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Meek Mill Performing at the Eagles’ Ring Ceremony Is Everything

Kyle Scott - June 15, 2018

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Brandon Graham Apparently Stripped Tom Brady on a Bum Hammy

Kevin Kinkead - June 7, 2018

Oh yeah, the Eagles practiced today.

Apparently Brandon Graham is even more of a beast than originally thought:

Not sure if you saw the play, but Graham’s strip sack of Tom Brady basically won the Super Bowl for the Eagles.

Here’s the play, just in case you didn’t see it:

Time’s yours.

Julian Edelman Is Suspended Four Games For Using PEDs

Kyle Scott - June 7, 2018

The Eagles killed the Patriots.

Julian Edelman is facing a four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance policy. He is appealing the decision. This comes out just as Tom Brady returns to official team workouts.

I can’t believe the Patriots cheated.

Fun wrinkle: Edelman uses Tom Brady’s health guru, Alex Guerrero, whom he called “Mr. Miyagi” in April:

“There’s always going to be those types of things,” Edelman said of Guerrero last November. “If it helps you, then it helps you and Tom [Brady] is a living proof of how that has helped his career. I am a huge advocate of it. I feel like it helps me with a lot of my stuff and I like consulting with Alex and those guys over there because I’ve seen through a lot of the rehabs that they have done and that it’s been unbelievable.”

Wax on, wax off, wax… right the fuck in your buttock with this needle. I’m speculating on how that went down.

Malcolm Jenkins Has Spoken. Will Anyone Listen?

Tim Reilly - June 7, 2018

“If you don’t like what is being said, change the conversation,” Don Draper once quipped on Mad Men. On Wednesday, Malcolm Jenkins took the advice.

As the local press surrounded Jenkins’ locker, fishing for a quote to color their stories about the Eagles’ scuttled White House trip, the Eagles safety and social activist tried a different mode of communication.

“Are you surprised that you guys eventually decided not to go to the White House?” Derrick Gunn asked. In response, Jenkins held up a poster board that read, “You Aren’t Listening.”

“More than 60% of people in prison are people of color,” read the ensuing slide in the presentation.

6 ABC reporter Jeff Skversky was the next to try to cull a sound bite from Jenkins. “Are you surprised you guys are embroiled in this controversy with the White House?”

“Nearly 200,000 juveniles enter the adult criminal system each year, most for non-violent crime. #stopschoolpipelinetoprison” was the written reply.

“Are you not going to say anything, or are you just going to use these posters?” Skversky inquired. It was a fair question in light of the unconventional display taking place.

“You aren’t listening,” came the silent retort.

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Get Your Eagles Season Tickets with Ticket IQ!

JoyOnBroad - June 6, 2018

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Malcolm Jenkins Isn’t Speaking to the Media, Just Holding Up Signs

Kevin Kinkead - June 6, 2018

Doug Pederson didn’t want to spend a lot of time talking about the White House controversy this morning.

And Malcolm Jenkins didn’t want to talk about it all, remaining completely silent and instead holding up signs at his locker with various messages for President Trump and critics of the demonstrations that started with Colin Kaepernick.

Here are some of the signs, which mention Kaepernick, teammate Chris Long, and other Eagles and NFL players who have been at the forefront of the social justice movement:

Some of the signs had statistics and crime numbers written down:

Reporters tried to ask questions in between sign-switching, which was met with silence.


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Is Carson Wentz “Shockingly” Ahead of Schedule?

Kevin Kinkead - June 6, 2018

Buried in the White House and Bryan Colangelo news was a report on Tuesday afternoon that Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is “shockingly” ahead of schedule in his return from the ACL and LCL tear.

That’s from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, who appeared on NFL live, saying, in part:

“…from people inside (organization) who were somewhat skeptical, I am hearing that he’s not just ahead of schedule — he’s WAY ahead of schedule.

He even participated a little bit in 7-on-7 (Monday). He’s doing individual drills. He threw a ball 60 yards last week effortlessly. His legs are fast. He’s stronger. And I think now, inside, you’re starting to hear they’re not going to be surprised if he really is ready for that opener.

But Doug Pederson, everybody else publicly will say ‘We’re not rushing him.’ And there is going to be some caution. They don’t have to [rush him]. Certainly, you have to be prepared for any setback.

But right now, he’s not just ahead of schedule … he is shockingly ahead of schedule.”

Doug Pederson was asked about that report today, Wednesday, and confirmed that Wentz began participating in 7v7 drills this week:

“Again, part of rehab process with him is just giving him a little.. I don’t want to say ‘freedom,’ but a little more practice time. And so one of the controlled environments we can obviously put him in is 7 on 7 situation. So being able to sprinkle him in and watch him in more of an up tempo kind of a practice, I know situations has been good, we’ll continue to do that these next two days and next week and just keep building as we go.”

So here are some more videos of Wentz at OTAs, which you can compare to his mechanics and form and fluidity from weeks prior:

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“I was Looking Forward to Going Down” – Doug Pederson on the Canceled White House Visit

Kevin Kinkead - June 6, 2018

Not sure if you heard, but the Eagles did not visit the White House on Tuesday. President Trump canceled on Monday after it was revealed that only a small portion of the team would take part in a ceremony honoring their Super Bowl 52 triumph.

Instead, the President held a rally to celebrate America, featuring the playing of the National Anthem and God Bless America.

The White House claims it tried to work with the Eagles to “change the event” format after the team reportedly asked to reschedule. Some of the Birds responded individually on social media, but today is the first official media availability since the fiasco began, beginning with Doug Pederson at the NovaCare Complex podium.

Doug didn’t want to waste a bunch of time talking about it. I don’t know if he was “annoyed,” per se, but he tried to move the conversation forward to football topics. Still, the majority of questions obviously had to do with the canceled trip.

Notes from the presser:

  • First statement on the cancellation: “This is going to be a blanket statement and then I’m not going to discuss it further. I was looking forward to going down, obviously. We did something last season that was very special, a milestone here in the city of Philadelphia, for our organization. I was looking forward to going down and being recognized as world champions. It is what it is. We’re here today, got an OTA practice now… looking forward to getting on with it.”
  • When pressed for follow ups: “I’m not discussing it… what you’ve seen and what you’ve heard is enough.”
  • Mood of the team is great, no residual effects
  • Does it bother him that he has to answer these questions? “No, we’re a team, we’re united.”
  • “Our goal is 2018 and that’s motivation enough.”
  • Did not have to address the White House situation with the players in a team meeting.
  • On fans feeling aggrieved “We have the greatest fans in the NFL, our true fans are beside us and we’re beside them, we love everything about the people who love and support us. Can’t say enough about the good things they’ve done for us.”
  • On Carson Wentz doing 7v7 – “part of rehab process is giving him a bit more practice time, one of the controlled environments we can put him in is 7v7, being able to sprinkle him in and watch him in up tempo process, we’ll continue to do that and just keep building as we go.”
  • Wentz started doing 7v7 this week
  • Can’t answer whether or not Wentz is ahead of schedule. “I’m not a doctor.”
  • Didn’t want to answer questions on how many players were planning on visiting the White House.
  • Another follow-up: “…it’s over, it’s behind us, we’re moving on.”
  • Michael Bennett is not at practice, but was back a few weeks ago during phase two of OTAs. Not worried about Bennett at all. Darren Sproles also not at training right now.
  • Can’t speak for other teams. “I was looking forward to it. You win a championship.. you wanna be recognized that way, I think it’s great. But I’m not going to speak for other teams. I was looking forward to it.”

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