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Video: The Ridiculous Home Run Derby in Reading

Kyle Scott - July 11, 2012

Back in the spring, we told you about Reading’s insane home run derby plans: interns on trampolines, golf carts, flamingos (fake), someone hanging from a crane, fans on the field during the derby. The list goes on. 

Last night, it happened. It happened just like they said. And as far as we know, no one died. 

Another video after the jump.

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The F$%#ing Insane Reading Phillies All-Star Hitting Challenge is Awesome

Kyle Scott - January 25, 2012


YES! This is it!
The all-star game skills competition we’ve all been waiting for. The perfect marketing event. The perfect cheer.

The folks in the Reading Phillies marketing department have hit another home run with their latest wacky idea. Two years ago it was the briefly controversial Ryan Howard Garden Gnome. Then, for this season, the Ryan Howard-Crazy Hot Dog Vendor Double Bobblehead. Now it’s the… um… most insane All-Star Home Run Derby easily ever.

On Tuesday, July 10, stars from the Eastern League will compete in the competition that is not so much a home run derby as it is the fantastic offspring of P.T. Barnum and a strip of acid. First Energy Stadium will play host to the absolutely ridiculous event which takes many cues from the batting mini-game in MVP Baseball 2005.*

*What, you think we wouldn’t notice that receiving bonus points for hitting a moving tractor wasn’t a direct homage to the greatest baseball video game ever created? Child please.

Based GM Scott Hunsicker’s description of the event – a video that must be viewed after the jump – here’s what a home run derby on drugs looks like:

500 fans can purchase VIP tickets to stand in the infield during the hitting contest. There will be a probably-safe 12-foot high net for protection. In addition, sponsors such as Pepsi, All-Star Distributing and others will be serving beer, soda, hot dogs, sausages, and raw oysters.

Grammy Award winning artist David Cullen will be playing live music while seated just feet in front of home plate. He will, of course, be mostly protected by a net.

There will be sponsor targets in the outfield that will earn batters money for their United Way agency. 

A MF-ing trampoline in left field with an intern (or someone…) bouncing up and down trying to catch line drives. 

An eight-foot large target on a dunk tank in center field.

A “golf ball picker-upper thing” that batters can, of course, hit for points and money.


Mascots running around the outfield. By catching balls they can earn negative points for batters.

And an intern suspended 30 feet above the field by a crane trying to catch line drives.


I want to go to there. 

No, really, I do. What would be better than having an intern shag flies dodge dangerous liners while bouncing recklessly on a trampoline? Having a Philly sports blogger do it and then chronicle his experience for thousands to see. I’m talking like strap iPhone camera to my chest and make game-saving catches sort of thing. Call me, Reading.

Must-watch video of the insanity is after the jump.

H/T to (@krobe35)

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Video: Idiot Fan Almost Falls Over Railing at Home Run Derby

Kyle Scott - July 12, 2011

This was mentioned in our Home Run Derby running commentary (although I missed it live). Keith Carmickle stood on a table and leaned over a railing trying to catch an exhibition baseball. Have we learned nothing?

Less than a week ago, Shannon Stone died while trying to catch a ball thrown to him by Josh Hamilton.

Video via The Big Lead

Home Run Derby Running Commentary

Kyle Scott - July 12, 2011

Pic via (@jose3030)

Re-live the absurdity that was the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby. Chris Berman "back" counter included.


8:01 And we're live… with an uncomfortable second base performance by Jason Aldean. Don't worry, I have no idea who he is, either. Apparently, the song is called "It's My Kind of Party." Looks that way, one player's kid is covering his ears. 

8:04 Cue Berman, standing on home plate with Saturn's rings wrapped around his neck. Wait, nope, just a tie.

He's pumping up the crowd WWE style: "Are we ready?" Elevated crickets at best.

8:10 After introducing the lineup, Boomer turns it over to John Kruk and Nomar Garciaparra. Nomar comments that the players came out of the dugout "sweaty," indicating that they must be ready for the event. It's 100 degrees in Phoenix. That could be a factor, as well.

John Kruk: "You don't understand the intensity that's down here." 

No, we do. Anyone who has ever watched a heated bingo night has experienced this cauldron of anticipation. B 7, B 7.  The letter B and the number 7. B 7.

8:12 This is always my favorite part: Pedro Gomez introduces kids from a local Boys and Girls Clubs. Tonight's donation will be determined by an arbitrary home run hitting contest. Sometimes life ain't fair, kids.

8:15 Cal Ripken to throw out first pitch. Congrats, Cal, this is old-timer life. After a brief debate, baseball's Iron Man throws it from the mound. Would we have it any other way?

8:16 Big Papi replaces Robinson Cano with Adrian Gonzalez in the leadoff spot. The Red Sox-Yankees rivalry never dies.

8:18 Nomar comments on the players' forearm muscles. Did somebody say performance enhancing drugs? No? OK.

8:21 Nomar: "I really like the mentality both sides are showing."

That was after one pitch. One. It's 8:21 and we're just now getting underway. Can you feel the excitement?

8:21 First home run of the night, ESPN debuts new distance counter, which appears in ball's landing spot. Nice. Subtle, simple, useful. – politely claps –

8:22 POOL SHOT!!!! Gets a "splashdown" from Boom. We're off to a roaring start.

8:25 We're five outs in and not a single "back back" from Berman. This may be a conscious effort.

8:26 Never mind. Three "backs." Over/under is 72.

8:26 I'm pretty sure Heath Bell, who is sitting at the announcer's table, just said "I'm taping this shit at home." He was bleeped. The Chase Utley HR Derby Delay Corollary makes its first contribution of the night. Chase: The gift who keeps on giving.

8:28 Gold ball worth $150. Apparently, there is actually gold in the ball. The children from the Boys and Girls Clubs look on in horror. Back home they play with a rubber coated sphere of duct tape.

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