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The Spectrum is still Not Dead Yet

Kyle Scott - February 18, 2011


As of 9:30 A.M. this morning on

It's almost as if someone gave the Spectrum Bill Pullman's Independence Day pep talk before the demo cranes came: We will not go quietly into the night!

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Somebody Needs to Take the Spectrum Behind the Barn and Shoot It

Kyle Scott - February 16, 2011


This image (from was taken at 3:00 P.M. today- Day 3 of the supposed final demolition. The crane is picking it apart like a crow chomping on roadkill. Poor Spectrum.

Really, the America's Greatest former Showplace is not unlike Jamie Moyer: Both are around 50-years-old, have seen one major championship, and, despite catastrophic injury, are hanging around longer than they should. Sad, really.

If the Spectrum attempts a comeback in 2012, I'm going to be really freaked out.

The Spectrum Looks Like Lindsay Lohan

Kyle Scott - February 3, 2011


The Spectrum is slowly coming unraveled, sort of like LiLo after a coke binge. You can see some of it's private parts, but mostly it's just a dirty skeleton.


Pics via Steve Whyno (@swhyno) and Ike Richman (@Ike_Richman)

UPDATE: Reader Lauren passes along this link to Ike's Facebook page with fantastic video of the final trip into the Spectrum.

The Spectrum Don’t Look so Good

Kyle Scott - January 3, 2011

image from

via Comcast Spectacor PR man Ike Richman.  Tons of pics on his Facebook page.

Your Full, Awkward Spectrum Demolition Roundup

Kyle Scott - November 23, 2010

This is going to take a while

That was, quite possibly, the most awkward hour in Philadelphia sports history.

If you weren't there in person, or didn't get a chance to watch the live feed, well, you didn't exactly miss much.

Peter Luuko got the party started.  He talked about his memories of the Spectrum and "that funny smell" during Grateful Dead concerts.  Rebel.

Speaking of rebels, Mayor Nutter followed Luuko.  He sheepishly told the crowd about the time he left school early to go see the Flyers' Stanley Cup parade.  Oh man, just a couple of gangstas up on that stage today.

Then it came time for Dr. J to speak.  FOR 15 MINUTES.  He waxed poetic about life, tombstone dashes and… I don't know, I stopped listening.  Is it just me, or is he starting to look more and more like Jackie Childs?


Ed Snider had the quote of the day, when speaking about the future:

In The Wells Fargo… whatever it's called center.


Well played, Ed.  A bunch of Tweets say that he left before the wrecking ball could do its damage. UPDATE: here he is watching from his car.

We use that term loosely.  At 12:35, with Bruce Springsteen's Wrecking Ball blaring, the crane operator took his first swing.  And then another.  And another.  Then, on his fourth attempt, knocked some dust out.  Boos prompted him to go after some windows.  Only in Philly.

Sadly, the most emotional moment came in CSN's studio.  Michael Barkann held back tears as he talked about how he met his wife in the bowels of the old showplace.  

Video of the demolition and booing after the jump.  And a picture of a guy in a kilt wearing a Hextall jersey playing the bag pipes.  I love you, Philadelphia.

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CSN to Live Stream Spectrum Demolition

Kyle Scott - November 21, 2010


UPDATE: We'll have the live feed right here.

CSN will live stream the demolition of the Spectrum (in addition to airing it on TV) on Tuesday at noon.

From the press release:

“The Spectrum’s Final Show” will be hosted by Michael Barkann in studio, along with Neil Hartman who will be live outside the Spectrum.  In addition to live coverage of the wrecking ball hitting the legendary arena, viewers will hear from Comcast-Spectacor Chairman Ed Snider, Flyers alums Bernie Parent and Bob Clarke, and Philadelphia 76ers Julius “Dr. J” Erving.

If you can't watch on TV or online, PSD will provide live running commentary.

The Fat Lady Has Sung (and been removed from the outside), Spectrum Comes Down November 23rd

Kyle Scott - November 9, 2010


That's the day wrecking balls will take to the brick facade and glass windows. Ironically, it won't be the first time the glass will have been busted in.  In 1993, winds from a blizzard broke windows and postponed a Flyers game against the Kings.

How's that for a reference?  I know this because I was a 9-year-old stuck at home, crying over the fact that I couldn't make it to the game to see Wayne Gretzky.  The postponement came much to my delight.

The demolition will begin at noon on the 23rd and is open to the public- just stay away from the building, dammit.  CSN will televise (and live stream? please?) for those who can't attend.

When told about the demo date, Paul Holmgren was a little less sentimental:

“Hasn’t it been like three years? It’s about time."

More at Philly Sports Daily.