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Relive the Eagles’ Super Bowl Season in Concert Format

Kevin Kinkead - April 18, 2018

Why go to Camden to see Dave Matthews for the 14th straight year when you can do something completely different this summer?

On July 24th, the Eagles are teaming up with NFL Films and the Mann Center for the Performing Arts for the world premiere of the “Philly Special” concert event.

A description from the event page:

Hosted by the “Voice of the Eagles,” Merrill Reese, relive NFL Films’ stunning video highlights of the Philadelphia Eagles Championship Season on three giant screens alongside the great Philadelphia Orchestra, performing live the inspiring, uplifting and wonderfully symphonic music of NFL Films. Show your team spirit by wearing your Eagles’ gear and come celebrate with the Eagles Cheerleaders and Swoop!  Be sure to pack a picnic and bring the whole family as we continue to celebrate this unforgettable football season!

Merrill Reese narrating Eagles highlights with the Philadelphia Orchestra? Dude, I’m in. I’ll bring the tomato pie and crappy beer, you call up Vikings fans and tell them they’re invited.

Tickets are $25 to $65, but watching Tom Brady fumble the ball again is priceless. Sales start this Friday at 10 a.m. and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Mann Center’s free arts education initiatives and Eagles Autism Challenge.



The Difference Between Daryl Worley and Michael Bennett

Kevin Kinkead - April 16, 2018

Two Birds, two arrests.

One player was released within hours while the other remains on the roster, which probably has some people wondering, “what gives?”

My gut reaction tells me that the Birds saw video of Daryl Worley’s weekend incident and decided that due process wasn’t going to change anything in this case. While the 23-year-old cornerback hasn’t had his say, or his day in court, it’s obvious the Eagles were convinced by whatever they saw or whatever they learned.

To rewind, these are the pieces of information being reported about what happened:

  • Worley was (allegedly) asleep in his car at the intersection of Broad and Pattison at 6 a.m. on Sunday morning
  • he (allegedly) did not cooperate with police, who used a taser on him
  • he (allegedly) had a loaded gun in his possession
  • it’s not clear if he was carrying that gun legally

That’s the gist of it. Worley apparently became combative with police and was taken into custody. This morning, we learned that he’s been charged with Violation of the Uniform Firearms Act, Driving Under the Influence, Disorderly Conduct, and other related charges, such as Resisting Arrest:

The nature of the charges seem to indicate that Worley was not in legal possession of the gun. Les Bowen adds this:

That’s what we know, for now. He was arraigned and released.

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Reports: Cowboys Release Dez Bryant

Kevin Kinkead - April 13, 2018

See ya later:

Fantastic football player, but he (was) a Cowboy and is also a total asshole, so that means we automatically hate him.

Doug P is Ringing the Bell Tonight

Kevin Kinkead - April 11, 2018

Doug Pederson, head coach of the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles, will ring the bell at the Wells Fargo Center tonight as the 76ers look to lock up the #3 seed and end the regular season on a 16-game winning streak.

That’s one hell of sentence.

Anyway, if it’s anything like his first pitch at the Phils game, the noise from the crowd might blow the roof off the Center:

Is Philadelphia vs. Pittsburgh Really a Rivalry?

Kevin Kinkead - April 11, 2018

I haven’t written anything about the Flyers this year because I don’t know anything about ice hockey. That’s Anthony’s beat anyway. He’s got you covered.

What I do know is that I hate Sidney Crosby and his fat face. I hate his smug demeanor and childish attitude and his 89 points. I hate his three Stanley Cups and his seven All-Star selections and his pair of Conn Smythe and Hart Trophies.

When it comes to Pittsburgh, however, that’s about it. Obviously Wawa is better than Sheetz, and it’s “soda,” not “pop,” but I really don’t dislike anything else about the Steel City.

But it’s not about me, it’s about you, the readers of Crossing Broad dot com, who overwhelming said that Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are not rivals:

Seems accurate to me.

When you go down the list of sports teams, it’s hard to find a ton of meaning:


Metropolitan Division rivals. Frequent games, playoff history, exciting matchups.


One AFC team, one NFC team. Infrequent games, no playoff matchups even possible outside of the Super Bowl.


It used to be something special before the Pirates moved to the National League Central back in 1994. You could go back to the 70s and find 10 NLCS appearances between the two teams, an era of success that saw the Pirates win it all twice (’71 and ’79’) and the Phillies once (1980). It’s been tempered since then, and when the Pirates began to turn the corner about five or six years ago, the Phils were sliding back to mediocrity after the 2008 and 2009 World Series appearances.

Sixers/no one

Pittsburgh doesn’t have an NBA team.

Union/no one

No MLS team, but Pittsburgh does have a USL team, the Riverhounds, who play Bethlehem Steel a few times a year.


Pitt kind of sucks in all sports now, so it’s hard to find meaning there. They don’t play Temple or Villanova anymore, and those football and basketball games weren’t rivalries anyway. What else is out there? Duquesne? Carnegie Mellon? The Point Park Pioneers?

I think that’s it, really, it’s just the Penguins and Flyers for real substance and meaning.

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Richard Rodgers Introduced to Philly Media

Kevin Kinkead - April 6, 2018

Richard Rodgers is a man of few words.

The new Eagles tight end spoke to media for the first time today, an availability that ran much shorter than the introductions of Michael Bennett, Haloti Ngata, Daryl Worley, Mike Wallace, Paul Worrilow, and Corey Nelson.

The 26-year-old former Green Bay player signed with the Birds on a one year deal, replacing the departed Brent Celek and Trey Burton as Zach Ertz’s backup.

“That’s just how it panned out,” Rodgers said of his free agent deal. “Obviously it’s a good opportunity for me to reset my value. But that’s how things panned out and I’m just going to try to make it happen.”

Rodgers was a third round pick out of California in the 2014 draft. He played his best season as an NFL sophomore, catching 58 balls for 510 yards and eight touchdowns.

That production dropped off in 2016 and 2017, when he combined for 42 catches for 431 yards and 3 scores, a two-year stint that was less effective than his previous campaign.

Maybe he was just being diplomatic, but Rodgers says he’s not sure why his numbers dropped off.

“I just did what I was told, did what the coaches asked me to do,” he explained. “That’s all you can do as a player, do what the coaches ask you to do. My numbers dropped, for whatever reason. I’m just trying to contribute, to help the team win.”

I’d say losing Aaron Rodgers maybe, probably, almost certainly played a role in that. The Packers also brought in Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks, which ate at the available snaps.

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Doug Pederson Will Throw Out the First Pitch at the Phillies’ Home Opener

BWanksCB - April 2, 2018

I’m looking forward to seeing what type of reception Gabe Kapler will receive from Phillies fans at Thursday’s home opener.

I assume he makes it that far, right?

Should be interesting. Anyway, I know exactly what type of reception the man set to throw out the first pitch will get because that man is DOUG PEDERSON:

Is there any doubt that he paints the outside corner with an 84mph fastball right at the knees? Didn’t think so.

If the Phillies have a sense of humor, perhaps they will consider having Kapler go to the mound to remove Pederson after the pitch and signal for Thursday’s scheduled starter Nick Pivetta. Of course, they just need to make sure that he’s warmed up.

This Hit is Now Illegal

Kevin Kinkead - March 28, 2018

Remember the hit Malcolm Jenkins put on Brandin Cooks in Super Bowl 52?

Of course you do.

It’s a penalty now, according to a new rule approved Tuesday by NFL owners.

Any player who lowers his head to initiate contact with the helmet now faces a 15-yard penalty and potential ejection. Previously, you were only penalized when making contact with the crown of the helmet.

Naturally, current and former players aren’t happy with the change, which applies to everyone on the field, not just defenders:

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