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Kyle Scott - September 8, 2014

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I does indeed hate him more today than I did yesterday.

Donovan McNabb is a Huge Asshole

Kyle Scott - September 2, 2014

Photo Credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Donovan McNabb was on 97.5 today with Harry Mayes, Brian Baldinger and his crazy-ass pinky. Here’s what he (McNabb, not Baldy’s wild pinky) said about Nick Foles:

Does he give you the impression that he’s a franchise quarterback?

“I can’t answer that at this particular point, but if I had to give a take, I would say no. I think what he will do, he won’t do what he did last year, that just won’t happen. 27 touchdowns, 2 interceptions. I see him more being maybe a 25 touchdown, maybe a 8-10 interception guy. [They’re] trying to have in the mind of Nick Foles is you don’t have to take chances all the time. There’s nothing wrong with checking down to the back, utilizing your tight end. You don’t have to take the shots all the time. It’s not one of those type of offenses where we’re going to score on the first play and get off the field. The thing for Nick Foles is, don’t worry about what you did last year. Focus on what’s going on nowThings are going to change. Defenses are game planning for you. They’ll try and eliminate LeSean McCoy but you are their focus, and if they provide pressure to you and get you out of your spot, then they’ve done their job.”

“Nick Foles is not known for his ability to get out of the pocket. When I had him on my show, I told him, Has anyone ever told you you have the speed of a turtle? When he’s running the read option, I’ve never seen a quarterback move so slow.”


Is he joking with this? I can’t answer that… but no. Go. To. Hell. Who in the world is McNabb to tell Foles, whose team led the league in 20+ yard plays and pass plays(!), that he should be “Checkdown Charlie”? What a patronizing son of a bitch. It’s not one of those offenses where we’re going to score on the first play and get off the field? Ummmm, that’s pretty much Chip’s goal, you idiot– score quickly and get off the field. Not only is Five an asshole, his analysis couldn’t be more wrong. And he’s so butthurt that someone is more beloved (read: beloved at all) in Philly. Don’t worry about what you did last year? This coming from the guy who WORRIED ABOUT EVERYTHING. God I hate this man. Five may always love me but I’ll always hate him. I’ll hate him in a house. I’ll hate him with a mouse. I’ll hate him here or there. I’ll hate him everywhere. I hate Donovan McNabb more every day. I hate him more today than I did yesterday, and I’ll hate him more tomorrow than I do today.

Listen to the whole thing here.

Dick Stockton Will Have to Put Up with Donovan McNabb and Brady Quinn This Season

Jim Adair - August 6, 2014

Photo Credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

For this season’s Fox Sunday football broadcasts, the G-team of Dick Stockton and Ronde Barber have broken up, and Stockton will be taking up with a rotating group of men, including Brady Quinn, Kirk Morrison, and Donovan McNabb.

I for one cannot wait to hear McNabb’s trademark toothless, whiny, bland commentary style all over my Sunday football. The Eagles have nine games on Fox this year, but considering their status as a good team that deserves good commentary, you probably won’t hear McNabb/Stockton on more than a few, if at all. I really do hope he’s there if Foles gets booed though, that’ll be fun.

Donovan McNabb Thinks Nick Foles Should be Ready to be Treated Like Donovan McNabb

Jim Adair - July 28, 2014

McNabb not getting booed and yelling about it.

During a recent roundtable discussion on Fox Sports 1 — which proves the point that if a TV channel shouts, but no one watches it, it still makes a noise — Donovan McNabb had some advice for Nick Foles. First, of this coming year, McNabb said:

“I’m just a little worried if he can do it for a full season,. I’m just worried about that aspect, not so much of his health, but can you be consistent like what we saw last year? We’ve seen so many quarterbacks give us one year of greatness, and then all of a sudden they can’t live up to the expectations. I’m not saying he can’t do that in that offense, but I think expectations are a little bit too high for Nick Foles.”

We really all want to believe in Nick Foles here, and while his one year of greatness was in fact great, it was still only one year. Many QBs have gotten huge contracts off of one great year (or even one pretty good game, Matt Flynn), but there will be a lot of pressure on Foles to do well this year. Here is where McNabb is not wrong. He continued, according to Philly Mag:

“‘When you’re in command of an offense like that, the confidence is so high going into this offseason about Nick Foles, instead of the offense. Guys remember that. Guys have that in mind going into workouts, and they’re hearing so much about the quarterback. But for Nick Foles, he’s never truly been a guy where the focus is on him. In Philadelphia, the focus is on the quarterback. If he can’t do the same things he did in that first season, it’s gonna be tough.’

After host Joel Klatt jokingly asked McNabb how he would know, the former Eagles quarterback said: ‘Yeah, I know. Just be ready for the boos.'”

This is where, even if number five will always love us, he still pisses us off. At least he (kind of) admits that he was booed because he didn’t perform. But he’s still salty about it. You can tell. Fans have booed pro athletes on their own teams for many reasons, but the most frequent one is when they are expressing their displeasure when said player was doing poorly. Donovan was only really booed when he threw a horrible interception, or hurled a 3rd down pass at someone’s shoelaces, or forgot that NFL games could end in a tie. Those are all very boo-able offenses. Fans aren’t cheerleaders, and if they think you suck, they will let you know. Donovan should have accepted that as fact and gotten used to it a long time ago. And if Foles does those things, yes, he will probably be booed. But those boos aren’t expressions of “get out of here we don’t want you on our team,” they’re saying “hey, we don’t like that you just did something that helped the other team, don’t do that again.” It’s a perfectly reasonable expression of disappointment from a feverishly loyal fan base. And wouldn’t you rather be booed a little bit in a packed stadium than play in front of a half-full, half-interested crowd like the ones at Citizens Bank Park? I’ll answer that for everyone, because that answer is yes.

People will always remember McNabb getting booed at the draft. That day is its own monster. But enough years have passed that, on a national scale, no one really knows or cares about the times McNabb was booed by Eagles fans. And everyone would probably move on, if McNabb would stop bringing it up.

Matt Barkley Found Some of Donovan McNabb’s Old Shoes and Joel Embiid Knows Someone with Photoshop

Jim Adair - July 23, 2014

Right now in the Twitter accounts of local athletes who aren’t playing:

The prototype cleats above, which are certainly more stylish than any of the other cleats McNabb wore, were found by Matt Barkley while he was hanging around the NovaCare Complex(?). Barkley was presumably looking for some flashy kicks because he wanted to look his best for his catch with Jimmy Kempski.

Donovan, you’re free right? You can swing on by and pick those up anytime.

And Joel Embiid knows someone who is does passable Photoshop work:

Donovan McNabb is Selling His Fisker Karma Hybrid for $62k on eBay

Kyle Scott - May 28, 2014

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Wow. Today must be the day the 2004 Eagles sell their prized possessions. First Andy Reid’s house, now Donovan McNabb’s car. What’s next, T.O.’s penis pictures? WAIT A MINUTE!

Donovan McNabb’s Fisker Karma EcoSport is available on eBay with a starting bid of $62,000. And there’s a bonus for those of you who can afford a $62k car but not a ~$500 piece of sports memorabilia– McNabb is throwing in a signed jersey (presumably Eagles, not Redkins) and football for the winning bidder:

2012 Fisker Karma Eco Sport. This is owned by NFL great Donovan McNabb. Pro Motorsports is assisting him with the sale of the vehicle and the questions about it. We have it at our showroom currently. The shadow grey is a great metallic paint. The black sand interior is leather and alcanterra finished in black. The car is in near perfect condition. The wheels have zero curb marks. The miles are very few with under 3,500. The rear end and batteries have been already fixed and replaced. Those are the two weak points in the Fisker. These are new and ready to drive. This car has been pampered by an owner that appreciates the work of art that is the Karma Fisker.

Mr. McNabb will be giving away a signed jersey and football to the winning bidder.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Is this the car he got a DUI in? Because driving around in Donovan McNabb’s DUI car would say something. I’m not sure what… but something. Anyway, no, it’s not. That was a Range Rover.

The Fisker is in great shape except for its undercarriage, because apparently McNabb kept scraping the bottom when he tried to pull into tight spaces. Also, there’s vomit all over the floor.

via Busted Coverage

UPDATE: Here’s Donovan McNabb’s Mugshot

Kyle Scott - April 17, 2014

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The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona has released Donovan McNabb’s mugshot– without an explanation. Yet.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE 1: He was issued a criminal traffic citation in January in that county. May be related to that.

UPDATE 2: TMZ reports it was a DUI arrest:

Law enforcement tells us the mug shot stems from a DUI arrest in January.

We’re told McNabb hashed out a plea deal with prosecutors and was sentenced to 1 day in an Arizona jail.

One law enforcement source tell us McNabb has already served his time … though it’s unclear when that happened.

We’ve made multiple calls to McNabb’s people — so far, no word back.

Weird that it’s released now.


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Donovan McNabb is Still the Michael Jordan of Being a Son of a Bitch

Kyle Scott - March 2, 2014

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Donovan McNabb is still working on the Twitter thing. Still working on the media thing. Still working on not being a complete egotistical jackass.

He played here throughout a large portion of Allen Iverson’s career and, in many ways, was the anti-AI. Five was a clean-cut guy from a stable family who stayed out of trouble and rarely was involved in controversy away from the practice facility. He was also a superstar and led his team to the Super Bowl. Iverson was rough around the edges, the child of a young single mother, was always in (legal) trouble and made all sorts of headlines away from the court. He was also a superstar and led his team to the Finals.

On the surface, you’d think that it would be McNabb who is beloved in Philly. But nope. It’s Iverson. And it’s not even close. This you know: Iveron’s brutal honesty and balls-firmly-outside-the-shorts style of play endeared him to Philly fans almost immediately. McNabb’s laugh-and-stick-your-tongue-out-and-blame-someone-else style is from Part 1 of the How to Get Philly to Hate You missive.

I’m sure Five never quite grasped why fans gravitated toward AI more than him. [Actually, he probably thought it was someone else’s fault.] But when last night he tweeted his congrats to Iverson, it seemed like a nice, thoughtful gesture:

Voila_Capture 2014-03-02_06-17-03_PM

A few hours later he found the retweet button, and in doing so answered the question posed in the Tweet from Mr. Hays:

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You see, the difference is that everything Iverson says is real, is visceral. He says and does what he’s feeling– good or bad, right or wrong. He could park his Bentley in front of an emergency room entrance to run in and grab a Coke out of the hospital’s vending machine causing someone to die in the process because they couldn’t get to the operating room in time… and he’d say something so honest and profound afterward that we’d be like, yeah, you know what, everybody makes mistakes and this was one of his. McNabb, on the other hand, he’s so goddamn self-absorbed that he can’t string together a sentence (literally, sometimes) without straining it through a filter of self so thick that it comes off as though he rehearsed it 20 times in front of the evil queen’s mirror, which undoubtedly told him that he is indeed the Fivest of them all. It’s always about me. Me. Me. Me. I. I. I. Fuck you!