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Video: Domonic Brown Delivered a Ball OVER THE BATTER’S EYE WALL

Kyle Scott - February 26, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 4.58.10 PM

needs more of that at CBP

Brown told reporters that, this spring, he is "hunting the fastball." Yes, sir.

Video after the jump.

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Caption This: Hunter Pence and Domonic Brown Pose, Jacked and Shirtless, with Female Trainer in the Middle

Kyle Scott - February 6, 2012


I will leave you female readers to yourselves…

Hunter Pence tweeted this picture of himself and Dom Brown, whose job he stole, at Next Level Performance Training in Tampa. I will make no comments about the girl in the middle, but I’m sure you will in the comments…

Buster Olney Says Phillies Have No Intention of Trading Brown

Kyle Scott - July 29, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-07-29 at 5.18.51 PM

Annnnnnnnnd the plot thickens…

Morning Wood: Dom Brown Can’t Field Edition

Kyle Scott - July 28, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-07-28 at 8.33.58 AM

Last night was a classic – vintage – Dan Baker game, as the Phillies held a ceremony to honor Pat Gillick for his (Dan Baker voice) INducTION INTO baseBALL's HALL of fame.

After a rather moving Phanavision montage of Gillick's years with the Phillies caused my lip to quiver (what? I like it when old men cry), the former GM was presented with an oil painting of… himself. This:

Screen Shot 2011-07-28 at 8.28.26 AM

Gee thanks, guys. You can’t see his eyes and he looks like he’s on a margarita-fueled safari through a Caribbean island. Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t paint him lying shirtless on Clearwater Beach.

Anyway, congrats to Pat.

The Phillies lost, 2-1, thanks in large part to another one of Dom Brown’s Magellan-like routes to field a batted ball. Why yes, Virginia, there is a real-life equivalent of the path Dom Brown takes to fly balls:

You know when you’re approaching the entranceway of a public building and someone is roughly 8-10 paces behind you? It’s that no-man’s land where they are too far back to hold the door open without seeming creepy, but not far enough behind to just slam it. So you do one of two things: you either speed up (the preferred method) to put a safe distance between you and your subject, allowing you to enter without any door-holding burden, or (rare), if there is a really attractive member of the opposite sex, you take a ridiculously circuitous route, going around the fountain (we’ll assume this building has one) before entering. That allows you to safely – uncreepily – hold the door open. We’re going to call that the Dom Brown from now on. The next time you dangle just look enough to lengthen your encounter with Suzy… you Dom Brown’d her. Make it happen.

Let’s harden.

Steve Bucci has more on Brown’s boner.

Roy Oswalt pitched in a rehab assignment in the Lehigh Valley. He gave up only one earned run in four innings. Here he is talking about the outing.

Paul Hagen, who we’re assuming survived his night-long encounter with Jimmy Snuka on Tuesday, thinks the Phillies need another bat.

Carlos Beltran is officially a Giant. He flew into Philly last night and will play for the Giants today.

To make room… there are  conflicting reports that Pat Burrell will be released by the Giants……… Rube? If this happens, it will get talked about for the next 72 hours. Burrell was the lone reason the Giants made the playoffs last year, though he has 61 strike outs in less than 200 at-bats this year. As much as I’d like to see him back in a Phillies’ uniform, I’m not sure he would be anything more than a slower, dare I say sexier, right-handed Raul Ibanez.

Hanley Ramirez is in a war of words with Jeff Conine for the title “Mr. Marlin.” Honestly, who gives a shit?

Finally, Chooch on fire.

Screen Shot 2011-07-28 at 9.04.36 AM

Yeah, that’s an STD.

H/T to (@KylePMcGill) for the pic 

Jon Heyman Says Phillies Could Trade Domonic Brown for Carlos Beltran

Kyle Scott - July 20, 2011


As you are probably already aware, the Phillies are interested in the services of Carlos Beltran and his mole. Today, Jon Heyman shed a little more light on the situation, saying the Phillies could trade Domonic Brown:

There has been buzz over the past few days about Beltran and the Phillies, who do have a decent prospect stash. While most of Philly's better prospects are pitchers, two people with knowledge of the talks said the Mets' first target with Philly would be top outfield prospect Domonic Brown. That may seem at first blush like a big asking price, but the Phillies are probably the World Series favorite and are clearly going for it this year, they need to get more righthanded (Beltran is a switch hitter while Brown is a lefty), Beltran is the best hitter on the market and they can fit him onto their team without paying a cent.


It's that time of year, folks. Ruben Amaro, wearing dark shades and a fuck you smile, has settled in at the poker table. He told the media media he won't speak about any potential trades until after the deadline… which is just fine, because he usually lies, anyway- think Paul Holmgren without the buzz cut and lunacy.

Brown's name has come up in trade discussions, but Heyman is the first to lay out the case for trading him. He also ranks the Phillies first in potential suitors for Beltran:

1. Phillies. Look like the clear favorite at the moment. Arguably baseball's best team needs to balance its lineup. Very capable of surprises (they are also connected to Rockies star Ubaldo Jimenez even though they have baseball's rotation top). Their resistance to exceeding baseball's $170 million luxury tax threshold could be allayed by the Mets paying Beltran's salary. Even if they won't surrender Brown, "they have arms,'' one scout said. But Brown would fit in rightfield as Beltran's replacement in New York. 


This may be nothing more than conjecture on Heyman's part, but if you remember, he was the first to report the Phillies' interest in Cliff Lee. We know how that turned out.

Either way, get this out of your system now.

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Welcome Back, Dom Brown

Kyle Scott - May 20, 2011


Ruben Amaro is a straight up liar. At approx 10:30 last night:

Will Dom Brown be called up?



We don't think he's ready to do it.


2:40 today: Domonic Brown was recalled to replace Shane Victorino, who was placed on the DL with a Grade 1 or 2 hamstring strain.

Brown was hitting .341 with two home runs in Triple-A.

The Phillies also called up David Herndon (yawn) and sent down Scott Mathieson.

Chris Pronger is Hurt

Kyle Scott - March 10, 2011


Oh good, he can join Dom Brown and Chase Utley on our growing "oh shit" list.

According to the Flyers beat reporters, Pronger will miss tonight's game with an "upper-body injury." Oh hockey speak.

It most likely stems from the puck he took the the hand a couple of weeks ago, but given the fact he played on Tuesday and is now out of the lineup, it's obviously a bit of a problem.

Can we just wrap all of the Flyers and Phillies in bubble plastic until April? Or at least in something like the club Dom Brown has on his surgically repaired hand?


Phils Say Brown Surgery Successful, Continue to Ignore Existence of Chase Utley

Kyle Scott - March 8, 2011


Phillies trainer Scott Sheridan said Domonic Brown underwent successful surgery this morning to remove the hamate bone in his right hand. He can be swinging a bat again in as little as two weeks.

Why? Because, other than scar tissue, there's nothing that actually has to heal.

Sheridan says Brown could be back to playing a "full out" in 4-6 weeks.

That's good. How about Chasey? [via Matt Gelb]

The update on Utley from trainer Scott Sheridan: "He's a nice gentleman." That will be the only update of the day.


Of course he is, but that's another none update on Chase, and we're now four days out from his cortisone shot. Not good.