packers player who allegedly intercepted the ball never had singular possession because, "You have to not only have the ball but have either 2 feet or a body part on the ground, and that never happened."

Easley says this was clearly a case of simultaneous possession — meaning the catch goes to the offensive player –  adding, "Put any other official who knows the rules and they would make the same call."



Other links:

The Sixers have a new ticket platform that lets you pick individual seats. Tickets go on-sale today at 10 a.m.

I’m sure reader and conspiracy theorist Al will enjoy this Philly Mag article about five ways the government is tracking you and going to storm into your homes in the middle of the night and steal your children, liberty and PS3.

Wow. Apple CEO Tim Cook writes an open letter to customers apologizing for the new maps and even suggests downloading alternatives.

Still no results on the autopsy of Garrett Reid.

Alex Morgan dancing to Call Me Maybe. OK.

John Gonzalez is allowed to write about the Eagles again, it seems, and he wonders if the Eagles-Giants rivalry is the best one in Philly. From a critical mass standpoint? I’d say yes. But the Flyers-Penguins rivalry is significantly more entertaining.

Celebrate Brian Dawkins This Week

Kyle Scott - September 25, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-09-25 at 1.51.00 PM

Huge night on Sunday night, as the Eagles will honor Brian Dawkins before their game against the Giants. 

Prepare yourselves for an onslaught of Dawk coverage and discussion this week. Friday will be “Brian Dawkins Day” on 97.5 The Fanatic. And some of our partners, Philly Phaithful and Sports Vault, are getting in on the fun too:

Use the code cb10 to take 10% off the very popular Weapon X t-shirt. As always, Philly Phaithful gear is printed on high-quality American Apparel products. Get one, or 20, here.

Need some swag to go along with your t-shirt? Sure ya do! Then check out Sports Vault and their exclusive Brian Dawkins autographed memorabilia.

Do it. Support Dawk. Support our sponsors. Support the site!

Brian Dawkins Will Join ESPN as an Analyst

Kyle Scott - September 5, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-09-05 at 12.38.01 PM

The 2005 Eagles* continue to assimilate into the media world.

Yesterday, Ryan detailed for you how Donovan McNabb will join the NFL Network as an analyst** (since confirmed). He will be part of Playbook, which airs Friday nights at 8 p.m.

Now today, ESPN announced that Brian Dawkins will join their little network: []

Nine-time Pro Bowl safety Brian Dawkins is joining ESPN as a NFL analyst.  He will appear on studio programs throughout the year such as SportsCenter, NFL Live, Audibles and NFL32. He will make his debut on Audibles on Thursday, Sept. 13, at 7 p.m. ET, alongside Keyshawn Johnson, Jerry Rice and Marcellus Wiley. 


Nice. Everyone loves them some B-Dawk (though I tend to think the adulation tossed his way by some Philly folks is creepy). It was already announced that Dawkins would join Mike Missanelli at 4:10 on Fridays on 97.5 The Fanatic, which is obviously an affiliate of ESPN.

*I don’t know if you can really assign a year to that era of Eagles football, mostly because NFC Championship losses blur together. So, I go with 2005, the year in which they played in the Super Bowl and the title year of perhaps the best ever version of Madden, when Defensive Playmaker was introduced and I was completely unstoppable with the Truck Stick and B-Dawk. 2005 Eagles.

**Is it bad that since I always forget how to spell "analyst," I use the memory helper "anal cyst" to remember? Like, that's weird, right? Yeah, thought so. Carry on.