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Feeling the Disrespect – Ten Takeaways from Eagles 15, Falcons 10

Kevin Kinkead - January 14, 2018

Nick Foles left the field with the lead… and this time the defense finished the job.

Boy, was that some harrowing shit. And I think Julio Jones probably should have caught that 4th down pass… but he didn’t. And now we’re talking about the NFC Championship Game at Lincoln Financial Field.

The big takeaway from this one is really easy; the Eagles were FAR from perfect and still found a way to get it done. If you told me earlier this week that they would miss an extra point and finish with a -2 turnover differential, I would have chalked it up as a loss, no doubt. But they really buckled down and overcame a sloppy start, with Jay Ajayi recovering from his early fumble (and Doug Pederson giving him the opportunity to do so). The defense played lights out all night long, holding the Falcons to just 10 points, all of which were scored off two turnovers.

The Birds did well in auxiliary areas to win this game. They won the possession battle, 32 to 28 minutes. They put together extended scoring drives of 14, 12, and 14 plays. The defense held Atlanta to a 4-13 (30.7%) third down conversation rate, well down from their league-leading 44.7% regular season number. Jones got his yards (101 on nine grabs), but didn’t find the end zone. All three units finished with just 4 penalties for 24 yards. And they even had some balls bounce their way, not the fumble on the punt, but the disallowed Mohamed Sanu catch, the Nick Foles fumble recovery, and the ridiculous completion that came off a Falcon safety’s knee, just like they drew it up.

And if you watched any post-game stuff on NBCSN or the NFL Network, you now understand that this team felt totally disrespected by the home dog designation they were given. In my experience, coaches and players say they don’t care about what the media or public says or does, but that’s rarely true, especially when they’re being written off. Clearly, they were motivated by the nationwide diss.

More importantly than anything I just wrote, I think the biggest positive is that you’re going into the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP game with this guy feeling a lot more confident about himself:

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Feeling the Pocket and “60/40” Safety – A Look at the Falcons/Eagles Matchup

Kevin Kinkead - January 10, 2018

I like to wait for Doug Pederson and his coordinators to do their midweek press conferences before writing these video breakdowns, because you usually get at least a few quotes worth adding to the story.

This playoff week, I didn’t think we’d get much at all, and while Doug was fairly mum on Tuesday, Jim Schwartz and Frank Reich actually had some interesting things to say about the Falcons, who are favored to beat the Birds at Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday afternoon. Continue Reading

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Sports Betting Updates

fanduel sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook Review

Things have picked up for NJ online sports betting. FanDuel Sportsbook launched their sports betting app in September and they, along with DraftKings, have quickly become the leaders in the space. If you want to know how the sites compare to each other, read our DraftKings Sportsbook vs. FanDuel Sportsbook post. Otherwise, keep reading to get our review of FanDuel and their current bonus offers. Bonus: First deposit matched up to $100 Minimum Deposit: $10 FanDuel

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draftkings sportsbook vs fanduel sportsbook

Here’s How Much Each New Jersey Sports Betting App Made in December

Big milestone for New Jersey sports betting. The state collected more than $1.2 billion in sports wagers dating back to June, when sports betting first became legal in the Garden State. That’s according to data provided by the Division of Gaming Enforcement, which today released a seven-page report with their findings. Year to date, the total handle for both on-site and internet sports betting was $1,247,290,341. That’s billion, with a B.   Handle is the total amount

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Your Complete NFL Divisional Round Weekend Betting Guide

The Eagles-Saints showdown on Sunday afternoon is the weekend headliner, but there’s three other excellent matchups in the NFL playoffs, along with a full slate of NBA, NHL, and college basketball games. It should be a hell of a sports weekend, so now seems like a good time to get in on New Jersey’s legal sports betting action. Enjoy all of the different great games on tap across multiple sports this weekend and take advantage

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Blown Leads, Bad Calls, and Great Defense: Ten Takeaways from the NFL’s Wild Card Weekend

Kevin Kinkead - January 8, 2018

Wild card weekend was.. decent, I guess? The games were entertaining, but the quality of play (and officiating) left something to be desired.

It began with a Saturday evening comeback that could instead be viewed as a horrendously blown lead. Atlanta got the road upset, the Saints hung on, and the Jags and Bills played one of the worst playoff games in recent memory, unless you really, really appreciate defense.

The Eagles get the Falcons this weekend, which I think most people agreed was the best possible matchup for Nick Foles and company. We’ll break that down in a separate post.

But if we’re looking for one overarching theme, I’d say that the Birds should feel good about their playoff chances, since I wasn’t overly impressed by what either NFC winner did this week.

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Byron Maxwell Laughs About Getting Burnt by Julio Jones

Jim Adair - September 15, 2015

Byron Maxwell, the Eagles’ new $63 million man looked like a $63 man trying to guard Julio Jones last night. After turning in his best Cary Williams (or, if you’d prefer, Nnamdi Asomugha) impression, he was asked about his performance. When faced with Jones’ stat line, he said “Goddamn” and let out a little chuckle. He noticed pretty quickly that he probably shouldn’t be doing that:

And the countdown begins until his first “we’re practicing too hard” comments.

Eagles Interviewing Falcons Assistants Today

Kyle Scott - January 2, 2013

A team spokesman told Jeff McLane of that Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman and Don Smolenski, the three Eagles executives in charge of the future of football in Philadelphia hiring a new coach, were flying to Atlanta today to Falcons defensive coordinator Mike Nolan and special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong.

Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter was a target, too, but he signed an extension.


Eagles-Falcons Live Feed

Kyle Scott - October 28, 2012

UniDiction 2011: Week 2 – Eagles vs. Falcons

Dan Fuller - September 18, 2011


Look for me on Twitter (@dancfuller) where I'll likely have a few uniform-related updates during Sunday's games.

OK, so last week didn't go so well. Really, though, what kind of team (which has at least two perfectly suitable uniform options!) would choose to go out in their clownsuits, much less on kickoff Sunday?! For the sake of acting like this whole "UniDiction" thing isn't arbitrary, I'll point out my "score wraps to zero after 28" clause was in effect, so 31-13 became 3-13. I predicted Rams-Eagles 15-13. Ehh, nevermind – let's just say it didn't work out for me.

Nothing overwhelmingly noteworthy from the uniform front last week, though the Jaguars did combine White jersey with White pants, something they've never done with their current (2009 and later) uniform set.

Perhaps the biggest Eagles uniform news of the season broke on Friday, though. Per the official EaglesInsider twitter account, the Eagles will only wear their normal Green and White jerseys throughout the season. No Throwbacks and no Black alternates will be seen this year. Just the tried-and-true Green and White jerseys. Wearing alternate uniforms (especially throwbacks) is practically a license to print money, so who knows what the front office's motivations are for this move. Also, this tweet confirms they will only wear Green at home, unlike last year, where the White jerseys were worn at home during the warmer months to open the season. For completeness' sake, the Dolphins and Cowboys are "White at Home" teams, so the Green jerseys will be seen there. For completeness' sake's completeness' sake, this announcement also means the Eagles won't wear White in Philadelphia against the Cowboys to try invoke their Blue jersey curse.

Following up on a link I really pimped last week, the Gridiron Uniform Database actually updates during the games, so if you're interested in uniforms, it's fun geeky to check-in during the day to see which games have switched from blank template to fully illustrated. All of last week's match-ups at a glance.

Onward and upward (because it's bird-on-bird this week, you see)… we're in an odd spot this week. We're playing the Falcons, and lo-and-behold, we played them last year, too. But, you say, "Dan, the Eagles were home last year, surely you won't need to repeat last year's UniDiction verbatim." Unfortunately, last year, the Eagles chose to wear White over Green, regardless of the "home" nature of last year's game, so we're looking at a uniform re-match. I have more experience this year than I did Week 6 of 2010, so hit the jump, and let's do this thing.

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UniDiction: Week 6 – Eagles vs. Falcons

Dan Fuller - October 17, 2010


True to the whims of the football gods this season, like all of the NFL teams, Crossing Broad is no longer undefeated.  It was a good run while it lasted.  We regroup, refocus, and re-prognosticate, with clearer Unidictions than ever.

According to Eagles Gameday, they're in White over Green, again.  We're not sure why they continue to mix up their "normal" home/road combinations, but if this really the re-building year the organization has been implying, perhaps they're re-building at all levels.  Right.

Looking at this week's bird of prey themed match-up, we've got the Eagles' modern classic design (though a lesser combination) and the Falcons' modern-for-the-sake-of-modern design.  Of course, the Falcons have some quite nice throwbacks.  Of course, to minimize the risk of being accused of liking the throwbacks just because they're old/retro, I think their best "historical design" was the 1990-2002 uniform.  So, with the Eagles in White Jerseys, and the very unlikely possibility that the Falcons will wear throwbacks, that would put them in Red Jerseys over White Pants.  (for completists, here's a picture of the Falcons' White over White combination.)

UniDiction after the jump.

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