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The New York Daily News Explains How We Got Stuck with Doug Pederson

Kyle Scott - January 15, 2016

Gary Myers, New York Daily News:

Meanwhile, the news out of East Rutherford [that Ben McAdoo was going to take the Giants job] prompted the Eagles to intensify their talks with Coughlin. Best case scenario: Coughlin had wanted McAdoo to be his offensive coordinator and Steve Spagnuolo to be his defensive coordinator. McAdoo was obviously not available and he wanted to retain Spags, who was under contract to the Giants. Coughlin wanted to bring many other of his coaches from his Giants staff to Philly. Not only were they under contract and McAdoo wanted to keep them, but the feeling among Coughlin insiders was the only way the Giants would have considered releasing any of them was if Coughlin took a job outside the NFC East.

“Tom was not just going to take a job and cobble a staff together,” a Coughlin sider said Thursday. “It was not that appealing. He’s not a 38-year old coach taking his first job.”

On Thursday morning, Coughlin informed the Eagles he was withdrawing his name from consideration.

One source insisted, “The job is not that good in Philly.”


It should be telling that the better of the Eagles’ two apparent options – Coughlin or Pederson – was to pursue the 69-year-old who didn’t even have the energy to “cobble a staff together,” because the most sought after candidate in the equation, Ben McAdoo, decided he preferred the job in New York. Enter Doug Pederson.

Does anyone else feel like maybe the Eagles should’ve surveyed the coaching landscape before they decided to fire theirs?

It’s Doug Pederson

Kyle Scott - January 14, 2016

Les Bowen, per a league source, is reporting that Eagles first second third(?) option, Dopey Doug Pederson, will be named head coach. An Eagles spokesperson told Ian Rapppppppppoport: “We have concluded our search for a head coach. No further interviews are scheduled.” That’s because the Chiefs are still playing and it can’t officially be announced.

Earlier in the day, Ken Flajole (a fine dish at Chili’s), was mysteriously hired by the Eagles. He was quality control coach in Green Bay when Pederson was there. They’re getting the staff together.

More soon.

UPDATE: Multiple national reporters now confirming the report.

UPDATE 2: Congratulations to Howie Roseman, who gets his yes-man. My (our) thoughts on Pederson can be found in this post about Pederson being just thrilled to be interviewed by golly, this one about his dumb hair, this one about Andy Reid being in Jeffrey Lurie’s ear to hire his offensive coordinator who was recently granted permission to call some plays, or in this thought exercise from a post wondering how we got here:

Consider that two of the Eagles’ top three candidates are linked to no other head coaching jobs. Doug Pederson and his dumb goddamn hair haven’t been even so much as breathed (v.) about for other vancancies around the league. Shurmur is a candidate… for the Bears’ offensive coordinator gig. And Tom Coughlin has drawn interest from only the Eagles and 49ers, but perhaps will learn of other openings when he makes his way out to the mailbox once those damn kids GET OFF HIS LAWN.

Coughlin is 702 (he aged two years since I started this), and would almost certianly not be around long enough to see the fruits of his labor. And it’s remarkable – REMARKABLE – to me that we’re still trying to pry Jeffrey Lurie away from Andy Reid. The Fat Man has been bending his ex-boss’ ear about Pederson and, holy shit, Doug Pederson is going to be the next coach. I just know it. Lurie will go back to his Reid-ian roots and hire Dopey Doug Fucking Funny Pederson to give Howie Roseman handjobs every morning at 6 and 10 in a sort of ritualistic sticky death worship to WIP’s old home on the radio dial. 6 and 10, Doug. Howie goes from 6 to midnight at 6 and 10. That’s your new Eagles, folks– Doug Pederson jerking off Howie Roseman while Jeffrey Lurie watches and we hold up our splash guards.

Can’t wait!

UPDATE 3: I feel like somehow we lost here:

Voila_Capture 2016-01-14_06-06-23_PM

UPDATE 4: The Eagles are reportedly interested in Jim Schwartz as defensive coordinator.

UPDATE 5: Anyone else worried that Doug Pederson doesn’t actually know how to do this? Wait, I get employees? Like a secretary and all? Awww shoot this is just the greatest!

For the record: I made the same jokes about Charlie Manuel as a punk college kid… and obviously I nailed that one. So you should totally value my opinion.

UPDATE 6: Idle thought– the Eagles were so impressed by Pederson during his interview… that they scheduled a second meeting with Tom Coughlin.

UPDATE 7: Jimmy Kempski:

Over the last three years, the Chiefs’ numbers are very consistent. They are a running team with overall unimpressive numbers, but they do a tremendous job limiting turnovers and allowing the strength of the team, the defense, to win games.

That style of play could mesh well in Philadelphia. The Eagles clearly have more talent on the defensive side of the ball, but they have been put in an impossible situation over the last three years by Chip Kelly’s unrelenting fast-paced offense.

The Chiefs’ ability to limit turnovers can be at least partially attributed by quarterback Alex Smith, who has a conservative approach to the position. However, if Pederson could bring the ability to hang onto the football with him to Philly, that would improve what has arguably been the Eagles’ biggest downfall over the last two seasons.

Yes, just what you always wanted: An offensive coordinator whose biggest strength is eating up the clock so the defense can rest and helping his players not turn the ball over. Better get started on that statue.

I Actually Agree With Colin Cowherd

Kyle Scott - January 14, 2016

Can’t believe I just wrote that headline, but Cowherd nails it here:

“[Philly is] very blue collar, tough guy [sarcastic voice] ‘We need Mike Ditka.’ San Francisco is has always been innovative. So they’re going to accept Chip Kelly as cerebral. This is true. I mean you go to the blue collar markets and they want tough, Detroit Pistons, bad boys, tough. What are the Lakers great teams all? Showtime, flashy.

Teams become their cities. Pittsburgh: tough. Chicago: tough. Philadelphia: working class, tough. ‘Who’s this Chip Kelly guy with his crazy new offense?’

Take chances, big risks: That is San Francisco. He’ll be embraced by people there. That’s San Francisco. I never thought he was a good fit in Philadelphia. I think they resented him. He wasn’t one of youse guys.”

He’s right– turn on the radio, read some comments here, or even listen to Seth Joyner tell Jamie Apody how a blue collar city needs a coach who embodies it, and you’ll see how this stupid-ass trope played at least a part in running Chip Kelly out of town, since everyone turned on him in a hurry at the first sign of trouble. Meanwhile, people in San Francisco – including front office, staff, media and fans – who aren’t allergic to progress, might actually embrace the sort of change Chip will bring.

I’m mad today. Obvs.

UPDATE: Response that we did embrace him early on is true. But fans and media turned on him and his ways so quickly by end of September this year it’s not even funny. And, at least in some circles, not the least of which is the one in which Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman and Don Smolenski sit around jerking each other, there are cries for “a Philly guy” to undo all the sorcery Chip implemented.

Doug Pederson Is Now The Favorite

Kyle Scott - January 14, 2016

F this.


Kyle Scott - January 14, 2016

Absolutely hilarious, sad and pathetic. 69-year-old Tom Coughlin turned down Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman, leaving them with Pat Shurmur or Doug Pederson as leading candidates for the head coaching job.

This has become a complete farce. How’s the decision to fire Chip after giving him only 15 games as “GM,” because he didn’t mesh well with the pussjobs employed by Lurie at NovaCare, look now? Adam Gase– either turned down the Eagles or a missed opportunity. Ben McAdoo– chose the Giants. Hue Jackson– never considered. Tom Coughlin– turned down the Eagles.

It’s funny how the fans, media and even Tom Coughlin could see that he was a bad fit for the Howie Rosemans, but Lurie couldn’t.

Meanwhile, the 49ers are reportedly down to Chip Kelly and Mike Shanahan. You know how this ends– Chip goes to San Fran, a major market, reinvents Kaep, wins a Super Bowl and is appreciated by a more modern city amenable to progressiveness, which doesn’t shout inanities about the coach not getting the city, and an owner who has a spine.

Time to call Jon Gruden?

UPDATE: Adam Schefter was just on 97.5 and said that Coughlin is still interested in coaching, so this wasn’t him not wanting to coach, it was him turning down the Eagles, Jeffrey Lurie and, probably, Howie Roseman. Schefter, who said the Eagles didn’t meet with Coughlin today, on the Eagles coaching search: “If you like Gase? He’s not gonna be there. If you like McAdoo? He’s not gonna be there. If you want to get one of these guys, you’ve got to move!”

Here’s audio of Schefter: Continue Reading

Continue Reading

Donovan McNabb Has Weighed in on the Eagles Coaching Search

Kyle Scott - January 14, 2016

Donovan McNabb, who may or may not still be in jail, believes the Eagles should hire a rookie offensive minded coach, perhaps someone who will innovate with new schemes, beliefs and systems. Almost… like Chip Kelly.

Side note: I find it funny how Donovan, who was never fit for this city but still wildly successful, would think that you need to be fit for this city to be wildly successful. See also: Mike Schmidt.

The Eagles Are Reportedly Meeting with Tom Coughlin Today, and This May Be Their Flight

Kyle Scott - January 14, 2016

Ian Rapppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppopopopopopopoport*:

#Eagles talks with Tom Coughlin have intensified, as well. This could all go down very quickly. He seems to have wrapped his head around it

There are “ongoing discussions” between Tom Coughlin and the #Eagles as we speak. Some questions to answer. But they are far down the line.

My understanding is the #Eagles are set for a face-to-face meeting with Tom Coughlin today. Should be a lot more in-depth than last time.

Coughlin has a house in Jacksonville, and reader Deez may have spotted the flight carrying the Eagles search party to Jacksonsville to meet with Coughlin in person– this one:

Voila_Capture 2016-01-14_10-37-29_AM

The Eagles routinely use NetJets for their coaching travels. We’ll keep an eye out for the return. Will it be carrying the next Eagles head coach? Does Tom Coughlin remember a time before jet propulsion? Stay tuned.

*Eat it:

Tom Coughlin

Kyle Scott - January 14, 2016

Turn your head and cough, fans, it may be Coughlin.

That’s the overly long back page headline I would’ve written and been told was too stupid and used too much ink, if I worked for a company that printed news on dead trees. But the fact remains: Jeffrey Lurie has grabbed our collective balls, squeezed them for 15 days, savored their texture, and will release them only now that top candidate Adam Gase has gone to the Dolphins, after a token call to highly thought of Hue Jackson, after dismissal of several other interested parties because their water wouldn’t mix with the oil that is Howie Roseman, and after the Giants hired the more impressive offensive coordinator employed by the recently “resigning” Coughlin.

Improbably, the last man standing – without a walker, too! – may be Tom Coughlin, if you believe reports, which first pegged Gase for the job, then Dopey Doug Pederson, then Ben McAdoo, and now Coughlin. Either reporters are slinging shit, or the Eagles are clueless, rudderless, and directionless. Because this, this is truly remarkable:

Of course, if we don’t find out today that it’s Coughlin, then it’s Doug Pederson, who won’t be announced until after he and his boss lose on Sunday because, together, they can’t count to three.

UPDATE: Philly Voice already used the headline:

Voila_Capture 2016-01-14_09-13-26_AM

By golly, I might just make it in this business.

UPDATE 2: And so did

Voila_Capture 2016-01-14_09-25-34_AM