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Facebook Fires a Torpedo Into Publishers, and I’m Kind of Happy About It

Kyle Scott - January 12, 2018

Oh, hey, what’s this, Mark Zuckerberg submarining news publishers who have built their businesses around clicks and mindless social media videos? I think it is!

And more from Facebook:

Because space in News Feed is limited, showing more posts from friends and family and updates that spark conversation means we’ll show less public content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses.

As we make these updates, Pages may see their reach, video watch time and referral traffic decrease. The impact will vary from Page to Page, driven by factors including the type of content they produce and how people interact with it. Pages making posts that people generally don’t react to or comment on could see the biggest decreases in distribution. Pages whose posts prompt conversations between friends will see less of an effect.

There was also a letter sent to big legacy media outlets – which Facebook has partnered with and now stabbed in the fucking back – explaining that, yeah, your views are gonna go down, this after Facebook Instant Articles (when posts are published directly to Facebook, with Facebook’s ads) was met with a collective meh by most big media outlets (though they perform fairly well for us), while others shifted to producing short, catchy square videos that served no other purpose than to mindlessly distract you from whatever it is you were doing. Continue Reading

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Facebook NFL Fan Map Shows Steelers Claim Most of Empty PA, Eagles Get South Jersey, SE PA, and Northern Delaware

Jim Adair - September 5, 2014


The ultimate rivalry? Alaskan Seahawks fans vs. Hawaiian 49ers fans.

Facebook has put up their 2014 Fandom Map (broken down by county) for the NFL season and — at least locally — it’s very predictable. The Eagles zone expands as far north as Carbon County, PA, as far west as Schuylkill/Lebanon/Lancaster, and as far south as the southern tip of NJ and Kent County, Delaware. Almost everything else in PA belongs to the Steelers (Pike and Monroe counties in NEPA go for the Giants). Also not surprisingly, the Jets claim no county as their own, and the Cowboys reach out to fair-weather fans and their children all across the country.

Sports Betting Updates

draftkings sportsbook logo

DraftKings Sportsbook Review

DraftKings Sportsbook has been live in New Jersey for over two full months now and a lot has changed since launch. While they were the first out of the gate for legal US sports betting, they now face competition from many sites, including FanDuel Sportsbook, SugarHouse Sportsbook, BetStars and others. How do they stack up and what promos does DraftKings Sportsbook offer? Let’s take a closer look. Bonus: First bet matched up to $200 Minimum

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fanduel sportsbook $200 bets

FanDuel Sportsbook Is Offering Up To $200 in Risk Free Bets This Weekend

When FanDuel Sportsbook first launched, we noted in our review that their initial deposit bonus – $100 – paled in comparison to what SugarHouse and BetStars were offering new players. We figured maybe they were resting on their brand recognition and felt they didn’t need to offer aggressive promotions to get new players to sign up. Whatever they’re doing is working, though, as evidenced by the fact that DraftKings and FanDuel are far and away

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NBA Over/Under Wins That You Might Want to Check Out

The NBA season is upon us and hope springs eternal for all most fan bases. The sportsbooks aren’t emotionally invested in your teams and don’t care if your first round draft pick is once again shelved to start the season. I, however, take the over/under numbers they set and cross-reference it with the human element: old faces in new places (Melo on the Rockets), moronic trades for watered-down stars (Trae Young isn’t even diet Steph Curry),

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Phillies News You Won’t Stop Asking About

Kyle Scott - February 16, 2011


Neither of these are post worthy, but if I get one more Tweet or email about them, I am going to flip out. So here it is:

– That is really Chase Utley on Facebook. We were the first to mention it a few weeks ago, but I kind of assumed it was a PR person doing the updating. It's not- it's Chase. Ryan Lawrence spoke to him on Monday about it and I talked to his publicist yesterday. Chase and Jen are doing the updating on their own and will use it to… gasp… comunnicate with fans and post about their charitable works. The page has been up for about two years, but Chase wasn't doing any updating until now. No plans for a Twitter account… yet.

Seems Chasey is growing a personality. As I said before, my man crush is just fine with that- I like an athlete who opens up.

– Cliff Lee's BOOM shirt is not for sale. Nike made them for the final four teams last year and only put on-sale the Rangers and Giants shirts. Ironically, Cliff has probably worn two BOOM shirts now.

Is Chase Utley Joining Facebook?

Kyle Scott - February 3, 2011


Looks that way.

The notoriously quiet Chase shot a commercial today for ESPN at his high school field in California. He filmed a brief video that was posted to this Facebook fan page, which previously was lying dormant.

The page is likely being run by an agency (probably this one), but we're not sure on that.

Here's the video– looks beefed up, as per the usual before he sheds all his muscle during the season.

Man crush for the win.

H/T to Cassie for the find

Kendra is Soo Popular

Kyle Scott - May 21, 2010


This is what having a sex tape will do for you.  I tried to friend Kendra Baskett this morning (still not sure why Facebook recommended this) and this is what I was met with.

Even Facebook recognizes vanity when it sees it.