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Jimmy Rollins Gets Zen (Or Just Wants You To Know That He Has Significantly More Money Than You Do)

Kyle Scott - September 1, 2011

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Rehab my groin!!! Or build a speakeasy on Dry Island.

Tiger Woods in Philly for Press Conference, Reporter Almost Costs Charity $1 Million

Kyle Scott - May 24, 2011

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Two things:

1) Today we've posted about perhaps the world's two greatest fornicators: Smarty Jones and Tiger Woods. And if there's anyone who can figure out a way to become the real life equivalent of Smarty Jones, it's Tiger Woods. Sooo… it all ties together.

2) This was perhaps the greatest don't ask me about this press conference move of all time… and it backfired.

Woods is in Philly today to promote the upcoming AT&T Classic at Aronimink. About an hour before his nationally televised press conference, he Tweeted that he would donate $1 million to his charity, the Tiger Woods Foundation, if no one asked him about his leg.

First question:

Tiger, how you doin? Um, first question, how you feelin'? How's your health today as opposed to a week ago or two weeks ago?


Way to go, asshole.

I can see Michael Richards adopting this style of post-game presser: If Tim Panaccio doesn't ask me an inane question about "bouncing back," I'll send a pallet of Rednex to inner city youths.

Audio and video after the jump.

UPDATE: Tiger will rightfully donate the money, anyway.

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BREAKING NEWS: Ryan Howard Signs MASSIVE Contract Extension

Kyle Scott - April 26, 2010


According to 97.5 The Fanatic, Ryan Howard has just signed a 5 year $125 million contract extension, with an option for a 6th year in 2017.

He will make $20 million in 2012 and 2013, $25 million in 2014-2016, and there is a club option in 2017 for $23 million.

That's gangsta.