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Crossing Broadcast: Big Red

Russ Joy - January 22, 2020

Kevin, Bob, Anthony, and Russ address the hatred for Andy Reid, recap the Championship Games, and offer early thoughts on the Super Bowl matchup. They then break down San Francisco’s dominant performances and address Anthony’s take that Pat Mahomes is overrated. “Big Bet Bob” gives some historical numbers on the Super Bowl coin flip. They then update the Buzzergate situation and give their opinions of what it would take to strip Houston of their World Series crown. Finally, a quick roundup of Sixers, Phillies, and Eagles points.

*This episode of Crossing Broadcast is brought to you by DraftKings Sportsbook and Odd Logic Brewing Co. 

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Crossing Broadcast: Stealing Signs, PR Snafu, The Chip

Russ Joy - January 14, 2020

Kevin, Anthony, Bob, and Russ discuss the Houston Astros’ decision to fire their manager and GM in the wake of being caught in a cheating scandal. The guys then break down whether the Phillies made the right move in arbitration with JT Realmuto and if John Middleton believes in the direction of the team. They then dissect the PR snafu of Doug Pederson’s coaching staff assurances and firings a day later, whether or not Jeffrey Lurie is meddling in football operations and if he should be. They offer their thoughts on what the team should do at OC. The guys then preview the National Championship game and reflect on the Sixers’ recent stretch.

*This episode of Crossing Broadcast is brought to you by DraftKings Sportsbook and Odd Logic Brewing Co. 

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Crossing Broadcast and Snow The Goalie

Russ Joy - December 2, 2019

Crossing Broadcast: “The Dolphins Game, Streaking Sixers”

Kevin, Anthony, Bob, and Russ discuss the loss to the Dolphins and debate whether or not the team will make changes to the front office or coaching staff if the team doesn’t make the playoffs. The guys then assess whether the Eagles or Cowboys deserve to win the decision. They finish with Sixers takeaways, the Phillies’ signing of Andrew Knapp, and a Mount Rushmore of Coventry Mall stores.

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Snow The Goalie: “The Hottest Team in Town”

Anthony and Russ debate whether the Flyers are the most enjoyable team in the city right now. The guys then discuss the change in mindset that Alain Vigneault has brought to the team, JVR trying the get off the 4th line, and a rotation for the defensive third pair. Plus, an analytics take against Ivan Provorov sends Anthony off on an epic rant and a timed tweet sets off accusations of trolling the Eagles.

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Doug Pederson Responds to Josina Anderson’s Anonymous Source Report

Russ Joy - October 18, 2019

The Josina Anderson anonymous source struck twice this week, first with a reaction to the Eagles’ failure to acquire Jalen Ramsey, then again when it questioned the offense. Doug Pederson addressed the former on Wednesday and tackled the latter topic on Friday:

Transcription after the jump:

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Nobody Was More Relieved On Thursday Night Than Doug Pederson

Russ Joy - September 27, 2019

It’s been about 24 hours since the Eagles took the field and reasserted themselves as a legitimate threat in the NFC with a 34-27 victory over the previously-undefeated Green Bay Packers. While no one was likely more relieved to make a game-winning interception than linebacker Nigel Bradham, who had earlier dropped a likely pick-six, it’s pretty clear that head coach Doug Pederson felt the pressure to avoid a potentially disastrous 1-3 start:

Pederson: Look, I have told you guys this before. One thing I love about you is the way you fight for sixty minutes and you hang in there for one another. When things don’t look pretty -and it’s never a pretty win- but it is a win. Listen, it took all sixty minutes, it took every man in this room to get this thing done. There is no quit in this team. It’s all about fight, it’s all about hanging together, about one play at a time. We talked about that stuff this week on a short week. I’m so proud of this group. And we needed this. Okay? We needed this for a lot of reasons. One… to get to 2-2. Let’s not kid ourselves. But, we’re 1-0 this week.

That’s our coach. He’s been a constant in the midst of what’s been an injury-riddled start to the season for his team. As usual, it’s clear that the guys in the locker room respect and rallied around their leader. The only downside? No Eagles game on Sunday. We’ll survive and, in just nine days, the Birds will thrive at home against the Jets.

The Eagles Were Open-Hand Slapped in the Face

Coggin Toboggan - November 19, 2018

When it can be argued that Alex Smith had a less painful weekend than the Philadelphia Eagles, you know things didn’t go to well for the Birds on Sunday afternoon.

We all knew it had the potential to be bad, but this bad? A 48-7 massacre of the Super Bowl winners was the worst defeat in the history of the NFL for a defending champion.

The Eagles weren’t so much punched in the mouth yesterday as they were open-hand slapped across the face. A punch would have been more dignified. A punch would have left this team snoring on the ground with their eyes rolled up into the back of their head, oblivious to the horrors around them.

The Saints did not allow them such mercy. The Saints reared back and slapped the Eagles across the face as hard as they could. They weren’t allowed the dignity of being knocked out, they were left to whimper and sob softly to themselves as snot and tears drained from their orifices, a sad slick of failure smeared into their stinging cheeks as they pathetically looked up at the Saints looming over them.

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Angry Doug Pederson Is The Best Doug Pederson

Coggin Toboggan - September 5, 2018

Folksy Doug Pederson has left the building and he’s taken his homespun yarns with him. Angry Doug Pederson is here this year and he’s leaving a ravaged media corps(e) in his wake.

The media hates it. They hate Angry Doug, they hate his testiness and his unwillingness to answer question after question about the quarterback situation and when Carson Wentz will be cleared for contact or when he might start or exactly how big Nick Foles’s penis is (ANSWER THE QUESTION, DOUG) or what they should say to that girl they like to get her to notice them.

And Doug is having none of it. Gone are niceties. Forget bowls of ice cream this season, Doug Pederson is treating the media to big old bowls of SHUT THE HELL UP and making sure they down every last drop before they’re allowed to leave the big boy table.

Most fans absolutely love it to the utter BEWILDERMENT of the local media.

Doug has earned the love, and if he wants to be cranky, he gets to be cranky.

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The Bud Light Eagles Statue is Nick Foles and Doug Pederson Calling the “Philly Special”

Kevin Kinkead - September 4, 2018

Looks like the Bud Light statue outside of Lincoln Financial Field does indeed appear to be Doug Pederson and Nick Foles deciding on the “Philly Special” play call during Super Bowl 52.

We did a short post a few minutes ago featuring a picture of the statue with a cover draped over it, but here’s an image of the statue sans veil below:

Looks like Pederson holding a play sheet. The crane is moving crusher Doug into position on the pedestal next to Foles.

Pretty gnarly, yeah? I assume this will only be up for Thursday night before eventually being moved, but I say we replace the Rocky statue at the Art Museum with this masterpiece instead.