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Jason Myrtetus is Reporting That Carson Wentz Was “Not Made Aware” of Fracture in his Back

Kevin Kinkead - December 13, 2018


I hope Jason’s source is good, because this is some pretty serious stuff. And if it’s true, the resulting legal process will be something else.

Let me leave you with the eye emoji:


A bit of info from Jeff McLane:

Does Philadelphia Arena Food Pass the Test?

Kevin Kinkead - December 13, 2018

Really cool article over at ESPN.

They did an investigation into the quality of stadium and arena food by collecting “more than 16,000 food-safety inspection reports from health departments that monitor the 111 professional football, baseball, basketball, and hockey facilities across North America.”

In that data, they found that 28 percent of those venues incurred some kind of “high-level violation,” which doesn’t surprise me as somebody who used to work in the food service industry.

Researchers parsed all of this to come up with a nationwide ranking, and all three of the venues in South Philadelphia fell somewhere in the middle of the list, after the jump:

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Sports Betting Updates

fanduel sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook Review

Things have picked up for NJ online sports betting. FanDuel Sportsbook launched their sports betting app in September and they, along with DraftKings, have quickly become the leaders in the space. If you want to know how the sites compare to each other, read our DraftKings Sportsbook vs. FanDuel Sportsbook post. Otherwise, keep reading to get our review of FanDuel and their current bonus offers. Bonus: First deposit matched up to $100 Minimum Deposit: $10 FanDuel

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The Best New Jersey Online Sports Betting Offers This Weekend

Christmas is just a little more than a week away, so if you still haven’t gotten in on New Jersey’s legal sports betting action, now seems like the right time give yourself the gift of great promos and generous signup bonuses being offered by the best betting apps.  And who knows, maybe you’ll make a little extra spending money to finish up your holiday shopping, or, you know, pay for a round at the bar. Either

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DraftKings Sportsbook Promo Code: DraftKings Is Offering a $500 Free Bet

DraftKings Sportsbook has been live in New Jersey for over three full months now and a lot has changed since launch, including promos and bonuses. Here is the current best DraftKings Sportsbook promo code and full review. The season of giving is upon us and our partners at DraftKings Sportsbook are spreading the holiday cheer between now and the end of the month by increasing their $200 free bet offer, which they’ve been running pretty

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Report: Inconclusive Scans on Carson Wentz’s Back

Kevin Kinkead - December 13, 2018

Quick update from Schefty:

Doug Pederson will speak again tomorrow morning, so nothing official from the team until then. Load up Nick Foles in your fantasy league.

“Chronic” Types of Issues and More Wentz Nuggets

Kevin Kinkead - December 12, 2018

Carson Wentz’s Sunday status is up in the air after it was revealed today he’s dealing with back soreness and tightness. Doug Pederson said his starting quarterback would not practice today while the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport does not expect Wentz to play this weekend and even suggested he may be done for the season.

A few more pieces of information are floating around out there, this one first from Rapoport and colleague Tom Pelissero, who used the word “chronic” to describe Wentz’s issue:

“It’s considered a chronic type of a back issue that Carson Wentz has to do some maintenance on.”

Okay then.

More after the jump, this via Adam Schefter:

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“At This Time,” John DeFilippo is Not Returning to the Eagles

Kevin Kinkead - December 12, 2018

Per Doug Pederson, who today squashed the idea of bringing back the recently fired Minnesota offensive coordinator:

You know, I was anticipating this question, but listen – what I’ll say is John did a great job for me. He helped us win a world championship and then he got an opportunity. I love my coaches. I’m confident in the guys we have. So at this time, no.

Flip was the Eagles’ quarterback coach before departing for the Vikings after the Super Bowl. Offensive coordinator Frank Reich took the Indy head coaching job.

The firing of DeFilippo resulted in a large chunk of Eagles fans calling for his return based simply on this kind of logic:

  1. Flip was on the staff when the Eagles were good
  2. THEREFORE – Doug Pederson should bring him back

Hell of a reasoning right there. I mean, they could very well be right, but tell me everything you know about Flip’s contributions to the offense or his relationship with Carson Wentz and Nick Foles.

No, seriously. Tell me everything you know.






Didn’t think so.

You might have some nuggets here or there, but you don’t know the extent of what he did behind the scenes. He didn’t call the plays or design the offense. He did call the plays for the Vikings this year, who had a less than stellar interior line and an average-but-sometimes-good quarterback in Kirk Cousins. How much of Minnesota’s woes fall on Flip’s shoulders and how much is on the players?

It’s hard to say.

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Carson Wentz Might Not Play this Weekend

Kevin Kinkead - December 12, 2018

We’ve got a quote and a tweet to work off of here.

First, Ian Rapoport:

And Doug Pederson at his press conference today:

“Carson has a little bit of back soreness, tightness. We’re gonna rest him today, continue to evaluate him and just make sure he’s good. We’ll have more information on these guys later in the week.”

(follow up question about previous history with this issue)

“Sometimes he just gets a little sore, a little tight. So we’re just going to rest him today and evaluate him further. Nothing game related. He’s dealt with it and so we’re going to continue to evaluate.”

Honestly, I can see this being a blessing in disguise. The season is pretty much over anyway. Shut him down, get him back to 100%, and we’ll take another crack at it next year.

Of course, Nick Foles coming in and throwing for 400 yards would only result in a massive headache moving forward. Imagine what social media and both radio stations would be like if that happened.

“For the Record,” a New Show Featuring Eytan Shander, Brian Westbrook, Krystle Rich, and Geoff Mosher

Kevin Kinkead - December 12, 2018

Programming alert.

We’ve got a new show hosted by:

  • beloved ex-Eagle Brian Westbrook
  • former 97.5 the Fanatic host Eytan Shander
  • former 97.5 the Fanatic host and longtime Eagles writer Geoff Mosher
  • Sixers Outsiders co-host Krystle Rich

It’s a web series and podcast called For the Record and it’s pretty straightforward – just four hosts sitting around and talking about sports and culture for a full hour without commercial breaks or useless phone calls via “Bob from South Philly.”

Phone calls like this:

Host: Bob from South Philly, you’re up.

Bob: Yeah? Hello?

Host: You’re up.

Bob: Oh okay, let me take you off bluetooth.

Host: Okay.

Bob: Yeah, hi? Can you hear me?

Host: I can hear you.

Bob: I want to talk about the Eagles. I think they should bring back John DeFilippo.

None of that on this show.

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“There is Only One Ball,” Says Mike Groh

Kevin Kinkead - December 11, 2018

You know what?

I kind of feel bad for offensive coordinator Mike Groh. Just a bit.

I’ve sat here and ripped the Eagles for their non-usage of Golden Tate since the signing, but now I really wonder if they even needed him in the first place.

Remember those stories? Everybody wrote about Tate being a slot receiver and how his skill set overlapped with Nelson Agholor and even Jordan Matthews, who was also signed in the middle of the season.

Howie Roseman poo-pooed the idea that there was redundancy in the slot. From October:

You have versatility there. All of those guys can play inside and out. That’s the excitement that our coaches have: you’re not just having one guy lined up in a particular situation and the defense knows that this guy is going to line up there. For us, that’s another part of the excitement of bringing in this guy: his inside-out versatility. It’s the same with Nelly; he has inside-out versatility. Alshon lines up inside and out. Our coaches have a game plan for all of those guys and certainly [for] our tight ends in the middle of the field and the damage that they can do. And we are going to get some guys back [from injury], too.

So we want to be multiple on offense; we want to be a handful for defensive coordinators. This guy is a heck of a player and I think our fans are going to be really excited to see him in Eagles green.

Instead of being multiple, they ended up being very singular. When Alshon Jeffery got healthy, the Eagles had a decent wide receiver group to play alongside Zach Ertz and their top draft pick from April, Dallas Goedert. The only thing missing on paper was somebody to stretch the field ala Torrey Smith, which is what Mike Wallace was supposed to do.

Tate played less than 50% of the snaps in Sunday’s loss, and Groh was asked about that at his weekly press conference, after the jump:

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