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Drake Mocked Joel Embiid

Russ Joy - May 7, 2019

Way back in game 3, I remember feeling like we’d reached the end of an emotional roller coaster. The Sixers were well on their way to their second straight win over Toronto. Then it happened. Joel Embiid threw down a windmill and the wind got knocked out of me. I’m not a killjoy, but I had a sinking feeling that once Toronto tied up the series, that lone highlight could be the defining moment of overconfidence the Raptors needed to rally around. Then they won game 4, a game that the Sixers flat out blew. Then tonight happened. People seemed surprised that Toronto could exert their dominance over Philly, as if the previous 14 matchups over the past seven years meant nothing. Just when you thought tonight’s 125-89 drubbing wasn’t bad enough, this happened:

Freaking Drake, man. He’s like that pimple at the end of your nose. Sometimes you notice it developing under your skin, and every once in a while it pops out. Here’s hoping the Sixers win game 6, so that upon returning to Toronto, Boban can go Gregor Clegane on Toronto’s viper.

Drake’s Attempt to Curse the 76ers Will Only Cement His Own Misery

Coggin Toboggan - May 1, 2019

Cursed man first and acclaimed rapper second, Drake sounds like a man who is sick and tired of being cursed. After Toronto’s Game 1 victory, Drake reportedly told any fans who would listen that he was assuredly not cursed, but it was instead 76ers limited owner Michael Rubin who had placed a curse on his own team.

ESPN NBA reporter Dave McMenamin broke news of the story on twitter:

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the words of a cursed man desperately trying to pass the curse on to someone else. The Michael Rubin curse? Get the hell out of here. Rubin was instrumental in the freeing of Meek Mill. Drake was instrumental in cursing the Raptors to lose some of the most gut-wrenching playoff series in recent memory.

It’s the Drake curse, it will always be the Drake curse, and the 76ers need to take full advantage of his wretched soul.

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Drake Eviscerates Meek Mill with Joe Carter 1993 World Series Imagery

Kyle Scott - July 29, 2015

Voila_Capture 2015-07-29_09-07-56_AM

Good morning. In case you have been living under a rock, Drake and Meek Mill are in the midst of a beef stemming from recent Tweets by Mill, who accused Drake of having a ghostwriter. Drake fired back with two freestyles released on SoundCloud, the latter of which, Back To Back, is pure fire Emoji and dropped this morning with an image of fellow Toronto, um, hero Joe Carter walking it off against Mill’s hometown Phillies in the 1993 World Series, giving the Blue Jays back-to-back titles. Get it? Here’s the knockout blow, landing on Mill’s tour with fiancée Nick Minaj:

This is for y’all who think that I don’t write enough
They just mad cause I got the Midas touch
You love her than you gotta give the world to her
Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?

I know that you wanna be that thug for her
That ain’t what she meant when she said you gotta open up more
Yeah, trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers
You getting bodied by a singing n*gga

How rude.

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The Flyers are Wearing Drake-Inspired Playoff T-Shirts

Kyle Scott - April 17, 2014

Well, I suppose this is better than becoming a Mac Miller fan. The Flyers are wearing started from the bottom now we’re here* t-shirts.

The sleeve says Disciple. Desire. Dedication.

Lots of gimmicks. Now we just need a win or two…

*There’s a 0% chance that any beat writers other than Seravalli, Dave Isaac and Sarah Baicker know what the hell that means. I can just picture Sam Carchidi asking, “Now you’re where? And do you think that’s a concern moving forward?”

Video: Drake as A-Rod on SNL was Hilarious

Kyle Scott - January 20, 2014

Sooo, Drake was actually pretty good on SNL. He was at his best as Alex Rodriguez during the cold opening– blaming auto-correct for his damning text messages with Anthony Bosch in interview with Piers Morgan. Also: Kate McKinnon is great and the next star to come from SNL. Book it.

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Dream Team Member Vince Young Was Hanging Out in New York With Drake This Week

Kyle Scott - January 13, 2012


Photo via our friend HughE Dillon of, your one-stop shop for Philly gossip, and pictures of people more beautiful and rich than you are

From the NY Post:

George Lucas lunching with Francis Ford Coppola at Michael’s while at another table was Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger . . . Eagles quarterback Vince Young buying a round of Hennessy and Cokes at the bar at La Pomme while hanging out with Drake and J. Cole . . . Cameron Diaz sneaking in the back door of Equinox in West Hollywood to avoid photographers in front of the posh fitness club. Spies said she appeared to be in a cheerful mood and stayed for over an hour.


Any time you can find Vince Young in the same graf as George Lucas and Sully is a victory in my book. 

Screen Shot 2012-01-13 at 1.59.35 PM

No pics of Young, but here's a photo gallery from the event. I don't think I would have fit in. However, there was a ton of ass and camel toe present.