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Spectrum Roof Collapsing

Kyle Scott - February 14, 2011

Source: Ike Richman

According to Comcast Spectacor PR man Ike Richman, technical problems with the crane delayed the Spectrum demo until tomorrow. The roof, however, is starting to cave in.

This has to be the slowest building demolition of all-time.

Speaking of slow deaths- Peter Forsberg will retire from hockey after a two game comeback with the Avalanche. Thanks for coming out, Pete.

The Walls are Coming Down at the Spectrum Today

Kyle Scott - January 24, 2011


That is all. Cliff Lee.

via Ike Richman

And here's the H&R Block video of the demolition.

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Breaking Down 4th and 1

Kyle Scott - November 22, 2010


Tim McManus does a great job of going inside the almost botched play that resulted in LeSean McCoy's touchdown.

So how did it all come to pass?

The play was actually designed by offensive line coach Juan Castillo during the week, specifically to be used against this Giants team. As hoped, the defense packed in tight to the line of scrimmage. The offensive line was able to seal the edge, allowing McCoy to spring free.

“When I saw all that grass, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me,” said McCoy. “They were beat already because their guys were boxed in, and our guys did a great job of sealing them. Any back could have ran outside there.”


A Mack truck could have gone through that hole.  Thank God Vick hung onto the snap.

Good read over at PSD.

Indeed, it is Always Shady in Philadelphia.

Your Knocking Down the Spectrum Update

Kyle Scott - November 19, 2010


Just a friendly reminder that the Spectrum will finally come down on Tuesday.  Did some sleuthing- here's some details:

  • Ceremony will begin at 12 noon
  • Wrecking Ball will make first strike at 12:20
  • List of speakers not yet released
  • This event is open to the public and parking will be free 
  • Fan Gear store open at 10am with Spectrum gear, because nothing says "you have a problem" like purchasing gear from a soon to be defunct building
  • CSN will broadcast live from 12-1 (online stream?)
  • Event will happen RAIN OR SHINE

Speaking of the Spectrum, that $2,500 "U" still hasn't sold on eBay.  Shocking.

Flyers Weigh in on Phillies’ 3-1 Deficit

Kyle Scott - October 21, 2010

Carts during the Flyers' 3-0 comeback

Remember when the Flyers were down three games to none against the Bruins in the spring?  Sure ya do.

The comeback all started with a Game 5 overtime win.  It was all downhill for the Bruins from there. The Flyers believed.  And Scott Hartnell, who is a big Fightins fan, says the Phillies should too.  [Philly Sports Daily]

“Just take it one game at a time – the old cliché I think holds true,” Scott Hartnell said. “They win this game in [the Giants’] ballpark, they got Games 6 and 7 here at Citizens Bank Park. Just take it one game at a time. They got Roy Halladay pitching, best pitcher in baseball right now.”


More from the Flyers, who take on the Ducks tonight (with tickets available for as low as $6 at Crossing Broad Tickets!!), at Philly Sports Daily.

Video: Phillies Fan Gets Taken Down by Matt Diaz

Kyle Scott - September 20, 2010


This is awesome.  Braves outfielder Matt Diaz trips up an idiot fan dressed as "Red Man", the ugly cousin of Green Man.  The dude must have felt like Michael Vick on Sunday, being blindsided like that (heyyo!).

"He might have got a flag if he did that in football," Charlie Manuel said of Diaz.

Watch the excellent face plant by the security guard!

Video after the jump and Tom McCarthy calls the fan a "yahoo."  Wheels is mad, real mad.

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